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July 5, 2018

970267 Joe, 53, Arkansas, USA

Joe, 53, Arkansas

“She said yes! Thank you Christian Filipina for being the venue to be able for me to meet the love of my life, my best friend, and now, my fiancée, my asawa. God is good and CF is the tool God used to allow me to find Jane, and the one that knit our souls together.”

-Joe, 53, Arkansas, USA





145086 Lenny, 31, Pangasinan, Philippines

Lenny, 31, Pangasinan


“I’m so blessed I found someone here. Thank you so much Christian Filipina, the best dating site!”

-Lenny, 31, Pangasinan, Philippines






453960 Ronalyn, 36, Cavite, Philippines

Ronalyn, 36, Cavite

“I am currently dating such an awesome, loving guy. I am thankful to our good Lord that He brought us together. We are looking forward to the time we will always be together. And I say yes, my love! I am so blessed because you love and accept me. Yesterday I was alone but the Lord God answered my prayers through you. God gave you to me in His perfect time. Thank you, my love. I love you so much, I am looking for each day spending it with you full of love, patience, understanding, teaching and knowing each other more, praying and meditating the Word of God. I am so glad and proud that we love each other. Yours, Ronalyn.”

-Ronalyn, 36, Cavite, Philippines





73630 Jeanne, 41, Manila, Philippines

Jeanne, 41, Manila


“I found my partner. Thank you Christian Filipina. God bless us all”

-Jeanne, 41, Manila, Philippines






064631 Marie, 34, Manila, Philippines

Marie, 34, Manila


“I already met someone here. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Marie, 34, Manila, Philippines




June 21, 2018

526576 Glenn, 51, North Dakota, USA

Glenn, 51, North Dakota

“Just want you all to know I got married on December 9th, 2016. Thank you to all that have expressed interest in me. I have found my dream come true, her name is Mercy. We will then start the Fiancee Visa paperwork. Best of luck to all of you and again thanks for expressing interest in me. God Bless!”

-Glenn, 51, North Dakota, USA





1026678 RobertI, 50, Indiana, USA

Robert, 50, Indiana


“I found my soulmate, thanks to Christian Filipina. We are going to get married. I’m not looking anymore, we are very happy together.”

-Robert, 50, Indiana, USA






296462 Eric, 48, Pennsylvania, USA

Eric, 48, Pennsylvania


“Thank you Christian Filipina for this great dating site where Christians can meet and find their special someone. And thank you, Mel, for who you are in Christ – thinking of you always. There truly is “No place that far.”

-Eric, 48, Pennsylvania, USA





906803 Alen, 32, Leyte, Philippines

Alen, 32, Leyte


“I have found my right man, thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Alen, 32, Leyte, Philippines






880509 Ella, 47, Makati City, Philippines

Ella, 47, Makati City


“I respect the man I am communicating with now. I am recommending Christian Filipina to my friends who want to marry foreign men.”

-Ella, 47, Makati City, Philippines




June 7, 2018

176133 Phil, 56, Connecticut, USA

Phil, 56, Connecticut


“We got married on April 21, 2018. I am thankful to God and to Christian Filipina for bringing us together, enabling me to find my best friend and love of my life. I love you, Marlyn, forever.”

-Phil, 56, Connecticut, USA





1026155 Tommy, 48, Telemore, Ireland

Tommy, 48, Telemore


“I already found someone, Mildred! I’m coming over in the Philippines to meet her. We’ve been communicating via chat, we were able to talk via video too!”

-Tommy, 48, Telemore, Ireland






1021632 Bobby, 54, California, USA

Bobby, 54, California


“There is no longer a need for me to go on searching. ‘I have found my true love here’ is just a little of what she has said besides being what I am looking for.”

-Bobby, 54, California, USA






900779 Jeannie, 31, Cebu, Philippines

Jeannie, 31, Cebu


“Thank you, Lord, for giving me a great man! I’m so happy! God bless!”

-Jeannie, 31, Cebu, Philippines




May 24, 2018

986654 Peter, 49, New S Wales, Australia

Peter, 49, New S Wales

“Glory to God, in Jesus’ mighty Name! I found the lady I’ll marry in God’s time. Thank you Christian Filipina for your genuine, Christian support and for being a huge part of Jesus’ blessing me with the L.O.M.L. (Love Of My Life), Sharon. Thank you forever, Jesus Christ, our King, for everything.”

-Peter, 49, New S Wales, Australia





601881 Alan, 56, Tennessee, USA

Alan, 56, Tennessee


“I found the love of my life! Thank you Christian Filipina, and thank you Aizza for loving me!”

-Alan, 56, Tennessee, USA






1039346 Jim, 61, Arizona, USA

Jim, 61, Arizona


“My search is finally over. God brought me my heart’s desires, the woman of my dreams. I didn’t find her, God sent her to me.”

-Jim, 61, Arizona, USA





872438 Dhel, 44, Cavite, Philippines

Dhel, 44, Cavite


“Blessed day to all! I thank God that He gave me Mick in my life. We found each other here in Christian Filipina, and I am happy to be with him. God bless you all on your search!”

-Dhel, 44, Cavite, Philippines






62834 Marie, 27, Makati City, Philippines

Marie, 27, Makati City


“I found the love of my life. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Marie, 27, Makati City, Philippines




May 10, 2018

109263 Jing, 36, Lanao de Norte, Philippines

Jing, 36, Lanao del Norte


“I’ve found my soulmate in Christian Filipina! And I will meet him soon.  God Bless us!”

-Jing, 36, Lanao del Norte, Philippines






218562 Imelda, 49, Quezon City, Philippines

Imelda, 49, Quezon City

“Thank you Christian Filipina for your good site for helping me find my true love and soul mate.  I already found the perfect man in my life.  He is a good and loving person.  Just take your time and it will come to you.  A million thanks to Christian Filipina and God bless your site always.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your love and goodness to us.”

-Imelda, 49, Quezon City, Philippines





321617 Maribel, 41, Isabela, Philippines

Maribel, 41, Isabela


“My search is over and I’m already engaged! Thanks for all the winks and messages and to all who viewed my profile. Above all, thanks to God!”

-Maribel, 41, Isabela, Philippines






956791 Eli, 39, Texas, USA

Eli, 39, Texas

“Jasmine and I had so much fun and discovered we love each other, therefore, my search is over! When I get back to the USA, I will be getting all my paperwork ready to get Christian Filipina’s help in getting her here to be with me. I’m so much in love with her that I cried when I had to leave!”

-Eli, 39, Texas, USA






154638 Jasmine, 33, Iloilo, Philippines

Jasmine, 33, Iloilo


“I already found the perfect man for me. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Jasmine, 33, Iloilo, Philippines




May 3, 2018

559141 Ramiro, 50, Texas, USA

Ramiro, 50, Texas

“My search is over! God sent me to Iloilo to meet the woman He has chosen for me. She is very beautiful. I’ve been here since April 17th and am having a great time with my future wife. God bless you all. Trust in the Lord and He will guide you to your future husband. All the glory be to God!”

-Ramiro, 50, Texas, USA





661143 Dan, 56, South Dakota, USA

Dan, 56, South Dakota


“My search is over. I found her, my Adeline. I wish everyone the best in their search here. I love her very much. Thank you Christian Filipina for helping us find each other. We now have a home and we are beginning our new life together.”

-Dan, 56, South Dakota, USA





1003627 Herman, 46, Texas, USA

Herman, 46, Texas


“I have found somebody special now. Thank you, Christian Filipina. Thank you to all the people I have met, to all the friends I chat with. Thank you, my love, my perfect!”

-Herman, 46, Texas, USA






71466 Bruce, 65, Washington, USA

Bruce, 65, Washington


“I’m already married! Last January 2014, I married a godly and beautiful Filipina that I met here on Christian Filipina. Good luck with your search!”

-Bruce, 65, Washington, USA






894363 Ruby, 28, Manila, Philippines

Ruby, 28, Manila


“I’m so thankful for Christian Filipina because I was able to find God’s perfect gift for me. We decided to just use one account. I will be forever grateful for this site. Thank you very much!”

-Ruby, 28, Manila, Philippines




April 26, 2018

828932 Jeff, 53, New York, USA

Jeff, 53, New York


“I have found my other half on Christian Filipina. We are in love and planning a life together. I love you, Zenaida!”

-Jeff, 53, New York, USA






202586 Rowena, 34, Manila, Philippines

Rowena, 34, Manila

“My search is over, I found him already here in Christian Filipina. Thankful to God that I met my soulmate and my best friend. He is one of a kind, and we are comfortable with each other. Good luck with your search. As of now, we are processing our papers for Fiancee Visa. Thank you Christian Filipina, I found someone that loves and accepts me for who I am.”

-Rowena, 34, Manila, Philippines





61159 Cuttie, 30, Cebu, Philippines

Cuttie, 30, Cebu


“I have found my special man! We already got married on June 25! Thanks a  lot, Christian Filipina!”

-Cuttie, 30, Cebu, Philippines






886980 Janet, 36, Masbate, Philippines

Janet, 36, Masbate


“My search is over, I found my one, true love, Keith. He is all to me. God is good! Good luck to all!”

-Janet, 36, Masbate, Philippines






906348 Jona, 52, Cebu, Philippines

Jona, 52, Cebu


“I finally found the love of my life in Christian Filipina. I don’t need to search anymore. Thanks to this site that I found my humble and sincere man.”

-Jona, 52, Cebu, Philippines




April 19, 2018

793590 Joseph, 29, Nebraska, USA

Joseph, 29, Nebraska


“I finally met the love of my life, Maribel, who will soon to have my last name! I love you with all my heart and soul, babeloves! Always and forever!”

-Joseph, 29, Nebraska, USA





53035 Paul, 41, Georgia, USA

Paul, 41, Georgia


“I’m engaged to Lurie, blessed by God.  Have a blessed day!”

-Paul, 41, Georgia, USA






381788 Jon, 60, Oklahoma, USA

Jon, 60, Oklahoma


“I have finally met my lady love and am looking forward to seeing her again to continue to write our love story and special relationship. Babe, I miss you and please take care always!”

-Jon, 60, Oklahoma, USA






953298 Oldy, 38, Leyte, Philippines

Oldy, 38, Leyte


“I already found my destiny!”

-Oldy, 38, Leyte, Philippines







399589 Carmen, 34, Manila, Philippines

Carmen, 34, Manila


“Thank God I finally found Greg!”

-Carmen, 34, Manila, Philippines




April 12, 2018

727822 Ken, 52, S. Carolina, USA

Ken, 52, S. Carolina


“Engaged to Merla, a lady I met here on Christian Filipina”

-Ken, 52, S. Carolina, USA






377074 Roger, 62, Mississippi, USA

Roger, 62, Mississippi


“I have found my lady, Sheila.”

-Roger, 62, Mississippi, USA






810019 May, 31, Cebu, Philippines

May, 31, Cebu


“I already found the man that I love and to whom I will spend my whole life with. Thank you!”

-May, 31, Cebu, Philippines






1018676 Marilyn, 21, Rizal, Philippines

Marilyn, 21, Rizal


“I found someone! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Marilyn, 21, Rizal, Philippines






677271 Di, 44, Cebu, Philippines

Di, 44, Cebu


“The search is over! I am loving a good man with a pure heart!”

-Di, 44, Cebu, Philippines




April 5, 2018

119260 Christine, 31, Cebu, Philippines

Christine, 31, Cebu


“I finally found him. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Christine, 31, Cebu, Philippines






977421 Dan, 57, Washington, USA

Dan, 57, Washington


“I have met someone special that I want to marry. I met her in Christian Filipina. Thank you for everything.”

-Dan, 57, Washington, USA





005535 Kris, 60, Ontario, Canada

Kris, 60, Ontario


“I found a woman who interested me. I am hoping that we will succeed together. Thank you for your good service. Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found a wonderful woman.”

-Kris, 60, Ontario, Canada





1000381 Regina, 46, Bulacan, Philippines

Regina, 46, Bulacan


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for giving me the opportunity to meet someone. I have found my true one now and I am not available anymore.   God bless everyone!”

-Regina, 46, Bulacan, Philippines





612281 Dayn 25, Davao City, Philippines

Dayn, 25, Davao City


“I already found my one true love here. I never expected that I could find someone like him in Christian Filipina.”

-Dayn, 25, Davao City, Philippines




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By Christian Filipina staff

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