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September 23, 2020

239154 Frechzel, 31, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Frechzel, 31, Surigao


“Thank you Christian Filipina! Through you, I found the man I am in a relationship with right now. My Love, My Forever, Brian. I just can’t wait to see him personally.  Again, thank you, Christian Filipina.”

 -Frechzel, 31, Surigao del Sur, Philippines




740527 John, 64, New Jersey, United States

John, 64, New Jersey


“I was married last July 2017 to a Filipina. She lives in Quezon City. I met her here in Christian Filipina. Thank you!”

-John, 64, New Jersey, United States





1597841 Zen, 50, Quezon City, Philippines

Zen, 50, Quezon City


“It’s a blessing I met a good-hearted man from Christian Filipina. We are good friends right now. And we’re both praying for God’s will. Thank you to the Christan Filipina team! Please pray for us.”

-Zen, 50, Quezon City, Philippines




1585299 Charles, 54, Virginia, United States

Charles, 54, Virginia


“I met someone from your site! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Charles, 54, Virginia, United States





1532141 Richard, 66, Arizona, United States

Richard, 66, Arizona


“I want to thank Christian Filipina for introducing me to my fiancé!”

-Richard, 66, Arizona, United States






September 21, 2020

1020584 Bhelle, 30, Quezon City, Philippines

Bhelle, 30, Quezon City


“My fiance and I want to thank Christian Filipina! God bless you!”

 -Bhelle, 30, Quezon City, Philippines




1573007 Adam, 44, Pennsylvania, United States

Adam, 44, Pennsylvania


“I have met a special lady on CF.  I am no longer willing to meet other ladies at this time. Thank you Christian Filipina for everything you have done for me so far, and I believe your website has met my goals of finding that special someone!”

-Adam, 44, Pennsylvania, United States



1003608 Lamar, 39, Massachusetts, United States

Lamar, 39, Massachusetts


“It’s going good! I was on your site a couple of years back, and I found someone and we are engaged! God bless you and your company! You do a great job!”

-Lamar, 39, Massachusetts, United States




1174539 Janice, 38, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Janice, 38, Nueva Ecija


“I already meet someone here in Christian Filipina!”

-Janice, 38, Nueva Ecija, Philippines





297808 Pinky, 55, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Pinky, 55, Negros Occidental


“I met someone on your site. I am no longer interested in finding anyone else. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Pinky, 55, Negros Occidental, Philippines






September 16, 2020

639408 Alireza, 45, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Alireza, 45, Sheffield


“I found a Christian lady here. We agreed to exchange messages and pray for each other in seeking God’s will. I really do appreciate CF.”

 -Alireza, 45, Sheffield, United Kingdom




475432 Angelyn, 30, Rizal, Philippines

Angelyn, 30, Rizal


“I think I found my soulmate here. Thank you so much Christian Filipina. God bless us all!”

-Angelyn, 30, Rizal, Philippines





1530651 Regan, 46, Otago, New Zealand

Regan, 46, Otago

“What a blessing it has been to join Christian Filipina. I am now at the end of my 3-month subscription. The Lord has led me to a wonderful woman from this site. We are now in a relationship with a view to marriage in God’s perfect timing.  I want to personally thank the CF staff for their amazing support, prayers, and wonderful service. The website is a true blessing.  God bless you all richly and may His favor and blessing be upon you all at CF.”

-Regan, 46, Otago, New Zealand



1593033 Thomas, 53, Texas, United States

Thomas, 53, Texas


“Thanks and God bless your service.”

-Thomas, 53, Texas, United States





1345408 Lyn, 34, Cavite, Philippines

Lyn, 34, Cavite


“Good day! I already found my match, thank you and God bless us all!”

-Lyn, 34, Cavite, Philippines




September 2, 2020

1589014 Miguel, 52 California, United States

Miguel, 52 California


“When meeting a person, I like to give them my full attention. I’m currently speaking with a member and don’t want to be rude or disrespectful by messaging other women. In my opinion, this site is awesome!”

 -Miguel, 52, California, United States




1541014 Neil, 69, FL, United States

Neil, 69, Florida


“I am very happy with my Lourdes. I am also getting to know her family. Thank you!”

-Neil, 69, FL, United States





1474708 Nikki, 41 Pangasinan, Philippines

Nikki, 41, Pangasinan

“I want to thank Christian Filipina and those who visited my profile but I want to let you know that I already met the love of my life here in CF, and her name is Thai. I am very happy and proud to have him. He’s a nice and wonderful guy. Also, we are planning to meet each other personally when the COVID lock-down is over.  Can’t wait to see and to be with Thai very soon!”

-Nikki, 41 Pangasinan, Philippines




1115030 Mary, 30, Malaysia

Mary, 30, Malaysia

“I found my man here in Christian Filipina! He is Joe and I hope that he’s truly in love and serious about me because I’m very serious about him.  I want to meet him next year if possible, as I am still here in Malaysia because of work. Thank you so much and God bless you!”

-Mary, 30, Malaysia




1035056 Almarie, 28, Cebu City, Philippines

Almarie, 28, Cebu

“I already found the love of my life. Thank you, CF!”

-Almarie, 28, Cebu City, Philippines






August 27, 2020

1554053 Jorgie, 67, National Capital Region, Philippines

Jorgie, 67, Manila

“I have met someone at your site and I am very happy. Thank you Christian Filipina, it was a pleasure using your site and I wish you all the best hereafter.”

 -Jorgie, 67, National Capital Region, Philippines




1393665 Ram, 24, Davao City, Philippines

Ram, 24, Davao

“I am already in a relationship with Mr. Windy whom I met in Christian Filipina also last November 2019. We are doing great and we are just waiting for the day that travel bans will be fully lifted in the Philippines for non-Filipino so he could book his flight to PH.”

-Ram, 24, Davao City, Philippines



1559352 James, 56, Georgia, United States

James, 56, Georgia

“I met her on CF. I still don’t know how I found the site because I wasn’t really looking. Divine intervention, that’s what I believe. Still, in disbelief, we think of each other constantly. We go to sleep and wake up thinking of us. We video chat every day.  I can’t wait to see her. Her family is so happy as am I.  The pandemic isn’t making it any easier. I have a big challenge but I will succeed. I’m falling in love. This is a beautiful thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-James, 56, Georgia, United States




1565834 Angela, 41, Mexico Pampanga, Philippines

Angela, 41, Pampanga


“I found someone on your site and I want to stick with him. Thank you!”

-Angela, 41, Mexico Pampanga, Philippines




1581140 Shane, 53, British Columbia, Canada

Shane, 53, British Columbia

“I have met someone I want to pursue.”

-Shane, 53, British Columbia, Canada




August 10, 2020

481409 Jovie, 48, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jovie, 48, Manila

“I found the right guy already and we are in the process of K1 visa. We’re almost there but the whole world suffering from the pandemic.  God is always there for us. Thank you so much Christian Filipina for always being there for us. This site helped me find my fiance, Michael. More power and God bless!”

 -Jovie, 48, Manila, Philippines





887263 Ron, 60, Ohio, United States

Ron, 60, Ohio

“I found my soulmate on CF! Hopefully, she and her daughter will get a visa and come here this fall!”

-Ron, 60, Ohio, United States





1499689 Norman, 65, Ontario, Canada

Norman, 65, Ontario

“We began chatting on CF text and live chat on May 31 of this year. We are both serious about our relationship!”

-Norman, 65, Ontario, Canada





636234 Srich, 50, Springhills, United States

Srich, 50, Springhills

“I met my special one on Christian Filipina. I’m really happy to have found someone who shares the same religion and values. I’m really thankful to Christian Filipina and I recommend it to anyone looking for love.”

-Srich, 50, Springhills, United States





1553690 Terry, 62, Texas, United States

Terry, 62, Texas

“I have already found the love of my life on your wonderful dating site.  Thank you for being a huge part of that.  Without your dating site, I never would have found her. Thank you again!  Trying to get all the money together to get us married and get her home to the United States.”

-Terry, 62, Texas, United States




July 25, 2020

1259876 Rob, 49, Melbourne, Australia

Rob, 49, Melbourne

“I have found someone special on this site.”

 -Rob, 49, Melbourne, Australia





1429706 Brian, 51, Washington, United States

Brian, 51, Washington

“I have found someone already and we are looking to meet as soon as the pandemic is over. Thank you and appreciate all that you have done to make this happen.”

-Brian, 51, Washington, United States





1502583 Shiela, 30, Batangas, Philippines

Shiela, 30, Batangas

“I already found my future husband from Christian Filipina! Thank you and God Bless!”

-Shiela, 30, Batangas, Philippines






991668 Jim, 76, Alaska, United States

Jim, 76, Alaska

“I have a girlfriend that I found on CF!”

-Jim, 76, Alaska, United States






1226467 Edlyn, 42, Tanza Cavite, Philippines

Edlyn, 42, Cavite

“I’ve been married for over a year, and I found my husband in Christian Filipina.”

-Edlyn, 42, Tanza Cavite, Philippines




June 12, 2020

421092 Aaron, 35, Dublin City, Ireland

Aaron, 35, Dublin City

“I am married now; I found my beautiful wife on Christian Filipina on May 2015. I like to say thank you for the opportunity to find the love of my life. We will celebrate our first wedding anniversary next month. God bless to everyone on this site.”

 -Aaron, 35, Dublin City, Ireland



1319027 Pearl, 39, Caloocan City, Philippines

Pearl, 39, Caloocan City

“I already found a man and I am exclusively talking to him. I met him on Sept 2019, and we are together for almost 9 months and counting. I met Downer and I thank Christian Filipina for that. I love him.”

-Pearl, 39, Caloocan City, Philippines



1514448 Rose, 26, Samar, Philippines

Rose, 26, Samar, Philippines

“I found my partner. Thank you! I have the best experience using Christian Filipina.”

-Rose, 26, Samar

May 29, 2020


118244 Nathan, 58, Louisiana, USA

Nathan, 58, Louisiana


“My Filipina fiance is here in the United States. Thanks to Christian Filipina.”

 -Nathan, 58, Louisiana, USA





1214300 Godfrey, 64, British Columbia, Canada

Godfrey, 64, British Columbia


“My bride, Anafe, whom I met through Christian Filipina and I will be getting married on June 20 in Bohol. I ask that you will pray for us please.”

-Godfrey, 64, British Columbia, Canada






1490907 George, 49, Missouri, USA

George, 49, Missouri


“I have found the most wonderful lady right here on Christian Filipina!”

-George, 49, Missouri, USA





1176834 Ella, 41, Rizal, Philippines

Ella, 41, Rizal


“I already met my partner on Christian Filipina. So grateful that we got married this year. Your dating site is absolutely great! I found him at the time that I was about to get out permanently. God bless you!”

-Ella, 41, Rizal, Philippines





325526 Florence, 44, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Florence, 44, Davao

“Thank you so much Christian Filipina for the greetings. I want to share with you the gift of our God for my 44th birthday. My boyfriend and I met here on your site last year. We are hoping to get married this year. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you very much.”

-Florence, 44, Davao del Sur, Philippines



May 15, 2020


1311186 Dale, 53, Michigan, USA

Dale, 53, Michigan


“I have already found my future wife, thanks to Christian Filipina! We are planning to be wed this summer as soon as the travel ban is lifted.”

 -Dale, 53, Michigan, USA





1446520 Chuck, 73, Manila, Philippines

Chuck, 73, Manila


“I found my soulmate here in Christian Filipina. I just haven’t met her yet due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Hopefully ten more days only from today. See you then, Mahal”

-Chuck, 73, Manila, Philippines





1130010 Stanley, 52, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Stanley, 52, Port Moresby


“I found someone from Christian Filipina, and it looks like we will work out. Thank you for all your support.”

-Stanley, 52, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea





1486131 Frances, 36, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Frances, 36, Misamis Oriental


“I met someone wonderful here in Christian Filipina. Thank you.”

-Frances, 36, Misamis Oriental, Philippines





1157123 Kim, 22, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Kim, 22, Lanao Del Norte


“I’ve already found someone from Christian Filipina.”

-Kim, 22, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines





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By Christian Filipina staff

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