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April 17, 2020


1449058 James, 53, Minnesota, USA

James, 53, Minnesota

“Not only am I thrilled with the quality of the women I have encountered on Christian Filipina in great numbers, but I have also been so impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of all the staff on every occasion of my interactions with them. I have met, and we are seriously discussing marriage with a Christian woman way better than I deserve. I can’t believe the goodness of the Lord in this. I am so glad for Christian Filipina and how it is all working together for good. It is obvious you guys run a quality outfit.”

                        -James, 53, Minnesota, USA


1027665 Samuel, 29, Washington, USA

Samuel, 29, Washington


“I want to thank you all for visiting my profile, but I need you to know that thankfully, I have been very blessed to have found my one true love on Christian Filipina. I hope you all have the same luck I did and find your own true love soon.”

-Samuel, 29, Washington, USA




1435809 Glen, 69, Texas, USA

Glen, 69, Texas


“I met someone through Christian Filipina. Thank you!”

-Glen, 69, Texas, USA





1366494 Collin, 27, Ohio, USA

Collin, 27, Ohio


“I found my love in Christian Filipina.”

-Collin, 27, Ohio, USA





912364 Jonalyn, 28, Quezon City, Philippines

Jonalyn, 28, Quezon City


“I already found my husband. Thank you and God bless!”

-Jonalyn, 28, Quezon City, Philippines





April 2, 2020


450020 Gary, 63, Texas, USA

Gary, 63, Texas


“Married the woman I met here in Christian Filipina.”

-Gary, 63, Texas, USA





1420879 Patrick, 52, Wisconsin, USA

Patrick, 52, Wisconsin


“I met a Filipina on Christian Filipina. Thank you.”

-Patrick, 52, Wisconsin, USA





294010 Derrick, 53, Nebraska, USA

Derrick, 53, Nebraska


“I found someone here in Christian Filipina. Thank you for what you do. Best wishes to all!”

-Derrick, 53, Nebraska, USA





1412234 Joel, 41, Lusaka, Zambia

Joel, 41, Lusaka


“I have already met someone on Christian Filipina. Thank you so much.”

-Joel, 41, Lusaka, Zambia





241712 Joanne, 36, Bulacan, Philippines

Joanne, 36, Bulacan


“I met my boyfriend through Christian Filipina’s help and I will always be thankful for that.”

-Joanne, 36, Bulacan, Philippines





February 6, 2020

1190594 Careen, 25, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Careen, 25, Negros

“Angus and I met on January 29, 2019 through Christian Filipina. He flew to the Philippines from Sydney 2 days later after I told him I was leaving for Saudi Arabia for 2 years. Through the power of God he changed my Saudi employer’s mind and allowed me to fly after one month instead. During this time Angus gave me words of encouragement to get me through each day. Angus arranged for me to fly to Sydney and he proposed to me in June 2019. He flew to the Philippines again to meet my family. We got married in Sydney in December 2019 and are currently vacationing in Canada. Thank you for making this possible. God used CF to make the impossible happen. Without faith, there can be no reward.”

-Careen, 25, Negros Oriental, Philippines




1157005 Jim, 61, Victoria, Australia

Jim, 61, Victoria

“Thank you for your service. I have met my beautiful wife here in Christian Filipina. We started our journey in January 2019 and got engaged in September 2019. We were married in the Philippines in December 2019.”

-Jim, 61, Victoria, Australia




1095919 Louie, 31, California, USA

Louie, 31, California


“I am happily married now. Thanks, Christian Fillpina!”

-Louie, 31, California, USA




499738 Darin, 52, Ohio, USA

Darin, 52, Ohio


“Jazel and I got married on January 20. It was a miracle getting our papers together! Now we are ready to start the visa papers for her and her daughter.”

-Darin, 52, Ohio, USA




1402417 Analiza, 38, Davao City, Philippines

Analiza, 38, Davao City

“Thanks to Christian Filipina because finally, I found this very nice and kind man through your site. I love him! We’re getting to know each other more and in June he will come here to meet me in person and propose to me.”

-Analiza, 38, Davao City, Philippines





January 2, 2019

845279 David, 63, California, USA

David, 63, California

“Jorie, and I met on Christian Filipina, and we are now soon looking toward our first anniversary of marriage. If not for CF, we would not have met, so I am forever grateful. We are doing fine, and currently living in Central California.”

-David, 63, California, USA




543816 Nando, 46, Arizona, USA

Nando, 46, Arizona

“Just wanted to thank you for your service. I met my wife through Christian Filipina and now she is with me in the U.S. Also, we recently added a new member to the family, a baby girl. Thank you.”

-Nando, 46, Arizona, USA




917689 Ruth, 38, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Ruth, 38, Negros

“I already found the love of my life and we married a year after. I am living in Canada for 2 months now and currently traveling around the US.   Thank you so much for all your great help to Men/Women to find their love life.  God bless you all guys!  Once again, thank you so much!”

-Ruth, 38, Negros Oriental, Philippines




957448 Timothy, 23, Texas, USA

Timothy, 23, Texas


“Engaged to Riza. Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Timothy, 23, Texas, USA





1138863 Weng, 21, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Weng, 21, Nueva Ecija


“I have found my the one here in Christian Fiipina.”

-Weng, 21, Nueva Ecija, Philippines





November 22, 2019

623734 Adoracion, 43, Manila, Philippines

Adoracion, 43, Manila


“I found someone and we got married already. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Adoracion, 43, Manila, Philippines





1312743 W, 59,California, USA

W, 59,California


“Thanks for your service, I met my fiancée, Aya, here. I am now applying to US immigration for her to join me in the USA. ”

-W, 59,California, USA





173011 Phil, 74, Pennsylvania, USA

Phil, 74, Pennsylvania


“I met my fiancée, Rose, on Christian Filipina. Now it’s time to fly her and her son here in the US. The K1 visa is 99% complete.”

-Phil, 74, Pennsylvania, USA





1282383 Danny, 56, Louisiana, USA

Danny, 56, Louisiana


“I already found someone. Thanks to God and to Christian Filipina. I am making plans for our future.”

-Danny, 56, Louisiana, USA





237158 Jenn, 30, Quezon City, Philippines

Jenn, 30, Quezon City


“I already found someone here, and I’m thankful to Christian Filipina for that.”

-Jenn, 30, Quezon City, Philippines




November 7, 2019

648090 Annabelle, 56, Laguna, Philippines

Annabelle, 56, Laguna

“I am now in a relationship with a wonderful and amazing person who I met here in Christian Filipina. I am so thankful to our Lord God Almighty for allowing CF to be an instrument for Mike and me to meet each other, and also for blessing us both with love that we never imagined we’d feel again. Thank you, CF for the hope you give to people like me to find love and be happy again. I am forever grateful to you guys. God bless us all.”

                        -Annabelle, 56, Laguna, Philippines




1336799 Lestat, 57, New York, USA

Lestat, 57, New York

“Christian Filipina is so unlike other dating or long term relationship sites, I truly feel, that at CF, you are family, I am so very happy with CF and the staff. I would recommend it to any goodwill, serious individual, who is seriously interested in marriage and a committed relationship. I have more than 35 years of law enforcement and management experience which allows me to figure out what is real and fake, as it relates to fraudulent, behavioral issues, and I have full confidence in CF and its members. I would gladly share my experiences with                                   CF for free. Sincerely thanks to CF for giving me hope for a                                      lifetime of marriage to my beloved Filipina, LA.”

                             -Lestat, 57, New York, USA




1000522 Sophia, 36, Quezon City, Philippines

Sophia, 36, Quezon City


“I have finally found the one here in Christian Filipina and I am very thankful to this site. Keep the faith and just be genuine in finding the right one. God bless our journey!”

-Sophia, 36, Quezon City, Philippines





1078032 Dave, 64, Iowa, USA

Dave, 64, Iowa


“I found the woman I’ve been looking for and plan to marry her.”

-Dave, 64, Iowa, USA





1384387 Lysander, 33, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Lysander, 33, HK


“I found someone on Christian Filipina.”

-Lysander, 33, Hong Kong, Hong Kong




October 17, 2019

418357 Rio, 37, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Rio, 37, Mandaluyong


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina, I finally found the man of my life and we’re married now and living together. So for those who are still searching, don’t give up because If I did I wouldn’t have found him. God bless you, guys.”

 -Rio, 37, Mandaluyong, Philippines




1086091 Jhen, 29, Pampanga, Philippines

Jhen, 29, Pampanga

“Thank you, Christian Filipina because I met my boyfriend here, who is now my fiance. He makes me complete, he makes me smile even when I have no reason to. Thank you for coming into my life, sweetheart. I love you so much, Ted. Find someone who brings love and happiness to both of you, and don’t lose hope in finding someone special. Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day. Again, thank you CF!”

                              -Jhen, 29, Pampanga, Philippines




614206 Louisa, 49, Leyte, Philippines

Louisa, 49, Leyte

“Finally the man of God found me! We met in September 2018. God is so good. He is right on time. The day I planned to give up on this site, I saw his message here. He is a responsible, attentive man; so loving and a born again Christian too. On March 27, 2019, we got engaged. We both are blessed with each other. All glory and praises to God!”

-Louisa, 49, Leyte, Philippines




1342227 John, 50, Virginia, USA

John, 50, Virginia


“Taken! I have met my match here on Christian Filipina and we are planning on getting married next year. It can happen! Thank you for all the responses, winks and messages but I am a one-woman man. Good luck to you all in your search!”

-John, 50, Virginia, USA




1338710 Norman, 62, Washington, USA

Norman, 62, Washington


“I found the one!”

-Norman, 62, Washington, USA




September 4, 2019

1186016 Anthony, 61, Mississippi, USA

Anthony, 61, Mississippi


“Found the love of my life. We are now engaged!”

 -Anthony, 61, Mississippi, USA





605463 Daniel, 51, Mandaue City, Philippines

Daniel, 51, Mandaue


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I have found the angel of my life. We are in a very serious relationship and getting married soon. Thank you for the winks and messages but I’m not interested in any ladies anymore. God bless in your search.”

-Daniel, 51, Mandaue City, Philippines





1139665 Aaron, 37, Maryland, USA

Aaron, 37, Maryland


“No longer available. I found someone here in Christian Filipina.”

-Aaron, 37, Maryland, USA





587085 Leonora, 48, Manila, Philippines

Leonora, 48, Manila


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I found my future husband here on your site. Thank you and God Bless”

-Leonora, 48, Manila, Philippines






August 22,2019

943131 Anginita, 31, Iloilo, Philippines

Anginita, 31, Iloilo


“I was trying to look for my soulmate here and Father God heard my prayers! I met the man of my life and now he is my fiance! We put God between us to guide us and give us the strength to face all the challenges that may come our way.”

– Anginita, 31, Iloilo, Philippines




1259881 John, 52, New Jersey, USA

John, 52, New Jersey


“I am in a relationship with the girl who has a perfect heart and her name is Lorena. Now everything is in God’s hands.”

-John, 52, New Jersey, USA




1325128 Chuck, 60, West Virginia, USA

Chuck, 60, West Virginia

“I found a wonderful lady on Christian Filipina. Thanks to all who have helped me through the process, I wish you all the best and God bless you all. I will recommend this site to my friends, and I will tell them I already have the best lady. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Chuck, 60, West Virginia, USA




1113527 Maggie, 30, Makati City, Philippines

Maggie, 30, Makati City


“I have found the love of my life and for sure you will, too! God is making the best love story for you! He sees through your heart and He takes pleasure giving you your heart’s desires. Happy and blessed searching, folks! Jesus loves you!”

-Maggie, 30, Makati City, Philippines



July 24, 2019

587851 Bella, 36, Manila, Philippines

Bella, 36, Manila

“My search is over, I have finally found my true love here in Christian Filipina. I thank Almighty God for He blessed me with such a grateful, kind, caring, and loving man I’ve ever known. James, thank you so much, baby, for your unconditional love for me. I promise to love you with all my heart and soul. I thank you CF from the bottom of my heart; with your help, I have found the love of my life. Good luck, everyone! More power to CF and God bless!”

                                                                                                                                                                 -Bella, 36, Manila, Philippines



1221856 Essen, 29, Cavite, Philippines

Essen, 29, Cavite

“The search is over for me because I finally found my ‘the one’. The one that I will spend my life with, and the one that I will love for the rest of my life. I am thankful because I only wish for the man that I have wanted, but God gave me more than I expected. Thank you for giving this person to me. Thank God because I met him. Thank you for everything.”

-Essen, 29, Cavite, Philippines




1163825 Lorena, 33, Bukidnon, Philippines

Lorena, 33, Bukidnon


“Thanks to Christian Filipina for allowing me to become a member of this site. Thank you also, Lord, for giving John to me.”

-Lorena, 33, Bukidnon, Philippines




1188330 Pearl, 33, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Pearl, 33, Surigao


“Engaged to Anthony! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Pearl, 33, Surigao del Sur, Philippines





1137212 Irene, 25, Manila, Phillipines

Irene, 25, Manila


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I already found my prince. I love you, Manuel, my honey. God bless to all of us!”

-Irene, 25, Manila, Philippines



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By Christian Filipina staff

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