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August 12, 2021

1817916, Paul, 57, Sturgis, Michigan, United States

Paul, 57, Sturgis, Michigan


“I have met someone I like here, and we have agreed to be exclusive.”

 -Paul, 57, Sturgis, Michigan, United States




1605865, Frank, 59, Katy, Texas, United States

Frank, 59, Katy, Texas


“I met someone on Christian Filipina, and we are very happy. Praying that she will be for long term relationship. Thank you!”

-Frank, 59, Katy, Texas, United States





1869400, Quency, 59, Corona, California, United States

Quency, 59, Corona, California


“I have already found the women of my dreams on the site. Her name is Jury. She feels the same way, I do. We are both working on taking it to the next level.”

-Quency, 59, Corona, California, United States





1209677 Lamont, 37, West Palm beach, Florida, United States

Lamont, 37, West Palm beach, Florida


“I have found a partner.”

– Lamont, 37, West Palm beach, Florida, United States





478549 Stephen, 61, Perth, Western Australia

Stephen, 61, Perth


“I have found my dream girl and her name is Jayrel!”

-Stephen, 61, Perth, Western Australia




Jul 11, 2021

1823282 Jacob, 26, Indiana, United States

Jacob, 26, Indiana


“You have an excellent service! I have met the most wonderful lady on this website. The Christian Filipina service itself is top-notch. God bless, keep up the great work.”

 -Jacob, 26, Indiana, United States




1644874 Heath, 53,Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Heath, 53,Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


“I want to thank the CF website for finding my partner who I want to spend the rest of my life with and she is a very special sweet lady, and I would like to thank you again!”

-Heath, 53,Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States





1667984, David, 59, Haliimaile, Hawaii, United States

David, 59, Haliimaile, Hawaii


“I met my special someone on your site. Thank you!!”

-David, 59, Haliimaile, Hawaii, United States





1852118, Carl, 69, Cudahy, Wisconsin, United States

Carl, 69, Cudahy, Wisconsin


“I have found my only one true love. I am very grateful to Jehovah my God, and Christian Filipina.”

-Carl, 69, Cudahy, Wisconsin, United States



Jun 2, 2021

1829199 Anthony, 51, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Anthony, 51, Phoenix, Arizona


“I met someone. Thank you.”

 -Anthony, 51, Phoenix, Arizona, United States




1764092 Earl, 34, Rochester, New York, United States

Earl, 34, Rochester, New York


“I’ve found the woman of my dreams here. Thank you.”

-Earl, 34, Rochester, New York, United States




1829726 Cristine, 21, Tubod, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Cristine, 21, Tubod, Surigao del Norte


“Thank Christian Filipina, I find what I am looking for!”

-Cristine, 21, Tubod, Surigao del Norte, Philippines





1794098 Robert, 54, Lexington, South Carolina, United States

Robert, 54, Lexington, South Carolina


“I have found my lady on here and wish!”

-Robert, 54, Lexington, South Carolina, United States



May 30, 2021

Craig, 61, Marana, Arizona, United States

Craig, 61, Marana, Arizona


“I am glad to inform that you have helped me find the woman of my dreams.”

 -Craig, 61, Marana, Arizona, United States




543803 Hugh, 64, Geraldton, WA, Australia

Hugh, 64, Geraldton, Western Australia


“”I married a lady I met on your website. We are happily married now for 5 year’s our anniversary is on May 27, 2021. I also preach the gospel. We’re leaving for the mission next month. And we expect that God will move in an impressive spiritual awakening as we hope to see awakening. Thank you for your help in finding my wife we are very happy, God bless you and yours, Shalom!””

-Hugh, 64, Geraldton, WA, Australia




1556604 Mary, 38, Sta cruz, Davao del sur, Philippines

Mary, 38, Sta cruz, Davao del Sur


“Thank you for welcoming here! I do appreciate this site as I believe that I found the right one! Thank you and more blessing to all of here!”

-Mary, 38, Sta cruz, Davao del Sur, Philippines





1785654 Oliver, 60, Clearwater, Florida, United States

Oliver, 60, Clearwater, Florida


“Thank you for the friendly reminder. My new potential wife and I have certainly followed that rule. I have met her family and her father is the Pastor of there local church and has invited me to speak there once these pandemic restrictions have abated. My moral standard in life follows the teaching of the Bible, and as one of our church leaders. I strongly believe that moral standard is paramount to a successful relationship and marriage. Thanks for your input and guidance, through this process.”

-Oliver, 60, Clearwater, Florida, United States


May 20, 2021

1790365 M, 47, Davao City, Philippines

M, 47, Davao City


“I have found someone from this site. Thank you!”

 -M, 47, Davao City, Philippines




1392481 Elelyn, 26, Laguna, Philippines

Elelyn, 26, Laguna


“I found someone here on Christian Filipina.”

-Elelyn, 26, Laguna, Philippines




1746915 Anna, 41, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Anna, 41, Negros Occidental


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I have already found my half in your site and we will be married soon. God bless your site and more power!”

-Anna, 41, Negros Occidental, Philippines





1409853 Charlie, 37, Glenview, Illinois, United States

Charlie, 37, Glenview, Illinois


“I finally found a woman that compliments me in many different ways. The feelings and love that we feel for each other is mutual. Thank you and God bless this site!”

-Charlie, 37, Glenview, Illinois, United States





1393030 Melita, 33, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Melita, 33, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental


“Good day, I would like to say thank you for your CF site! Because, I meet a good Christian guy here and we’re planning to get marry soon. Keep safe and God bless us all. More power CF!”

-Melita, 33, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines




May 25, 2021

1704184 Robert, 74, Oklahoma, United States

Robert, 74, Oklahoma


“I’ve found my woman!  Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful and caring with me.”

 -Robert, 74, Oklahoma, United States




1509297 Alan, 56, Massachusetts, United States

Alan, 56, Massachusetts


“I have met a Filipino woman that I intend to marry!  Thanks!  This is one of the best websites ever!”

-Alan, 56, Massachusetts, United States




1769733 Brian, 55, Nebraska, United States

Brian, 55, Nebraska


“Found someone!”

-Brian, 55, Nebraska, United States





1706819 Febee, 23. Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Febee, 23. CDO


“I’ve already met someone special in this community!”

-Febee, 23, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines





1653862 David, 55, Waikato, New Zealand

David, 55, Waikato


“I have found the love of my life!”

-David, 55, Waikato, New Zealand




May 18, 2021

1731756 Daniel, 60, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Daniel, 60, Guanacaste


“I have found someone and I am no longer searching.  Thank you for your help.  God Bless!”

 -Daniel, 60, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.





1807075 Stephen, 61, Adelaide, Australia

Stephen, 61, Adelaide


“Thank you Christian Filipina.  I have met the most amazing lady and am happier than I have ever been before.  Your site is a true blessing.”

-Stephen, 61, Adelaide, Australia




1693918 Adelina, 62, Makati City, Philippines

Adelina, 62, Makati


“Thank you so much for having me and Steve in your community.  You have made such a great help in our lives.  God bless you and more power to your site, Christian Filipina!”

-Adelina, 62, Makati City, Philippines




1766945 Ola, 63, Baerum, Norway

Ola, 63, Baerum


“I have already found my true love! I am still thankful for meeting my special one on your site!”

-Ola, 63, Baerum, Norway





1409853 Charlie, 37, Illinois, United States

Charlie, 37, Illinois


“I finally found a woman that compliments me in many different ways.  The feelings and love that we feel for each other is mutual and I thank this site. God Bless!”

-Charlie, 37, Illinois, United States




April 29, 2021

529711 Emanuel, 45, Chicago, IL, United States

Emanuel, 45, Illinois


“I am very thankful for this site.  I found a wonderful girl and we are taking it slow and according to God’s Will.  I want to be true to her, and I pray we are forever.”

 -Emanuel, 45, Illinois, United States




1317411 Maria, 55, Tokyo, Japan

Maria, 55, Tokyo

“Blessed day! I just want to tell you that I already found my partner, and now we’re already dating for almost one year and six months.  I am really thankful for Christian Filipina because I found my future partner in life and we love each other so much.  Thank you!”

-Maria, 55, Tokyo, Japan




1472047 Ashok, 70, Herndon, Virginia, United States

Ashok, 70, Virginia


“I met someone I like. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Ashok, 70, Virginia, United States





1371437 Cherry, 31, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Cherry, 31, Rizal


“Thanks to this site because I met my boyfriend here.”

-Cherry, 31, Rizal, Philippines





1625364 Alen, 30, Zaprešić, Croatia

Alen, 30, Zaprešić

“I would love to express my huge gratitude that I have for all of you, working for Christian Filipina.  Thanks to this site I have found the love of my life!  We have met on this site five months ago.  Considering the global situation, it is a long distance for now but I am going to travel as soon as possible to the Philippines.  I would definitely recommend this site!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

 -Alen, 30, Zaprešić, Croatia




April 15, 2021

1745882 Derrick, 51, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Derrick, 51, Indiana

“I’ve been enjoying your dating site and some of the women are very friendly.  I’ve been talking to this one lady and I want to see how I can have her move to the United States with me.  We really like each other and want to take it further.”

 -Derrick, 51, Indiana, United States



97418 Gregory, 67, Bend, Oregon, United States

Gregory, 67, Oregon


“I want to thank your site for bringing my wife and me together.  We have been happily married now since February 19, 2013.”

-Gregory, 67, Oregon, United States




1695899 Isaac, 26, LN, United States

Isaac, 26, Illinois


“I met my future wife on the site!”

-Isaac, 26, Illinois, United States




1784713 Manuel, 46, Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States

Manuel, 46, Oregon,


“I have met an amazing woman and have started the process to meet her and marry her.”

-Manuel, 46, Oregon, United States




1779787 Bobby, 40, Georgia, United States

Bobby, 40, Georgia


“I have met someone online!  I would like to thank you for helping me find someone on your site.  I will recommend it to my friends.”

-Bobby, 40, Georgia, United States




March 25, 2021

1756614 Marvin, 51, Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

Marvin, 51, Virginia

“Thank you, Christian Filipina.  The happiness I’m experiencing with Madielyn is a feeling I’ve never felt in my adult life.  Let this be my testimony that Christian really works for those who choose to follow God’s way of coming together.”

 -Marvin, 51, Virginia, United States




1733135, Jerome, 66, Burkburnett, Texas, United States

Jerome, 66, Texas

“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I have found my true love.  I communicate with a few ladies but it did not take me long to find the woman I have been searching for all my life.  Her name is Jenny Lyn.  We talk and video chat every day.  I’ve even met the family thru video chatting.  I’m saving right now for the trip there.  I’m looking to go there over the Christmas holidays.  Thank you and God Bless.”

-Jerome, 66, Texas, United States




1693688 Lovely, 27, Davao city, Philippines

Lovely, 27, Davao


“I already found someone I love.  You have a decent dating site which is I appreciate a lot.  Thank you and God bless”

-Lovely, 27, Davao City, Philippines




1077712 Gloria, 66, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Gloria, 66, Negros


“I found my love on this site.  I may need help in processing my US visa soon.  Thanks for your site. I found a godly man who leveled up to my standard.”

-Gloria, 66, Negros Occidental, Philippines




1327934 Joan, 41, Orlando, Florida, United State

Joan, 41, Florida


“Thank you Christian Filipina dating site!  Because of you, I met my fiancé.  We will get married this coming March 2021.  My husband and I wanna say thank you!”

-Joan, 41, Florida, United State



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By Christian Filipina staff

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