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April 26, 2018

828932 Jeff, 53, New York, USA

Jeff, 53, New York


“I have found my other half on Christian Filipina. We are in love and planning a life together. I love you, Zenaida!”

-Jeff, 53, New York, USA






202586 Rowena, 34, Manila, Philippines

Rowena, 34, Manila

“My search is over, I found him already here in Christian Filipina. Thankful to God that I met my soulmate and my best friend. He is one of a kind, and we are comfortable with each other. Good luck with your search. As of now, we are processing our papers for Fiancee Visa. Thank you Christian Filipina, I found someone that loves and accepts me for who I am.”

-Rowena, 34, Manila, Philippines





61159 Cuttie, 30, Cebu, Philippines

Cuttie, 30, Cebu


“I have found my special man! We already got married on June 25! Thanks a  lot, Christian Filipina!”

-Cuttie, 30, Cebu, Philippines






886980 Janet, 36, Masbate, Philippines

Janet, 36, Masbate


“My search is over, I found my one, true love, Keith. He is all to me. God is good! Good luck to all!”

-Janet, 36, Masbate, Philippines






906348 Jona, 52, Cebu, Philippines

Jona, 52, Cebu


“I finally found the love of my life in Christian Filipina. I don’t need to search anymore. Thanks to this site that I found my humble and sincere man.”

-Jona, 52, Cebu, Philippines




April 19, 2018

793590 Joseph, 29, Nebraska, USA

Joseph, 29, Nebraska


“I finally met the love of my life, Maribel, who will soon to have my last name! I love you with all my heart and soul, babeloves! Always and forever!”

-Joseph, 29, Nebraska, USA





53035 Paul, 41, Georgia, USA

Paul, 41, Georgia


“I’m engaged to Lurie, blessed by God.  Have a blessed day!”

-Paul, 41, Georgia, USA






381788 Jon, 60, Oklahoma, USA

Jon, 60, Oklahoma


“I have finally met my lady love and am looking forward to seeing her again to continue to write our love story and special relationship. Babe, I miss you and please take care always!”

-Jon, 60, Oklahoma, USA






953298 Oldy, 38, Leyte, Philippines

Oldy, 38, Leyte


“I already found my destiny!”

-Oldy, 38, Leyte, Philippines







399589 Carmen, 34, Manila, Philippines

Carmen, 34, Manila


“Thank God I finally found Greg!”

-Carmen, 34, Manila, Philippines




April 12, 2018

727822 Ken, 52, S. Carolina, USA

Ken, 52, S. Carolina


“Engaged to Merla, a lady I met here on Christian Filipina”

-Ken, 52, S. Carolina, USA






377074 Roger, 62, Mississippi, USA

Roger, 62, Mississippi


“I have found my lady, Sheila.”

-Roger, 62, Mississippi, USA






810019 May, 31, Cebu, Philippines

May, 31, Cebu


“I already found the man that I love and to whom I will spend my whole life with. Thank you!”

-May, 31, Cebu, Philippines






1018676 Marilyn, 21, Rizal, Philippines

Marilyn, 21, Rizal


“I found someone! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Marilyn, 21, Rizal, Philippines






677271 Di, 44, Cebu, Philippines

Di, 44, Cebu


“The search is over! I am loving a good man with a pure heart!”

-Di, 44, Cebu, Philippines




April 5, 2018

119260 Christine, 31, Cebu, Philippines

Christine, 31, Cebu


“I finally found him. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Christine, 31, Cebu, Philippines






977421 Dan, 57, Washington, USA

Dan, 57, Washington


“I have met someone special that I want to marry. I met her in Christian Filipina. Thank you for everything.”

-Dan, 57, Washington, USA





005535 Kris, 60, Ontario, Canada

Kris, 60, Ontario


“I found a woman who interested me. I am hoping that we will succeed together. Thank you for your good service. Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found a wonderful woman.”

-Kris, 60, Ontario, Canada





1000381 Regina, 46, Bulacan, Philippines

Regina, 46, Bulacan


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for giving me the opportunity to meet someone. I have found my true one now and I am not available anymore.   God bless everyone!”

-Regina, 46, Bulacan, Philippines





612281 Dayn 25, Davao City, Philippines

Dayn, 25, Davao City


“I already found my one true love here. I never expected that I could find someone like him in Christian Filipina.”

-Dayn, 25, Davao City, Philippines




March 29, 2018

340389 Alma, 47, Cebu, Philippines

Alma, 47, Cebu


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina because through this site I found the love of my life. I just got married last December 7th, 2017, in Texas. Again thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Alma, 47, Cebu, Philippines





888533 Ozzie, 40, Illinois, USA

Ozzie, 40, Illinois


“Greetings to all! God has blessed me with MayNiña, we married on February 26, 2018. She is an amazing woman! We are very happy and excited. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Ozzie, 40, Illinois, USA





294961 Violeta, 57, Makati, Philippines

Violeta, 57, Makati


“We’re living together happily and we already got married last year. Now we’re here in Australia, his home. Thank you Christian Filipina, we both are so happy. And we thank God for everything!”

-Violeta, 57, Makati, Philippines





876795 Mechelle, 36, Tacloban, Philippines

Mechelle, 36, Tacloban


“Thanks to all the good men who I have communicated with. My search is over. I already found my partner, Andrew, and we both are in love!”

-Mechelle, 36, Tacloban, Philippines





906429 Rina, 42, Quezon City, Philippines

Rina, 42, Quezon City


“I am no longer looking as I already found the love of my life on this site. We have not met yet but I feel he is the one for me. Looking forward to meeting him in June. And I genuinely love you, James. Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Rina, 42, Quezon City, Philippines




March 22, 2018

934074 Leo, 47, Quebec, Canada

Leo, 47, Quebec


“Everything is perfect! We now prepare for our wedding. I’m so happy my life has changed! We will start a new life together! Thanks so much for your help!”

-Leo, 47, Quebec, Canada





756460 Patrick, 60, Ohio, USA

Patrick, 60, Ohio


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for helping me find the love of my life. Never before have I loved someone more than Shine. She is simply a beautiful fisherman’s daughter from Cebu.”

-Patrick, 60, Ohio, USA




879161 Lester, 63, Idaho, USA

Lester, 63, Idaho


“I’m now very rich because I have met the girl of my dreams! I’m no longer looking for someone special! I have found Evelyn on Christian Filipina!”

-Lester, 63, Idaho, USA






000392 Robert, 41, N Carolina, USA

Robert, 41, N Carolina


“I’d like to thank Christian Filipina, I have fallen in love with a special woman, Sheila. So I’m going to be building our relationship and work towards our future together.”

-Robert, 41, N Carolina, USA





970900 Ronald, 64, Utah, USA

Ronald, 64, Utah


“I am now in a relationship with a wonderful Filipino woman in Christian Filipina. Thank you to everybody who has messaged me but I have found my true love.”

-Ronald, 64, Utah, USA




March 15, 2018

609133 Vic, 60, N Carolina, USA

Vic, 60, N Carolina

“My wife and I are so happy! It is difficult being separated right now but we will get the Visa process started with Dominic’s help as soon as we get the marriage certificate. If it were not for all of you, we could not have met. I thank you all at Christian Filipina for being available for God to use you in such a wonderful way. Thank you from our hearts!”

-Vic, 60, N Carolina, USA




462008 Scott, 47, London, UK

Scott, 47, London


“Got married on the 2nd of May in Seychelles! Thanks for your help!”

-Scott, 47, London, UK






96995 Jeany, 26, Cebu, Philippines

Jeany, 26, Cebu

“I am married now, thanks to Christian Filipina. I was a member since 2012, been on and off on this site for quite long. In 2017, I started opening it again and there is this guy, who is now my husband, who I’ve started chatting with. He came to see me and we accepted our differences; we went to nearby islands and had fun. I got to know him well. He was such an amazing person that I fell in love with him. He is a man that is full of life, talkative, and funny. Those days we spent were great, that I didn’t want to end. We got engaged. Months of long distance passed and with constant communication, we managed it through and got married. To my husband, I love you. Hope we will cherish this love we’ve started to eternity. Thank you for being my guide, for making me think through the problems and for the lessons you taught.”

-Jeany, 26, Cebu, Philippines




860522 Nailah, 47, Manila, Philippines

Nailah, 47, Manila


“My search is over. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Nailah, 47, Manila, Philippines







699555 Derly, 40, Manila, Philippines

Derly, 40, Manila

“Hi, everyone!  I just want to say thank you to Christian Filipina.  I have found the love of my life, my best friend, and partner in life on this site.  I wish that you will also find the one that you are searching for.   Again, thank you CF and God bless!.”

-Derly, 40, Manila, Philippines




March 8, 2018

679317 Joel, 71, Nevada, USA

Joel, 71, Nevada

“I can’t thank you enough for being instrumental in helping me find the new love of my life. I joined Christian Filipina late in 2016 while I was in the throes of an awful divorce. I immediately got to know and befriended a lot of wonderful women. But a month after I joined, I found a pretty lass from Bohol whom I started dating when I flew from Los Angeles to Manila. We got engaged on Valentine’s day of 2017, and exactly a year later, got married in Las Vegas after my petition for a fiancee visa for her to immigrate to the U.S. was approved. Your dating site is indeed a great vehicle to meet other women and to move on to developing a serious relationship with one of them. You just need to be sincere, transparent and a genuine friend to the selected women you decide to be really interested in. Thank you again, Christian Filipina, and more power to you!”

-Joel, 71, Nevada, USA




45622 Ted, 58, California, USA

Ted, 58, California

“I recently met someone in Christian Filipina and I went over to the Philippines during the Christmas holidays and we got married! She wants to spend a few months with her family before she comes to America. She is currently living in Iloilo. Life is Great! ”

-Ted, 58, California, USA





769568 Precious, 34, Bulacan, Philippines

Precious, 34, Bulacan

“I have found “The One.” Thank you, my honey, you know who you are. You brought so much joy in my life since the day we found each other. I will cherish all the memories when we were together for the first time and am looking forward to being with you for the rest of my life. God gave me you, I am so blessed, my one and only R. A. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you very much for all your love, care, sweetness, thoughtfulness, and most especially for your superb sense of humor. There is no dull moment with you, honey. I am very happy because I have you. Soon we’ll be together honey, and I am looking forward to that day, that we don’t have to be apart. God bless our relationship.”

-Precious, 34, Bulacan, Philippines




143316 Rob, 55, Michigan, USA

Rob, 55, Michigan


“Thanks for all the interest but I have found my partner. Good luck to everyone!”

-Rob, 55, Michigan, USA






506364 Christy, 22, Pagadian City, Philippines

Christy, 22, Pagadian


“I already found the love of my life here in Christian Filipina. Thank you for letting me be a part of this site! Have a good day!”

-Christy, 22, Pagadian City, Philippines




March 1, 2018

686026 Sweetstar, 35, Dumaguete, Philippines

Sweetstar, 35, Dumaguete

“I thank Christian Filipina, through you, I found the man of my dreams. You served as a bridge to us. I thank God for showing me the way, I’m so blessed and thankful for having Paul in my life. He is such a good person with a beautiful heart. To all who are still searching, good luck and don’t forget to pray and don’t give up. God will guide you to the right one if he is meant for you. God bless!”

-Sweetstar, 35, Dumaguete, Philippines





629404 Morris, 67, Ontario, Canada

Morris, 67, Ontario

“How do you thank Christian Filipina in helping you find a lifetime mate? Thank you a thousand times and thank God! I have married the most wonderful woman who loves me so much. I am so happy. Dreams do come true! And today at my age of 67, I learned that I am a soon-to-be father, it just keeps getting better! I am madly in love with my darling Nelle! I wish everyone to have the same success. Good luck, and God bless everyone!”

-Morris, 67, Ontario, Canada





378901 Anna, 36, Cebu, Philippines

Anna, 36, Cebu

“Thank God, I and the love of my life, Ricky, found each other. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a great man and I’m so happy I found him. Thank you, Christian Filipina for this site.  Thank you, my love Ricky, you make my life complete.  I can’t wait for the day that God will bless our love. I love you with all my heart and soul, My Forever.”

-Anna, 36, Cebu, Philippines





721347 Mercy, 54, Pangasinan, Philippines

Mercy, 54, Pangasinan


“I already met the man God reserved for me here in Christian Filipina. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus! Amen!”

-Mercy, 54, Pangasinan, Philippines






567455 Rodalyn, 31, Manila, Philippines

Rodalyn, 31, Manila


“I’m not searching anymore! Good luck to all of you!”

-Rodalyn, 31, Manila, Philippines







February 22, 2018

934806 Sean, 49, New Jersey, USA

Sean, 49, New Jersey


“I have found my soulmate here in Christian Filipina! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better woman to be my partner in life. Thank you, CF!”

-Sean, 49, New Jersey, USA





433679 Sam, 62, Texas, USA

Sam, 62, Texas


“Found my life partner. Thanks, Christian Filipina.”

-Sam, 62, Texas, USA






936946 John, 38, Hone, Australia

John, 38, Hone


“I have met a great woman and we are already in a relationship so I’m not available anymore. Thanks and best of luck everyone!”

-John, 38, Hone, Australia






927841 Liza, 38, Davao, Philippines

Liza, 38, Davao

“Christian Filipina friends, I would like to take this time to thank you for your kindness and respect. Every person I talked to on this journey of mine was and always will be very special to me. I have met a man who shows me the true meaning of unconditional love. And we both believe it wasn’t all my doing or all his. It was masterfully crafted by our Heavenly Father and precious Lord! Two hearts on two different spectrums of this planet can’t be one, without Divine intervention. We, Lee and l want your blessings on this new chapter in our life. He is my first, my last, my everything. I’m proud to say I love this man with all my heart! And we know the Hand above will line up two stars for you as well.”

-Liza, 38, Davao, Philippines





923112 Nena, 45, Cebu, Philippines

Nena, 45, Cebu


“I thank Christian Filipina, I found a nice man for me. I love him and I will wait for him!”

-Nena, 45, Cebu, Philippines




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By Christian Filipina staff

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