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March 10, 2017


631068 Rhett, 68, Louisiana, USA

Rhett, 68, Louisiana


“I found my soul mate about a month ago in Christian Filipina! I went to see her in Manila and now am planning to get her to America.”

-Rhett, 68, Louisiana, USA





210064 Carole, 29, San Juan, Philippines

Carole, 29, San Juan


“My husband and I met here in Christian Filipina. It was awesome to finally be married to the man I love. He’s God’s gift to me! Thank you!”

-Carole, 29, San Juan, Philippines





610572 Richard, 65, Virginia, USA

Richard, 65, Virginia


“I have someone special in my life, and I found her in Christian Filipina. I am very happy with her. Thank you!”

-Richard, 65, Virginia, USA






282793 Claire, 32, Zambales, Philippines

Claire, 32, Zambales


“I just found the man who fulfills my dream! And I love him! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Claire, 32, Zambales, Philippines






139766 Maria, 45, Cebu, Philippines

Maria, 45, Cebu


“I found the love of my life here in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Maria, 45, Cebu, Philippines






March 2, 2017


520734 Bulla, 71, Auckland, New Zealand

Bulla, 71, Auckland

“I wish to inform you that I already found my woman here in Christian Filipina. We were married last September 2016. We are wishing you find time to invite us to share with others how fruitful our meeting here in the site was, and when we met in person after going to the Philippines early of last year. Others may follow our example. It was very lovely and we are going stronger as the days went on. Thank you to Christian Filipina!”

-Bulla, 71, Auckland, New Zealand




441706 Chuck, 70, New Hampshire, USA

Chuck, 70, New Hampshire

“Thanks to Christian Filipina for giving me a chance to see so many lovely ladies. I have chosen one lady from your site and have started a wonderful relationship with her and am already making plans to come to the Phillipines to see her and marry her. I am sure that she is the one for me. Thank you for your support!”

-Chuck, 70, New Hampshire, USA





705633 Dennis, 70, Oregon, USA

Dennis, 70, Oregon


“I have found a woman and we are engaged. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Dennis, 70, Oregon, USA






772590 Patrick, 45, Auckland, New Zealand

Patrick, 45, Auckland


“I have met a beautiful woman in Christian Filipina. Yes, this site really does improve one’s love life!”

-Patrick, 45, Auckland, New Zealand






326571 Ish, 34, Manila, Philippines

Ish, 34, Manila


“Hello Christian Filipina, I finally found my soulmate here and am very thankful to your site!”

-Ish, 34, Manila, Philippines






February 20, 2017


370923 Tim, 78, Kentucky, USA

Tim, 78, Kentucky

“I have found my love and we are now happily married. We met in Christian Filipina on January 10, 2015. I married her twice, first on November 25, 2015 in the Philippines and second on June 25, 2016 here in Kentucky, USA. Thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Tim, 78, Kentucky, USA





555693 William, 73, Cebu, Philippines

William, 73, Cebu

“I have found my wife, my gift from God. I was married on the 1st of December 2016 and I want to let you know how happy I am for finding her. I want to thank you for letting me find my wife. You have the best dating service! Thank you and God bless you and your great service.”

-William, 73, Cebu, Philippines




746032 Jon, 46, Arizona, USA

Jon, 46, Arizona


“I went to Christian Filipina and found myself a wife. I winked and she responded back with a wink, and we have been talking since. Now we both decided to get married. Thank you and congratulations on all the awards!”

-Jon, 46, Arizona, USA




744678 Rhett, 73, Mississippi, USA

Rhett, 73, Mississippi


“I am now engaged and will get married! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Rhett, 73, Mississippi, USA





510259 Bless, 42, Manila, Philippines

Bless, 42, Manila


“Thank you so much, Christian Filipina! I found the love of my life here and we are planning to meet soon!”

-Bless, 42, Manila, Philippines






February 7, 2016


742461 Rhodora, 39, Manila, Philippines

Rhodora, 39, Manila


“God sent me a man that I prayed for. He is a godly man and I love him so much. Thank you Christian Filipina! Most of all, thank you Lord for bringing us together!”

-Rhodora, 39, Manila, Philippines





566720 Kevin, 58, Washington, USA

Kevin, 58, Washington

“I have met a lady and we believe that we are going to work at strengthening our relationship. I feel good about this decision and ask for prayers supporting the new relationship that we would like to form. Thank you, Christian Filipina, for the service you have provided and perhaps a trip to the Philippines will be something coming in the future!”

-Kevin, 58, Washington, USA




665413 Michael, 48, S. Carolina, USA

Michael, 48, S. Carolina


“I have found someone in Christian Filipina! Thank you everyone!”

-Michael, 48, S. Carolina, USA






353699 Yazz, 29, Makati, Philippines

Yazz, 29, Makati

“The first time I browsed Christian Filipina, I already felt that God led me to it. And God showed Himself faithful. I met my soon-to-be husband in this site and I am very much thankful! It is my prayer then that those who seek may persist and be patient, wait for the Lord’s timing for they shall definitely find. May God bless this site more and be an avenue of blessing to everyone! Thanking God for Christian Filipina! Thank you so much and God bless to the whole team! Blessed 2017 to everyone!”

-Yazz, 29, Makati, Philippines




267500 Virginia, 44, Manila, Philippines

Virginia, 44, Manila


“I found the right man for me here in Christian Filipina. Thanks and God bless!”

-Virginia, 44, Manila, Philippines






January 25, 2016


596572 John, 64, Iowa, USA

John, 64, Iowa

“I have found the love of my life and am planning to marry Daniella soon. Thanks to the wonderful people in Christian Filipina for all the help in finding the special one that has touched my heart so deeply. Thanks for all the hard work, and in helping people come together from all over the world.”

-John, 64, Iowa, USA




366867 Andrew, 55, California, USA

Andrew, 55, California


“I am trying to build a beautiful nest for my future Filipina wife! Thank you Christian Filipina for this gift!”

-Andrew, 55, California, USA





560416 Jim, 44, Michigan, USA

Jim, 44, Michigan


“I have found my love and we will be married soon! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jim, 44, Michigan, USA





533844 Jeff, 59, Arkansas, USA

Jeff, 59, Arkansas


“Thank you Christian Filipina! I met a very special friend through this site. God’s blessing is all we ask for!”

-Jeff, 59, Arkansas, USA






759842 Julie, 38, Bulacan, Philippines

Julie, 38, Bulacan

“I am so thankful for the opportunity in signing up here. It is such a nice experience being a member of Christian Filipina. In a short period of time, I was able to finally meet the one who will change my life. He makes me so happy! I now focus in our relationship and do the best I can to make it work. I have found my lifetime partner, my friend, my buddy, my soul mate, my man. Thank you for helping me find him. I am so grateful!”

-Julie, 38, Bulacan, Philippines






January 16, 2016


756090 Jonno, 58, Midrand, S Africa

Jonno, 58, Midrand


“I found my love. Thank you Christian Filipina for the wonderful service and the commitment that you provide. I am so happy!”

-Jonno, 58, Midrand, South Africa





721596 Scott, 48, Virginia, USA

Scott, 48, Virginia

“I have found my future wife, thanks to God and to Christian Filipina! Everything is falling into place. I will recommend you to anyone I feel is worthy of these wonderful women. I love what you guys are doing and I’d love to be involved in it somehow. Thanks again and God bless you! ”

-Scott, 48, Virginia, USA





259683 Brian, 56, Indiana, USA

Brian, 56, Indiana


“I have met someone in Christian Filipina. We met in person last year, and we are planning on getting married this year! Thank you!”

-Brian, 56, Indiana, USA





67244 John, 52, Alberta, Canada

John, 52, Alberta


“I am so grateful to say I found my match! Thank God for Christian Filipina! I will recommend your site wholeheartedly! God bless!”

-John, 52, Alberta, Canada






600822 Ruena, 39, Cebu, Philippines

Ruena, 39, Cebu


“I have already found my soul mate here in Christian Filipina! Thank you so much!  This site is very helpful to anyone who is seeking a partner!”

-Ruena, 39, Cebu, Philippines






January 6, 2016


404071 Rachel, 32, Manila, Philippines

Rachel, 32, Manila


“I’m so thankful for Christian Filipina! I found the man that I wished for. I’m happily married now and I’m so happy being with him and the wonderful people around him!”

-Rachel, 32, Manila, Philippines





595890 Chris, 46, Queensland, Australia

Chris, 46, Queensland


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I have found my soulmate, my love, my dearest Evelyn!”

-Chris, 46, Queensland, Australia






418860 Joe, 42, Arizona, USA

Joe, 42, Arizona


“I met my love here in Christian Filipina. She is now in the USA and we’re getting married. Thank you very much for all your services!”

-Joe, 42, Arizona, USA





749207 Nickolas, 36, Nebraska, USA

Nickolas, 36, Nebraska


“I have met her on this site and I’m no longer looking. Thank you, Christian Filipina! You guys are amazing!”

-Nickolas, 36, Nebraska, USA






31111 Irene, 25, Cebu, Philippines

Irene, 25, Cebu


“God answered my prayers! I have found the right one. He sent a man who deserves everything I can give. Thank you and we are planning to meet very soon!”

-Irene, 25, Cebu, Philippines






December 30, 2016

195493 Rose, 30, Manila, Philippines

Rose, 30, Manila


“Thank you so much Christian Filipina, now I found my man! We’re already married for 2 years and two months!”

-Rose, 30, Manila, Philippines





736865 Ted, 48, Queensland, Australia

Ted, 48, Queensland


“I have found my ray of sunshine, my love, and my sweetheart, Lani. Thanks to you, Christian Filipina!”

-Ted, 48, Queensland, Australia





751163 Brendan, 44, Washington, USA

Brendan, 44, Washington


“I met a very lovely woman in Christian Filipina. I know I have only been a member for about a couple of weeks, but that’s all it took me to find a very promising mate. I intend to meet her in a few months!”

-Brendan, 44, Washington, USA





737095 Andrew, 47, Missouri, USA

Andrew, 47, Missouri


“I have found the woman of my dreams! Thanks to Christian Filipina, I’m forever grateful!”

-Andrew, 47, Missouri, USA





277418 Nina, 32, Misamis, Philippines

Nina, 32, Misamis


“I already met someone who is special that I could see my future with him beside me. Thank you Christian Filipina for letting me find him here!”

-Nina, 32, Misamis, Philippines






December 20, 2016

391643 Lilia, 41, Manila, Philippines

Lilia, 41, Manila


“I am happy to let you know that I found my perfect husband here in Christian Filipina. He is from Australia and we are now happily married. To the founder of this site, thank you so much! Good luck to all the members!”

-Lilia, 41, Manila, Philippines




53808 Jeffrey, 45, New Jersey, USA

Jeffrey, 45, New Jersey


“God must be in our center. I am truly blessed to have found someone to share and grow my faith with. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jeffrey, 45, New Jersey, USA





747367 Jenny, 33, Iloilo, Philippines

Jenny, 33, Iloilo

“I already found someone special whom I have fallen in love with.  I’m now committed to a humorous and loving hunter man of my life.  Thank you, Christian Filipina! God bless and more power!”

-Jenny, 33, Iloilo, Philippines





726865 Carly, 24, Makati, Philippines

Carly, 24, Makati


“I have already found the man I’ve been looking for. Thanks to Christian Filipina! God bless you guys and continue this wonderful means of communication!”

-Carly, 24, Makati, Philippines





238380 Sheila, 40, Misamis, Philippines

Sheila, 40, Misamis


“I found the right man. Thanks, Christian Filipina! ”

-Sheila, 40, Misamis, Philippines






December 7, 2016

578962 Mark, 48, Victoria, Australia

Mark, 48, Victoria

“I have married a Filipina I met through Christian Fiipina. We were married on July 23. I’m actually with her now in the Philippines, for 3 months. I also spent 3 months with her from May to July of this year. We’re both really happy we found each other, and are very grateful to Christian Filipina!”

-Mark, 48, Victoria, Australia





512562, Kerry, 68, California, USA

Kerry, 68, California


“We would like to extend our gratitude to Christian Filipina. Me and my wife met here on Christian Filipina and we just got married recently here in the US. We are blessed to find each other. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Kerry, 68, California, USA




737181 Larry, 62, Missouri, USA

Larry, 62, Missouri


“I have found someone now! I am engaged to be married to a gorgeous Filipina woman that I met in Christian Filipina! I am so happy now! Thank you! Good luck on your search!”

-Larry, 62, Missouri, USA





660329 Aljean, 27, Dumaguete, Philippines

Aljean, 27, Dumaguete

“I would like to say thank you to Christian Filipina! Finally, I met my special someone here. I love him so much! Thank you God, and to all who are a part of this site. God is good all the time!. Good luck and God bless us all! I hope that we all will find our happiness and forever. God bless!

-Aljean, 27, Dumaguete, Philippines





451989 Anna, 29, Manila, Philippines

Anna, 29, Manila


“The search is over. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Anna, 29, Manila, Philippines






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By Christian Filipina staff

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