December 15, 2013

James, 54, Tennessee, USA. 105413

James, 54, Tennessee, USA


“I have since met the most amazing woman. She is more then I could have dreamed of, God has truly blessed me. Thanks to this site, CF, I am very happy.”

–James, 54, Tennessee, USA







Lucy, 32, Philippines

Lucy, 32, Philippines


“I just want to announce to the whole CF world that I am in a relationship now with an amazing man from this site. I can’t be happier! All the best to all of you.”

–Lucy, 32, Philippines







Chris, 45, Louisiana, USA_146192

Chris, 45, Louisiana, USA


“I’ve found a wonderful woman on this site!”

–Chris, 45, Louisiana, USA








Nhess, 41, Manila, PH

Nhess, 41, Manila, PH


“Hello CF Staff, I would like to thank u for your wonderful site. I finally found my long lost soulmate and he is one your members named Michael from Fairbanks, Alaska.”

–Nhess, 41, Manila, PH







Jack, 75, USA_189175

Jack, 75, USA


“I’ve found a wonderful woman on this site!”

–Jack, 75, USA






December 10, 2013

William, 50, Idaho, USA

William, 50, Idaho, USA

“I had the most wonderful time of my life with Rona. We were in Makati, been to Subic bay and a resort where we went to three Island’s off the coast with a friend of Rona’s family. I will be back of course and will start the process to secure our future to live together in the States, and at some point also have a house in Illigan City for Rona, so we can come back to her region periodically. We want to stay in touch of course, for we both realize that the use of your web site has been the conduit that brought us together. Thanks for your interest in our new found love!”

–William, 50, Idaho, USA




Cecil, 27, Manila, PH

Cecil, 27, Manila, PH


“Thank you CF! I found my special someone here and I wil meet him this coming January. God bless us all.”

–Cecil, 27, Manila, PH




Linwood, 61, Chesapeake, USA, 136328

Linwood, 61, Chesapeake, USA


“Praise God that I have found the love of my life here at CF. I give my praise and glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and second, I thank the staff of CF. May you continue to be blessed. To my fellow Christians here, ladies, remember the word of God says, “when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing.” Ladies, your good thing is coming, just trust God for him and have faith. God makes no mistakes. I have found my great thing here in Jesus name. God bless all. Amen.”

–Linwood, 61, Chesapeake, USA



Meshel, 24, Cebu, PH

Meshel, 24, Cebu, PH


“I met my special someone here already thanks to CF. Thank you!”

–Meshel, 24, Cebu, PH




Robert, 74, Idaho, USA_115646_pic

Robert, 74, Idaho, USA

“I am so blessed as I have met such a wonderful little lady on your website and so thankful to have her as a prospect for a possible future wife for me. We have been online since May 29, 2013 and she is what I want for a companion, she is a wonderful lady. With the typhoon gone, I feel well blessed that she is okay, along with her family. There is no better dating website out there than And April of 2014, I plan to fly to Philippines to visit with Hazel and spend some time there seeing her land and be with her for a few days and meet her family as well. Thank you for your website, the website is nothing but wonderful for all mankind.”

–Robert, 74, Idaho, USA





November 30, 2013



Tracy and Melba

Tracy and Melba


“I have just come back from the Philippines . And I am very happy to say that I have met someone very special, Melba, we met on CF. I am very happy. Me and my daughter, Courtney, love the Philippines, the people and out new family . Thank you Christian Filipina for introducing me to my beautiful girlfriend Melba.”

–Tracy, 49, United Kingdom








Lorena, 28, Malaybalay City, PH

Lorena, 28, Malaybalay City, PH


“Thank you so much for allowing me to become a member on this site. Because of Christian Filipina, I met a special man, that for me he is very special in my life.”

–Lorena, 28, Malaybalay City, PH









Moses, 56, Wyoming, USA

Moses, 56, Wyoming, USA

“I met a wonderful lady from this site. We plan to get married in June as soon as our jobs allow us to travel to Davao. We want to sincerely thank you for allowing us to meet on this medium. It is not easy meeting people with the right intentions. But in our case we had no doubt we met our desired companion. May everyone seeking mates find the right ones. Blessings to all God’s people. After our wedding, we shall keep you appraised.”

–Moses, 56, Wyoming, USA








Jen, 20, Pampanga, PH

Jen, 20, Pampanga, PH


“Thank you so much because I finally met my especial someone in your site and I’m so grateful and blessed to have him in my life. I thank God for your site, as I read members testimonies, CF has really done a good job, just keep it up for God’s glory.”

–Jen, 20, Pampanga, PH





By Christian Filipina staff

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