July 20, 2017


234991 Michael, 50, New York, USA

Michael, 50, New York


“I already found my beautiful angel! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Michael, 50, New York, USA






608581 John, 51, Minnesota, USA

John, 51, Minnesota

“Just wanted to start off by saying that God has blessed me and my future wife recently. I’m no longer a single man and the love that she and I share is a bond like no other. She is my everything and I have God to thank each and every day for this awesome blessing. My prayers have been answered and it’s the most indescribable feeling that I can share with you all. My prayers to each and everyone of you who is reading this; put your trust and faith in Him and He will do the rest in His timing! God Bless You All!”

-John, 51, Minnesota, USA




138585 Ty, 53, Oklahoma, USA

Ty, 53, Oklahoma


“I have found my partner here in Christian Filipina and we are getting married next month here in the US!”

-Ty, 53, Oklahoma, USA






528944 Mike, 48, Florida, USA

Mike, 48, Florida


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! I have found my girl now! We look forward to our lives together and we both wish everyone else here all the best! Stay on the site and be honest, you can find your partner in life here!”

-Mike, 48, Florida, USA





297040 Johnalyn, 36, Quezon City, Philippines

Johnalyn, 36, Quezon City


“My search is over! Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Johnalyn, 36, Quezon City, Philippines





July 13, 2017


451 Helmut, 66, Eppelheim, Germany

Helmut, 66, Eppelheim

“Thank you so much for helping me find her. She is my one true love. We will be engaged soon and later start the paperwork to get married. I am absolutely sure that she is the one and through this website, I was able to find her. No need to search anymore! Thank you so much, Christian Filipina!”

-Helmut, 66, Eppelheim, Germany





514326 Ken, 68, Victoria, Australia

Ken, 68, Victoria


“I have gotten married to Luisa on March 18, 2017. We thank Christian Filipina for all that you have done to make this a success for us! Thank you so much!”

-Ken, 68, Victoria, Australia





787833 Rob, 57, Chorley, United Kingdom

Rob, 57, Chorley


“I have met someone on the site. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Rob, 57, Chorley, United Kingdom






817532 Gretchen, 30, Masbate, Philippines

Gretchen, 30, Masbate


“I found him! I found the true love of my life.  I am so blessed God gave me a man like him. We are in the first step of the process that will lead to marriage. I love you, James! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Gretchen, 30, Masbate, Philippines





820124 Rocel, 22, Digos, Philippines

Rocel, 22, Digos


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for the good service that they have.  I am happy to tell you that I have found my love whom I met here in the site. Thank you!”

-Rocel, 22, Digos, Philippines





July 6, 2017


338354 Grace, 44, Bulacan, Philippines

Grace, 44, Bulacan


“Just got married to Bruce! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Grace, 44, Bulacan, Philippines







835319 James, 45, Texas, USA

James, 45, Texas


“I found the love of my life here in Christian Filipina and we are getting married soon. Gretchen, I love you honey! God is good! God bless everyone!”

-James, 45, Texas, USA






370566 A, 24, Nevada, USA

A, 24, Nevada


“I got married to a girl from Christian Filipina! She is now living with me for the past 6 months. Thanks for your help!”

-A, 24, Nevada, USA






679420 Michael, 72, Ohio, USA

Michael, 72, Ohio


“I would like to thank everyone in Christian Filipina. I have met my love!”

-Michael, 72, Ohio, USA







368491 Steven, 69, Massachusetts, USA

Steven, 69, Massachusetts


“Mabuhay! I met my wife in Christian Filipina. Now we’re happily married and traveling around the world. Thank you so much for helping me find my wife over your site!”

-Steven, 69, Massachusetts, USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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