December 20, 2016

391643 Lilia, 41, Manila, Philippines

Lilia, 41, Manila


“I am happy to let you know that I found my perfect husband here in Christian Filipina. He is from Australia and we are now happily married. To the founder of this site, thank you so much! Good luck to all the members!”

-Lilia, 41, Manila, Philippines




53808 Jeffrey, 45, New Jersey, USA

Jeffrey, 45, New Jersey


“God must be in our center. I am truly blessed to have found someone to share and grow my faith with. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jeffrey, 45, New Jersey, USA





747367 Jenny, 33, Iloilo, Philippines

Jenny, 33, Iloilo

“I already found someone special whom I have fallen in love with.  I’m now committed to a humorous and loving hunter man of my life.  Thank you, Christian Filipina! God bless and more power!”

-Jenny, 33, Iloilo, Philippines





726865 Carly, 24, Makati, Philippines

Carly, 24, Makati


“I have already found the man I’ve been looking for. Thanks to Christian Filipina! God bless you guys and continue this wonderful means of communication!”

-Carly, 24, Makati, Philippines





238380 Sheila, 40, Misamis, Philippines

Sheila, 40, Misamis


“I found the right man. Thanks, Christian Filipina! ”

-Sheila, 40, Misamis, Philippines






December 7, 2016

578962 Mark, 48, Victoria, Australia

Mark, 48, Victoria

“I have married a Filipina I met through Christian Fiipina. We were married on July 23. I’m actually with her now in the Philippines, for 3 months. I also spent 3 months with her from May to July of this year. We’re both really happy we found each other, and are very grateful to Christian Filipina!”

-Mark, 48, Victoria, Australia





512562, Kerry, 68, California, USA

Kerry, 68, California


“We would like to extend our gratitude to Christian Filipina. Me and my wife met here on Christian Filipina and we just got married recently here in the US. We are blessed to find each other. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Kerry, 68, California, USA




737181 Larry, 62, Missouri, USA

Larry, 62, Missouri


“I have found someone now! I am engaged to be married to a gorgeous Filipina woman that I met in Christian Filipina! I am so happy now! Thank you! Good luck on your search!”

-Larry, 62, Missouri, USA





660329 Aljean, 27, Dumaguete, Philippines

Aljean, 27, Dumaguete

“I would like to say thank you to Christian Filipina! Finally, I met my special someone here. I love him so much! Thank you God, and to all who are a part of this site. God is good all the time!. Good luck and God bless us all! I hope that we all will find our happiness and forever. God bless!

-Aljean, 27, Dumaguete, Philippines





451989 Anna, 29, Manila, Philippines

Anna, 29, Manila


“The search is over. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Anna, 29, Manila, Philippines






December 2, 2016

85683 Dave, 55, Oregon, USA

Dave, 55, Oregon


“I have met and have married Bing through Christian Filipina. We married last month upon my arrival to Manila. Thank you!”

-Dave, 55, Oregon, USA




600178 Sheila, 32, Davao, Philippines

Sheila, 32, Davao


“November 15, 2016 – Engaged! Thank you Christian Filipina, through this site I found my man that I want to share the rest of my life with. Mitch and I will be getting married next year. I am so happy and so in love with him! Thank you so much, Christian Filipina!”

-Sheila, 32, Davao, Philippines




661232 Sean, 47, Auckland, New Zealand

Sean, 47, Auckland


“I have already met my special someone here in Christian Filipina. Thank you for the marvelous service I got from you!”

-Sean, 47, Auckland, New Zealand





655308 Marco, 50, Florida, USA

Marco, 50, Florida


“I have met someone here. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Marco, 50, Florida, USA






714379 Jim, 38, Swansea, United Kingdom

Jim, 38, Swansea


“I already found someone in the site.  Samantha and I have been communicating 3 to 4 weeks now. I have never been sure about my feelings for anyone!”

-Jim, 38, Swansea, United Kingdom





By Christian Filipina staff

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