December 10, 2014



Marvin, 43, Arizona, USA

Marvin, 43, Arizona, USA



“I have found the woman of my dreams no more looking for me. I have found my soul mate plus much more. soon to be married and completely in love . thank you Christian Filipino.”

-Marvin, 43, Arizona, USA







Melissa, 34, Manila, Philippines

Melissa, 34, Manila, Philippines



“Hi thank you Christian Filipina I already found my special someone through your site. His name is Lee and we decided to both delete our profile here we are just waiting for my visa so I can go to the US and we will get married there. Thank you and more power. God bless!”

-Melissa, 34, Manila, Philippines






Nathan, 47, New Zealand

Nathan, 47, New Zealand




“Thank you for this website. God bless behind the workforce of this website and many will be blessed.”

-Nathan, 47, New Zealand




December 7, 2014


Graham, 63, W.A., Australia

Graham, 63, W.A., Australia


 “I’m getting married next month. I met my lovely wife in the site. A huge thank you to this site coz through in this I meet her and build a happy family. Thank u to the admin.”

-Graham, 63, W.A., Australia









Len Cebu, Philippines

Len, 31, Cebu, Philippines



“Thank you Christian Filipina for making this site,finally i found the one…getting ready for my first travel to Chicago this 26th of November and building a new family soon with my fiancee…A Million of thanks to all the staff who made this site.”

-Len, 31, Cebu, Philippines







Manilyn and Jay

Manilyn and Jay



“Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Manilyn 21, Philippines




December 2, 2014

170769 Steve, 58, Georgia, USA

Steve, 58, Georgia, USA


“I want to thank CF for having such a fantastic Christian site and for the Ladies I have talked with for being so friendly. I have been talking to a very special woman for about a couple of weeks. We feel such a strong love bond to each other. Lanie is everything I want and I love her with all my heart. We are planning on getting married. I pray everyone will find that special christian person. God bless!”

-Steve, 58, Georgia, USA






Marvin and Rose

Marvin and Rose


“I will be married soon to the man I love! Thank you Christian Filipina! Now we’re happily engaged and next year we’re getting married and build a family. We will soon be closing the distance and be with you forever. Thank you for the support Christian Filipina and all the staff are good and friendly. God bless!”

-Rose, 33, Bacolod City, Philippines







William, 55, Oregon, USA

William, 55, Oregon, USA


“I am amazed how serious the ladies in Christian Filipina, I have been a member of another site for 4 years but they were just playing games. CF is just a different story, women over here are more focused and I found Adelaine. She has a beautiful nature about her. I have never met a person like that.”

-William, 55, Oregon, USA






November 30, 2014

Gary & Cheryl 50312

Gary & Cheryl


“We know that God put us together. He gave us exactly what we prayed for. We are so happy together. We got married on Nov. 24, 2014.”

– Gary and Cheryl








119799 Miles 36 Cavite City

Miles, 36, Cavite City, Philippines


“I want to say thank you to Christian Filipina, specially all the staff. I’ve found my partner in life and I’m so thankful to GOD. Your site is the big instrument in my life. I am getting married soon to the man that I’ve found here. Again, thank you so much! I hope this site stay longer so that you can help others to find their partner in life. More power to all the staff of Christian Filipina.”

– Miles, 36, Cavite City, Philippines






169742 William 50 Georgia

William, 50, Georgia, USA



“I have found my TRUE LOVE, I am very happy now and as time passes I pray we will be another success story here on Christian Filipina. I wish luck and happines to all looking for that special one.”

-William, 50, Georgia, USA








By Christian Filipina staff

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