June 12, 2020

421092 Aaron, 35, Dublin City, Ireland

Aaron, 35, Dublin City

“I am married now; I found my beautiful wife on Christian Filipina on May 2015. I like to say thank you for the opportunity to find the love of my life. We will celebrate our first wedding anniversary next month. God bless to everyone on this site.”

 -Aaron, 35, Dublin City, Ireland



1319027 Pearl, 39, Caloocan City, Philippines

Pearl, 39, Caloocan City

“I already found a man and I am exclusively talking to him. I met him on Sept 2019, and we are together for almost 9 months and counting. I met Downer and I thank Christian Filipina for that. I love him.”

-Pearl, 39, Caloocan City, Philippines



1514448 Rose, 26, Samar, Philippines

Rose, 26, Samar, Philippines

“I found my partner. Thank you! I have the best experience using Christian Filipina.”

-Rose, 26, Samar

May 29, 2020


118244 Nathan, 58, Louisiana, USA

Nathan, 58, Louisiana


“My Filipina fiance is here in the United States. Thanks to Christian Filipina.”

 -Nathan, 58, Louisiana, USA





1214300 Godfrey, 64, British Columbia, Canada

Godfrey, 64, British Columbia


“My bride, Anafe, whom I met through Christian Filipina and I will be getting married on June 20 in Bohol. I ask that you will pray for us please.”

-Godfrey, 64, British Columbia, Canada






1490907 George, 49, Missouri, USA

George, 49, Missouri


“I have found the most wonderful lady right here on Christian Filipina!”

-George, 49, Missouri, USA





1176834 Ella, 41, Rizal, Philippines

Ella, 41, Rizal


“I already met my partner on Christian Filipina. So grateful that we got married this year. Your dating site is absolutely great! I found him at the time that I was about to get out permanently. God bless you!”

-Ella, 41, Rizal, Philippines





325526 Florence, 44, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Florence, 44, Davao

“Thank you so much Christian Filipina for the greetings. I want to share with you the gift of our God for my 44th birthday. My boyfriend and I met here on your site last year. We are hoping to get married this year. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you very much.”

-Florence, 44, Davao del Sur, Philippines



By Christian Filipina staff

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