September 28, 2017


454229 Alma, 39, Manila, Philippines

Alma, 39, Manila

“First of all, I would like to say that God is Good all the time.  He knows our needs and dreams.  Focus on your dream, be a good person and most importantly, trust and believe in God, no matter what happens. I thank Christian Filipina! We need your prayers for me and my husband’s happy ever after ending.”

-Alma, 39, Manila, Philippines





19686 Jimi, 34, Laguna, Philippines

Jimi, 34, Laguna


“My search is over. I met my now wonderful husband and we’re very happy. We got married this year and I feel so blessed to have someone so kind and loving to spend my lifetime with. I hope you’ll also find yours. Don’t give up! ”

-Jimi, 34, Laguna, Philippines





217916 Terry, 55, N, Dakota, USA

Terry, 55, N, Dakota


“I am married to my wife for a year now who I met in Christian Filipina!”

-Terry, 55, N, Dakota, USA






885719 Philip, 64, Florida, USA

Philip, 64, Florida


“I have found the lady I am looking for! Her name is Leah, who I am speaking with everyday. We are making plans to meet in April. She has maturity, and is a somewhat old-fashioned lady, which I like very much.”

-Philip, 64, Florida, USA






768755, Dee, 57, Nebraska, USA

Dee, 57, Nebraska

“I am talking with someone very special right now whose name is Juliet, which i guess makes me her Romeo. Anyhow, I’m thankful to the Lord that I had found her in Christian Filipina. I am looking forward to actually meeting her this Christmas and New Year! So good luck in your search, be patient, be true and most importantly, be yourself! And remember, God has someone out there for you as long as your intentions are true and you have faith and trust in Him. God bless!”

-Dee, 57, Nebraska, USA








September 21, 2017


252996 Larry, 42, California, USA

Larry, 42, California


“I am now engaged to someone I met here. Good luck to all of you!”

-Larry, 42, California, USA







707236 Charles, 54, Louisiana, USA

Charles, 54, Louisiana

“I am now engaged to a sweet and beautiful lady, Dorothy. She is the love I have waited for so long. After many prayers to God to send me someone who will love me the way I will love her, He has answered my prayers. So, I would like to thank God and the entire staff for the help and support during my search here in Christian Filipina. God bless on your search. Keep God first and never stop praying!”

-Charles, 54, Louisiana, USA





637141 David, 49, Tennessee, USA

David, 49, Tennessee


“I already found someone. We have been communicating for 17 months now. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-David, 49, Tennessee, USA







894452 Lisa, 43, Manila, Philippines

Lisa, 43, Manila


“I found my soulmate here in Christian Filipina. God bless you all”

-Lisa, 43, Manila, Philippines







634185 Jugen, 26, Leyte, Philippines

Jugen, 26, Leyte


“I’m not searching anymore. Thanks for all the winks and messages and thank you, Christian Filipina. Good luck on your search everyone!”

-Jugen, 26, Leyte, Philippines








September 14, 2017


838650 Barry, 77, Musselburgh, UK

Barry, 77, Musselburgh


“I have found my soul mate and best friend here in Christian Filipina. Now, I have one very special love.  She has agreed to become my nobya and she has introduced me to her mom! Good luck to all on your search for your soul mate. ”

-Barry, 77, Musselburgh, UK





880820 Jacob, 23, Indiana, USA

Jacob, 23, Indiana


“Thanks to Christian Filipina! I met Jess, my girlfriend, here. Hopefully we will get married!”

-Jacob, 23, Indiana, USA






326226 Dan, 55, N. Carolina, USA

Dan, 55, N. Carolina


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! God has blessed me with the most amazing Christian lady. She is everything I ever dreamed of and so much more! We plan to marry in July.”

-Dan, 55, N. Carolina, USA






457861 Jason, 56, Launceston, AU

Jason, 56, Launceston


“I am now married and met my wife here in Christian Filipina!”

-Jason, 56, Launceston, Australia







448946 Analyn, 29, Leyte, Philippines

Analyn, 29, Leyte


“I already found someone here in Christian Filipina.  Thank you”

-Analyn, 29, Leyte, Philippines








September 7, 2017


148086 Rob, 52, Kentucky, USA

Rob, 52, Kentucky


“I have now truly found my love and happiness here in Christian Filipina. May God bless us all!”

-Rob, 52, Kentucky, USA





565399 Steve, 34, Minnesota, USA

Steve, 34, Minnesota


“I already found my soulmate. She is the love of my life, my everything. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Steve, 34, Minnesota, USA







558140 Peter, 59, Florida, USA

Peter, 59, Florida

“I’m declaring to all of you great news, that Christian Filipina really works. If it wouldn’t be for this site I’d never had a chance to find my love. I’m so extremely happy, thankful and blessed that I met the precious lady of my dreams. Her name is Jelly, the love of my life. We’ve been in a relationship since April 16, 2016. Our love, faith and understanding for each other are growing stronger everyday. My search ended because I know in my heart and my spirit that there is none like my Jelly, we are one from now on and forever. Soon I’m going to meet my love and her family in person.”

-Peter, 59, Florida, USA




540366 Jimmy, 41, Arkansas, USA

Jimmy, 41, Arkansas


“I am no longer searching as I have found my other half!”

-Jimmy, 41, Arkansas, USA







259338 Trey, 42, Florida, USA

Trey, 42, Florida


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for the support and attention. I am in a serious relationship now with a lady I met here. Thank you and I pray for you all!”

-Trey, 42, Florida, USA








August 31, 2017


54981 Bill, 65, Ohio, USA

Bill, 65, Ohio


“I am a United States citizen who is happily married to a Filipina. We both are Christians who love the Lord. I wanted to encourage others in the area of love and romance. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Bill, 65, Ohio, USA





872032 Roselyn, 34, Bulacan, Philippines

Roselyn, 34, Bulacan


“I have already found someone here in Christian Filipina, and his name is Alfred. He is an honest, and a very sweet man. I will be forever thankful for this site!”

-Roselyn, 34, Bulacan, Philippines






594392 Mike, 63, Minnesota, USA

Mike, 63, Minnesota


“Cleared immigration at JFK on July 26, 2017 and got married in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on July 27, 2017. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Mike, 63, Minnesota, USA






443683 Daniel, 61, Tennessee, USA

Daniel, 61, Tennessee

“I have found the lady that the Lord has chosen for me! Thank you to everyone that winked or wrote, it was a pleasure talking to all of you. Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. God bless all of you!”

-Daniel, 61, Tennessee, USA






753622 Scott, 54, Wisconsin, USA

Scott, 54, Wisconsin

“Thank you to Peter and all of his wonderful Personnel at Christian Filipina! I have been searching for the one I love In Christ and I have found her! She is the love of my life and now I have no need to look anymore. Thank you again so much! Good luck to everyone who is still looking for his perfect one. God bless everyone!”

-Scott, 54, Wisconsin, USA








By Christian Filipina staff

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