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July 25, 2015



286830 Stephen, 38, Queensland, Australia

Stephen, 38, Queensland, Australia


“I would like to thank God and Christian Filipina for giving me the chance to meet the love of my life, Carol. We recently got engaged and we are looking forward to planning our future together. Thanks once again Christian Filipina.”

-Stephen, 38, Queensland, Australia








137262 Eloisa, 41, Bulacan, Philippines

Eloisa, 41, Bulacan


“We’re planning to get married this December here in the Philippines. Thank you so much to Christian Filipina! I found my future partner in life in this site.”

-Eloisa, 41, Bulacan, Philippines








330452 David, 43, Ontario, Canada

David, 43, Ontario


“Through this incredible, Christ-centered website, I have found an amazing, spirit-filled, Christian woman who I will be marrying in December in her home province of Leyte. Thank you Christian Filipina. Your website has been a true blessing in my life. To those of you still searching, please hang in there and have faith that our God will bring the right person into your life. In Jesus name. Amen. God bless!”

-David, 43, Ontario, Canada








154099 Kim, 31, Philippines

Kim, 31, Philippines


“I finally found the love I have been waiting and praying for! Thank God and thank you Christian Filipina. I met Geraldo first here on CF and he went to the Philippines for a vacation and we met in person. And now we are a couple! I’m so happy and blessed to have him in my life. I cant wait to spend forever with him. I love you so much Geraldo!”

-Kim, 31, Philippines








265571 Geraldo, 34, NewYork, USA

Geraldo, 34, NewYork


“I have found my sweety in Christian Filipina. I am very thankful to God for her and I wish to be an inspiration to other men that there are good God fearing women out there. Just be patient.”

-Geraldo, 34, NewYork, USA





July 18, 2015




187184 Joanne, 31, Quezon , Philippines

Joanne, 31, Quezon


“I am so much grateful for this site because the man of my dreams found me here. He is my forever. His name is Jordan and he is my everything. I never thought that i can meet someone like him. Thank you so much for creating this site. I am happily married now and my hubby is doing his best for the petition that way we can be together everyday. I just love him so much and I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much, Christian Filipina”

-Joanne, 31, Quezon, Philippines








111237 Jorge, 64, Hawaii, USA

Jorge, 64, Hawaii, USA


“I want to share a happy life with Janet and enjoy life together as man and wife.  She is the woman that I will be with forever.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jorge, 64, Hawaii, USA








200863 Janet, 27, Quezon City, Philippines

Janet, 27, Quezon City


“We finally found each other here in CF. It felt magical meeting him here.  I’m happy and in love with Jorge.  Age doesn’t really matter.  Thanks, Christian Filipina!  God bless!”

-Janet, 27, Quezon City, Philippines








78347 Roger, 60, USA

Roger, 60, USA


“I am happily married to a wonderful Filipino woman.  We are living in Negros Occidental and are enjoying life.  Thank you for all your help!”

-Roger, 60, USA








427942 Sarah, 34, Cebu City, Philippines

Sarah, 34, Cebu City


“You’re awesome Lord and I want to thank you for bringing Earl into my life.  True love can wait, in God’s time.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!  God bless us all.”

-Sarah, 34, Cebu City, Philippines





June 29, 2015




215362 Ruth, 38, Bulacan, Philippines

Ruth, 38, Bulacan


“Thank you Christian Filipina that God used your site to help me find my God’s best.”

-Ruth, 38, Bulacan, Philippines








364281 Lawrence, 34, California, USA

Lawrence, 34, California


“I am engaged to Cathy and I want to marry her. Thank you Christian Filipina for bringing us together.”

-Lawrence, 34, California, USA








296239 Cheryl, 33, Philippines

Cheryl, 33, Philippines


“I got married to Gavriel on November 24, 2014.  Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Cheryl, 33, Philippines








111182 Peter 58, Wyoming, USA

Peter 58, Wyoming


“I have found someone very special on your site.”

-Peter 58, Wyoming, USA








284948 Shayne, 22, Pampanga, Philippines

Shayne, 22, Pampanga


“I already found my soulmate here at Christian Filipina.  His name is Tim.  Thank you, CF!  More power and God bless!”

-Shayne, 22, Pampanga, Philippines





June 17, 2015




332287 Dominick, 53, Arizona, USA

Dominick, 53, Arizona

“I joined Christian Filipina in August of 2014.  I decided that a Filipina would be the woman I would choose for a wife knowing that they are very responsible, and faithful to their men. After asking God to bring me the perfect wife, I met my Marichu on October 26, 2014. I proposed marriage to her on December 31, 2014 and she accepted.  The culmination of our relationship was fulfilled on June 5, 2015 as we became husband and wife. I thank God for Christian Filipina and the service they provide.  If it wasn’t for this website, I would have never met the woman of my dreams. Don’t give up, and keep praying. God will bring the right person into your life as he did for Marichu and I.”

-Dominick, 53, Arizona, USA








186291 Aileen, 30, North Cotabato, Philippines

Aileen, 30, North Cotabato


“Thanks Christian Filipina!  Through your site, I found my ex-bf who is now my husband for 1 year and 3 months.”

-Aileen, 30, North Cotabato, Philippines








425040 Marty, 57, Wisconsin, USA

Marty, 57, Wisconsin


“I’m in a relationship with a very pretty girl that listens and understands. I couldnt ask for anything better, Princess Jorilyn. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Marty, 57, Wisconsin, USA








240858 Rebecca, 35, Quezon City

Rebecca, 35, Quezon City


“Thank you, Christian Filipina!  I found him already here.  Thank God for he is a very kind person and a religious man.”

-Rebecca, 35, Quezon City, Philippines








344317 Henrik, 43, Bergen, Norway

Henrik, 43, Bergen


“I have found my love.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Henrik, 43, Bergen, Norway





June 8, 2015




261867 Paul, 44, Idaho, USA

Paul, 44, Idaho


“I got married to Ruth.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Paul, 44, Idaho, USA








375471 Jorilyn, 36, Manila, Philippines

Jorilyn, 36, Manila


“I’m very happy to say that I’ve found my soulmate here on Christian Filipina!  Now, I can finally say my search is over.  Thanks, Christian Filipina!  God bless your site more.  I thank God for answering my prayers.”

-Jorilyn, 36, Manila, Philippines








199314 Zane, 60, North Dakota, USA

Zane, 60, North Dakota



“I’m happy to report that I now have a Filipina wife and we are very happy.  Thank you, Christian Filipina for your service.”

-Zane, 60, North Dakota, USA








60903 Edith, 30, Rizal, Philippines

Edith, 30, Rizal


“I’m not searching anymore.  God finally answered my prayer. I just want to say thank you to Christian Filipina for helping us and making our dream come true.”

-Edith, 30, Rizal, Philippines








172002 Ezlivin, 75, Wisconsin, USA

Ezlivin, 75, Wisconsin


“We got married on May 21, 2015.  Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Ezlivin, 75, Wisconsin, USA





May 31, 2015




397673 Bob, 53, Nebraska, USA

Bob, 53, Nebraska, USA


“On May 10, 2015, I was married to a beautiful woman from here.  It took only 54 days!  We connected on her first day on CF which is my fifth day.  It’s really amazing!  Thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Bob, 53, Nebraska, USA








140226 Alex, 32, Toronto, Canada

Alex, 32, Toronto, Canada


“Thank you so much Christian Filipina! I found the love of my life, I have been blessed to have my baby wife with me. She is everything to me, she made me a better man that I am today, she’s my better half, she’s my world and I can’t and don’t want to live without her.  I love you my beautiful baby wife Desy and no one ever can and will replace her in my life, she’s my one and only. ”

-Alex, 32, Toronto, Canada








186096 Daniel, 38, California, USA

Daniel, 38, California, USA

“In 2013 I signed up for Christian Filipina. After talking with a couple of ladies, I found this wonderful and dedicated woman. We started to talk online and we both quickly realized that we had a lot of things in common. After dating for a couple of months, I visited her for two weeks in her city, Cebu and after our first encounter, we decided that I will return for two more months. She is here with me in the United States on a fiancée visa, and we cannot wait to get married in a couple of days.  Thank you to the Christian Filipina team and their great website for the possibility that our dream could come true and now we can live happily, planning for an even greater future.”

-Daniel, 38, California, USA








354552 Alan, 70, Texas, USA

Alan, 70, Texas, USA


“Finally, May 11, 2015, I met the girl that fills those gaps in my finger and will hold my hands forever.  Her name is Clarrisa, I love this girl with all my heart and no one can ever replace her from my heart. We’re very thankful to Christian Filipina and all the staff that made this possible. God bless us all.”

-Alan, 70, Texas, USA








382765 Joe, 68, Washington, USA

Joe, 68, Washington, USA


“I have found the lady of my dreams.  I just returned from the Philippines after having spent three weeks there and my proposal was accepted by Merriam!  Praise the Lord! Salamat, Christian Filipina!”

-Joe, 68, Washington, USA





May 16, 2015




351767 Hearty, 28, Misamis Occidental

Hearty, 28, Misamis Occidental


“We just want to say thank you so much for your amazing site.  We’re very thankful to Christian Filipina and all the staff that gave us a chance to make our dreams come true.  We got married last May 5,2015.  Now we are very happy with our married life together with our two loving boys.”

-Hearty, 28, Misamis Occidental, Philippines








233327 Vicky, 33, Muntinlupa City

Vicky, 33, Muntinlupa City


“Thank you Christian Filipina!  I met my partner in life, Warren.  We’re getting marred this month.”

-Vicky, 33, Muntinlupa City, Philippines








50312 Gavriel, 71, Pennsylvania

Gavriel, 71, Pennsylvania


“I met my special someone on the Christian Filipina site and we got married on November 24, 2014.  We know that God put us together.  He gave us exactly what we prayed for. We are so happy together.!”

-Gavriel, 71, Pennsylvania, USA








280046 Sherilyn, 23, Leyte

Sherilyn, 23, Leyte


“Many thanks to Christian Filipina, especially to the staff and for the good service.  I found the love of my life, he is everything to me.  God is good and more power.  Good luck on your search.  God bless.”

-Sherilyn, 23, Leyte, Philippines








383615 Jerry, 56, Massachusetts

Jerry, 56, Massachusetts


“Sherilyn and I got married on April 28, 2015.  Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-Jerry, 56, Massachusetts, USA





May 2, 2015





97641 Roger, 61, Canterbury, New Zealand

Roger, 61, New Zealand


“We met on October 11th 2014 through Christian Filipina and have never looked back.  We will be marrying in a magistrates office and joining us are our family and friends to celebrate our marriage with us.  Without Christian Filipina’s amazing ministry we would never have met.  We honor your faith & commitment and Peter’s obedience to God’s calling on his life.  Thank you Jesus!  Praise your Holy Name!”

-Roger, 61, Canterbury, New Zealand








273445 Joseph, 68, Maryland, USA

Joseph, 68, USA



“Thanks to ChristianFilipina.Com. I have found my lady love Yolanda and she is my fiancee now. God bless everyone.”

-Joseph, 68, Maryland, USA








175360 Bape, 25, Cebu City

Bape, 25, Cebu City



“I love this man with all my heart and no one can ever replace him.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Bape, 25, Cebu Cityl, Philippines








53949 Allen, 60, Alberta, Canada

Allen, 60, Canada



“I already found the love of my life on this website.  Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-Allen, 60, Alberta, Canada








202780 Geraldine, 30, Davao Oriental

Geraldine, 30, Davao Oriental



“I already found someone who is very nice and good to me and I’m looking forward to meeting him very soon.  Thank you Christian Filipina!  God bless us all.”

-Geraldine, 30, Davao Oriental, Philippines





April 27, 2015





298572 Bella, Philippines

Bella and Allen


“I found the man of my life in Christian Filipina and we got married last June 28, 2012.  I’m staying here in Canada for almost 2 years now. I’m so blessed that my hubby loves the Philippines. Because of that, we are always on vacation every 6 months in my own country.  Thanks and more power to Christian Filipina!”

-Bella, Philippines








278004 Jojie, 45, Philippines

Jojie, 45, Philippines


“Thank you very much, through Christian Filipina, we found true love. We are already engaged and getting married soon in God’s will.”

-Jojie, 45, Philippines








310363 Jenny, 31, Bohol

Jenny, 31, Bohol


“I finally found the right person for me. The one who showed me the true meaning of love and the one who gave me happiness. Thanks to you, Heath and big thanks to this site, Christian Filipina! Thanks for bringing Heath to me. To our Dear God, thank you so much. I’m so blessed and thankful.”

-Jenny, 31, Bohol, Philippines








292102 Heath, 48, Montana, USA

Heath, 48, Montana


“First of all, I want to thank God! And also, I thank Christian Filipina for bringing my love, Jennylin into my Life! I’m very Happy to say that I have found my soul mate! This is an awesome dating site and I want to thank you again! I met Jennylin on July 6th and from the first time we talked my heart told me that Jenny is the one true love for me.  Love at first sight? Is it for real? Well, I’m here to tell you all that yes it is.”

-Heath, 48, Montana, USA








169484 Ken, 36, Tennessee

Ken, 36, Tennessee



“I have found someone very special. Best of luck in your search!”

-Ken, 36, Tennessee, USA





April 19, 2015





293873 Faith, 35, Negros Oriental

Faith, 35, Negros Oriental


“Thank you very much, Christian Filipina for being a bridge to us.  I found my man from the site.  Lord God, thank you very much for the answered prayer.  My Sweetie Mike, thank you very much for coming into my life.  More power to CF and God bless us all. ”

-Faith, 35, Negros Oriental, Philippines








77828 Will, 57, Louisiana, USA

Will, 57, Louisiana, USA


“I have found the lady of my dreams so I will end my search and devote all my time to this beautiful lady.  I will always be grateful to the Christian Filipina staff for all the help and encouragement they gave.  I wish August would hurry up and get here, time is sure dragging.  Panie Sabatero, I love you and I cannot wait until we meet in person and that we become man and wife.”

-Will, 57, Louisiana, USA








124871 Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines

Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines


“I thank God for giving me the right person in my life now.  I have waited for him for a long time.  Al, thank you for always being there and I love you always, babe.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines








228266 Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia

Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia


“I have found my love and I am already in the Philippines. Christian Filipina is the best Christian dating site, thank you!”

-Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia








377498 Flordelyn, 43, Philippines

Flordelyn, 43, Philippines


“Thank you Lord God for the blessings.  Finally, I found my future husband and I am officially engaged.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Flordelyn, 43, Philippines





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