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May 16, 2015




351767 Hearty, 28, Misamis Occidental

Hearty, 28, Misamis Occidental


“We just want to say thank you so much for your amazing site.  We’re very thankful to Christian Filipina and all the staff that gave us a chance to make our dreams come true.  We got married last May 5,2015.  Now we are very happy with our married life together with our two loving boys.”

-Hearty, 28, Misamis Occidental, Philippines








233327 Vicky, 33, Muntinlupa City

Vicky, 33, Muntinlupa City


“Thank you Christian Filipina!  I met my partner in life, Warren.  We’re getting marred this month.”

-Vicky, 33, Muntinlupa City, Philippines








50312 Gavriel, 71, Pennsylvania

Gavriel, 71, Pennsylvania


“I met my special someone on the Christian Filipina site and we got married on November 24, 2014.  We know that God put us together.  He gave us exactly what we prayed for. We are so happy together.!”

-Gavriel, 71, Pennsylvania, USA








280046 Sherilyn, 23, Leyte

Sherilyn, 23, Leyte


“Many thanks to Christian Filipina, especially to the staff and for the good service.  I found the love of my life, he is everything to me.  God is good and more power.  Good luck on your search.  God bless.”

-Sherilyn, 23, Leyte, Philippines








383615 Jerry, 56, Massachusetts

Jerry, 56, Massachusetts


“Sherilyn and I got married on April 28, 2015.  Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-Jerry, 56, Massachusetts, USA





May 2, 2015





97641 Roger, 61, Canterbury, New Zealand

Roger, 61, New Zealand


“We met on October 11th 2014 through Christian Filipina and have never looked back.  We will be marrying in a magistrates office and joining us are our family and friends to celebrate our marriage with us.  Without Christian Filipina’s amazing ministry we would never have met.  We honor your faith & commitment and Peter’s obedience to God’s calling on his life.  Thank you Jesus!  Praise your Holy Name!”

-Roger, 61, Canterbury, New Zealand








273445 Joseph, 68, Maryland, USA

Joseph, 68, USA



“Thanks to ChristianFilipina.Com. I have found my lady love Yolanda and she is my fiancee now. God bless everyone.”

-Joseph, 68, Maryland, USA








175360 Bape, 25, Cebu City

Bape, 25, Cebu City



“I love this man with all my heart and no one can ever replace him.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Bape, 25, Cebu Cityl, Philippines








53949 Allen, 60, Alberta, Canada

Allen, 60, Canada



“I already found the love of my life on this website.  Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-Allen, 60, Alberta, Canada








202780 Geraldine, 30, Davao Oriental

Geraldine, 30, Davao Oriental



“I already found someone who is very nice and good to me and I’m looking forward to meeting him very soon.  Thank you Christian Filipina!  God bless us all.”

-Geraldine, 30, Davao Oriental, Philippines





April 27, 2015





298572 Bella, Philippines

Bella and Allen


“I found the man of my life in Christian Filipina and we got married last June 28, 2012.  I’m staying here in Canada for almost 2 years now. I’m so blessed that my hubby loves the Philippines. Because of that, we are always on vacation every 6 months in my own country.  Thanks and more power to Christian Filipina!”

-Bella, Philippines








278004 Jojie, 45, Philippines

Jojie, 45, Philippines


“Thank you very much, through Christian Filipina, we found true love. We are already engaged and getting married soon in God’s will.”

-Jojie, 45, Philippines








310363 Jenny, 31, Bohol

Jenny, 31, Bohol


“I finally found the right person for me. The one who showed me the true meaning of love and the one who gave me happiness. Thanks to you, Heath and big thanks to this site, Christian Filipina! Thanks for bringing Heath to me. To our Dear God, thank you so much. I’m so blessed and thankful.”

-Jenny, 31, Bohol, Philippines








292102 Heath, 48, Montana, USA

Heath, 48, Montana


“First of all, I want to thank God! And also, I thank Christian Filipina for bringing my love, Jennylin into my Life! I’m very Happy to say that I have found my soul mate! This is an awesome dating site and I want to thank you again! I met Jennylin on July 6th and from the first time we talked my heart told me that Jenny is the one true love for me.  Love at first sight? Is it for real? Well, I’m here to tell you all that yes it is.”

-Heath, 48, Montana, USA








169484 Ken, 36, Tennessee

Ken, 36, Tennessee



“I have found someone very special. Best of luck in your search!”

-Ken, 36, Tennessee, USA





April 19, 2015





293873 Faith, 35, Negros Oriental

Faith, 35, Negros Oriental


“Thank you very much, Christian Filipina for being a bridge to us.  I found my man from the site.  Lord God, thank you very much for the answered prayer.  My Sweetie Mike, thank you very much for coming into my life.  More power to CF and God bless us all. ”

-Faith, 35, Negros Oriental, Philippines








77828 Will, 57, Louisiana, USA

Will, 57, Louisiana, USA


“I have found the lady of my dreams so I will end my search and devote all my time to this beautiful lady.  I will always be grateful to the Christian Filipina staff for all the help and encouragement they gave.  I wish August would hurry up and get here, time is sure dragging.  Panie Sabatero, I love you and I cannot wait until we meet in person and that we become man and wife.”

-Will, 57, Louisiana, USA








124871 Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines

Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines


“I thank God for giving me the right person in my life now.  I have waited for him for a long time.  Al, thank you for always being there and I love you always, babe.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Lorena, 29, Malaybalay City, Philippines








228266 Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia

Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia


“I have found my love and I am already in the Philippines. Christian Filipina is the best Christian dating site, thank you!”

-Ray, 71, Queensland, Australia








377498 Flordelyn, 43, Philippines

Flordelyn, 43, Philippines


“Thank you Lord God for the blessings.  Finally, I found my future husband and I am officially engaged.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Flordelyn, 43, Philippines





April 11, 2015





182387 John, 62, Sydney, Australia

John, 62, Sydney, Australia

“Ellen and I met via a wink from Ellen. Our relationship was slow to begin with as I held reservations about our age difference.  In September 2014 we knew we wanted to be together.  During the last week of November 2014 we met in Manila for 4 days. That was not enough for me so in mid January 2015, I flew to Bacolod and we stayed together for a further 9 days. Whilst there, I presented Ellen with my data so she could process her Visitor Visa to Australia. After it was approved I booked her flights and Ellen arrived in Perth on 21st of March. A good day to begin our lives together. After 10 weeks we will fly to Bali, Indonesia to organise Ellen’s Fiancée or Partner visa, after all, we have been engaged since December 28, 2014 and wish to spend the rest of our lives together. We acknowledge Christian Fiilpina in being fundamental in bringing us together. Thank you Christian Filipina and Staff.”

-John, 62, Sydney, Australia








311214 Ann, 28, Davao Del Norte

Ann, 28, Davao Del Norte

“My husband Ole is from Norway. We met online last July 22, 2014, through the Christian Filipina site.  We had a lot of conversations every day before we met for real in October 2014.  We tried to pursue and reach the real love despite the fact that we were more than 10,000 kilometers apart.  On January 1,2015, New Year, Ole proposed to me in front of my family and many of my relatives.  We both love God and we put each other right beneath Him. We finally decided to get married on March 28, 2015. We will continue to learn to know each other and see the blossom of our love everyday, to our last breath.”

-Ann, 28, Davao Del Norte, Philippines








246227 Patrick, 59, California, USA

Patrick, 59, California, USA


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I have been so blessed to have found the most wonderful person on this site, my future wife. Thank you so much!”

-Patrick, 59, California, USA








392030 Angela, 30, Davao City, Philippines

Angela, 30, Davao City

“I am deeply overwhelmed with the love, care and trust that is being given and shared to me by my “knight in shining armor” whom I met here in Christian Filipina. Now I can finally say my search is over because having him in my life, makes me ask for nothing more. Thank you God for all your love and mercy. You have truly blessed me with a loving man, John.  Please bless everyone who are still searching and let them find the happiness that they deserve. Thank you Christian Filipina for your help! Truly you are God’s instrument in bringing people into finding true love and happiness. More power to you.”

-Angela, 30, Davao City, Philippines








260516 Charles, 58, Washington, USA

Charles, 58, Washington


“I would like to thank every one at Christian Filipina for helping me find true love again.  Grace is the woman of my dreams and we will be wed in June.  Thank you again and God bless all.”

-Charles, 58, Washington, USA





April 4, 2015





201737 Jane, 31, Quezon City, Philippines

Jane, 31, Quezon City


“I am so glad and very thankful to Christian Filipina because I am finally and officially married to the most wonderful and amazing man on earth. We got married on January 2015. Best wishes and more power to your website. To all the girls out there, good luck and God bless!”

-Jane, 31, Quezon City, Philippines








213977 Rose, 31, Quezon City, Philippines

Rose, 31, Quezon City


“When we truly believe and have faith in God, He can do anything in just one click to change our life.  He grants our wishes and makes our dream come true.  Now, I found the man that I desire in just a week here on Christian Filipina and we have a very good relationship.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful life with him.  Thank you Christian Filipina. God bless us.”

-Rose, 31, Quezon City, Philippines








368801 Whetu, 46, Queensland, Australia

Whetu, 46, Queensland, Australia

“Big shout out to Christian Filipina Management and Staff.  Blessings to this site and respect to you all.  Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dreams.  To all the great friends I connected along the way, bless you all in Jesus name.  I am totally blessed because God heard the cry from my heart.  He answered my prayers.  He blessed me with the most beautiful woman in the world. She is so “Humble and Peaceful”. Her love for Jesus absolutely attracts me to her. She’s not a materialistic woman.  She is faithful, honest and truthful to me but a little shy.  I am a happy man and I give thanks and Glory to God above.  Thank you Jesus, nothing is impossible to You.”

-Whetu, 46, Queensland, Australia








38905 Chona, 32, Surigao

Chona, 32, Surigao


“I already found my partner in life and I was engaged last April 18, 2014 and we got married last October 17, 2014.  His name is Rodney from Western Australia.  I am very thankful to Christian Filipina because it was a blessing to me and the site was very helpful.  God bless you all!”

-Chona, 32, Surigao, Philippines








361944 John, 44, Alberta, Canada

John, 44, Alberta, Canada


“I have found the one woman I seek.  She is beautiful with a big heart and soul.  I’m so glad we found each other in this big world.  Thank you Lord for your guidance and for giving us the opportunity to be as one for she is my “lady”.  God bless everyone in their search.  Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-John, 44, Alberta, Canada





March 28, 2015







326621 Esther, 26, Bataan

Esther, 26, Bataan


“God is Good for allowing Ivor to enter into my life.  I am happy that I learned so much about the Lord because of him.  He is such a gift from above.  We truly love each other and God is in the center of our relationship.  Thank you Christian Filipina.  We are so blessed to find each other here.”

-Esther, 26, Bataan, Philippines








144481 Isa, 31, Bulacan, Philippines

Isa, 31, Bulacan


“I would like to thank God for using Christian Filipina for us to find true love.  I found my love here and God answered my prayer.  Prayer really works, ask and it will be given to you.  God’s timing is always perfect and our God is able.  Enjoy, pray and wait!  God bless you!”

-Isa, 31, Bulacan, Philippines








275219 Rowena, 39, Philippines

Rowena, 39, Philippines


“Thank you Christian Filipina for giving me a chance to be part of this wonderful site.  Thanks to our Almighty Father for leading my soul mate to CF.  I always trust and wait for the perfect time of God in my life.”

-Rowena, 39, Philippines








188157 Seamus, 40, South Australia, Australia

Seamus, 40, Australia


“I have married the girl of my dreams that I met in Christian Filipina.  I would like to thank the good Lord and your easy to use dating site for meeting a great woman of God. We have great plans to serve the Lord together for the rest of our lives. God bless! ”

-Seamus, 40, South Australia, Australia







233412 Edgar, 42, New York, USA

Edgar, 42, New York


“I have now found the love of my life so I am now just looking for new friends.  Best of luck to all of you in searching for that special someone.  Thank you Christian Filipina..”

-Edgar, 42, New York, USA





March 21, 2015







174883 Joy, 46, Manila

Joy, 46, Manila

“I would like to say thank you to this wonderful site.  In Christian Filipina, I found my true love, I found my other half that made my life whole, I found the man that every girl is dreaming to be with.  He is a good person with a kind heart, very loving, very thoughtful and a very handsome man.  I am so Blessed that God answered my prayer.  I’m very happy from the day I met him on CF.  Now we are very happy with each other and very much in love.  We’re planning to get married soon and be together for the rest of our lives.  More power to Christian Filipina!”

-Joy, 46, Manila, Philippines








84626 Michael, 41, California

Michael, 41, California


“Thanks so much, Peter and Christian Filipina, I found one of the good ones.  I’m bringing her here.  Thanks for the emails and genuine concern.  That means a lot to me. Looks like you have a great tool for people to find true love with a remarkable Filipina.  The best of luck to you and future success with your site.”

-Michael, 41, California, USA








344933 Reed, 57, Delaware

Reed, 57, Delaware


“I want to thank everyone involved with Christian Filipina. I am pleased to announce that on this site I have found the woman I will spend the remainder of my days with, God willing.  We met at the heart and I know my life will never be the same.  She is the woman God intended me to be with, no doubt.  True love is possible for all of you, just keep the faith.  I give all my love, heart and life to you, Cris.  May God bless us.”

-Reed, 57, Delaware, USA








205365 Lany, 38, Davao Del Sur

Lany, 38, Davao Del Sur


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina because I already found my man.  I’m so blessed to have you in my life sweetheart, Robert.  I can’t wait to be with you until we get old.  God bless to all. ”

-Lany, 38, Davao Del Sur, Philippines








200318 Robert, 47, Illinois

Robert, 47, Illinois

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I have found the most loving and sweetest girl in the entire world on Christian Filipina. God has created and blessed me with the perfect woman. I feel so honored and privileged that she has decided to give her heart and love only to me. There are not enough positive words and time to describe how truly amazing my soon-to-be wife is. Everyday, my love grows for her. I pray that everyone on CF is able to find the same happiness, joy and incredible love that I have found.”

-Robert, 47, Illinois, USA





March 14, 2015






76751 James, 58, Kansas

James, 58, Kansas


“I am now married to a beautiful woman I met in Christian Filipina.  Good luck to all and God Bless.”

-James, 58, Kansas, USA








153172 Eva, 25, Cebu

Eva, 25, Cebu


“Thank you Christian Filipina.  The site has been a great help to us.  I am with my husband now, Eric.  We had our civil wedding last February 23, 2015.  There will be a garden wedding on August 2015 too.  I recommend this site to my friends.”

-Eva, 25, Cebu, Philippines








133720 Tim, 50, Queensland, Australia

Tim, 50, Queensland, Australia


“My wife and I would like to say thank you very much for God used Christian Filipina as an instrument that we met.  Finally after the long wait, we got married in January 2015 in the Philippines.”

-Tim, 50, Queensland, Australia








212961 Cris, 29. Cavite City

Cris, 29. Cavite City


“I’m very thankful that I met him in Christian Filipina. Finally, we are now a couple. God bless you all. ”

-Cris, 29. Cavite City, Philippines








340144 David, 50, Norfolk Island, Australia

David, 50, Norfolk Island, Australia


“I found my fiancee on your site and we both think the world of the quality and honesty of your dating site.  Thank you again Christian Filipina and your staff for such a wonderful experience and I recommend your site to anyone that asks.”

-David, 50, Norfolk Island, Australia





March 7, 2015





261676 Kens, 62, BC, Canada

Kens, 62, BC, Canada


“Sheila and I were married on March 2.  I thank Christian Filipina for giving me the opportunity to meet my true love.  I pledge my love to her and we remain faithful until my last breath.  My prayers are with each of you that you will find your true love.”

-Kens, 62, BC, Canada








377494 Todd, 51, Nevada

Todd, 51, Nevada


“I have found my future wife on your site and now I am done dating!  Thanks be to God!  And thank you Christian Filipina for your wonderful website!”

-Todd, 51, Nevada, USA








219592 Charnie, 34, Davao City

Charnie, 34, Davao City


“I found the love of my life now.  He is really a good man and he is always there for me.  Even if we are far away from each other, I feel his love and comfort.  Thank you so much Lord for giving me the man that I really love and trust.  His name is Charles and finally I am now Mrs.W.  Thank God for the answered prayer.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Charnie, 34, Davao City, Philippines








366979 Thomas, 41, Tennessee

Thomas, 41, Tennessee


“I am happy to say my search is over.  I have been blessed to find my one of a kind and very special lady.  I wish the best of luck and God’s blessing to the rest of you in your search.  Thanks Christian Filipina!”

-Thomas, 41, Tennessee, USA








298852 Jane, 49, Pampanga

Jane, 49, Pampanga


“I have found Jeffrey and we are now in a relationship.  Thanks Christian Filipina and God bless!”

-Jane, 49, Pampanga, Philippines





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