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August 21, 2016


174452 Josh, 32, Indiana, USA

Josh, 32, Indiana

“I would like thank you Christian Filipina, for allowing me to your site and find the lady God has chosen for me. By God’s grace, He has guided me to her on your site. Juliet, the sweetest lady I have met, is beautiful inside and out. She is everything I have prayed for, and I am very thankful to our Lord for giving her to me. I could not be any happier.  I pray God will give you ladies the man each of you are searching for. Don’t give up hope, you will find what you seek.  Thanks and God bless always!”

-Josh, 32, Indiana, USA




688788 Michael, 69, Washington, USA

Michael, 69, Washington


“I have found my love in Christian Filipina! She is wonderful and we will be married soon! She is my all and everything!  Thank you!”

-Michael, 69, Washington, USA





285854 Neil, 63, Queensland, Australia

Neil, 63, Queensland

“They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. I would not have believed that in such a short time, I could fall in love with this wonderfull woman. I pray that if it is the Lord’s will, we will be together to honor the Lord as a married couple, and to continue His work together for the rest of our earthly life. Praise the Lord for leading me to “My One and Only Love.” A mighty thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Neil, 63, Queensland, Australia




460262 Jiesebelle, 40, Zamboanga, Philippines

Jiesebelle, 40, Zamboanga


“I found the love of my life! We are together for 3 months now, and we finally met! Good luck on your search, and more power to Christian Filipina!”

-Jiesebelle, 40, Zamboanga, Philippines





306473 Genevieve, 30, Davao, Philippines

Genevieve, 30, Davao


“ I met someone in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Genevieve, 30, Davao, Philippines





August 14, 2016

557269 John, 69, Marlbourgh, New Zealand

John, 69, Marlbourgh

“I finally found someone here in Christian Filipina. I am very thankful and grateful because of this site, I found the love of my life. We got married last June 14, 2016 in the Philippines. My wife is coming to New Zealand by August 2016. Good luck and God Bless to all of us!”

-John, 69, Marlbourgh, New Zealand




369274 Don, 56, Melbourne, Australia

Don, 56, Melbourne


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! I found my girl and we are happy together!”

-Don, 56, Melbourne, Australia





329008 Brian, 31, California, USA

Brian, 31, California


“I have found someone. Thank you very much, Christian Filipina!”

-Brian, 31, California, USA





240355 Adz, 29, Leyte, Philippines

Adz, 29, Leyte


“I am no longer looking for anyone here. I found already the best man, my “THE ONE,” my only, Dan. Thanks Christian Filipina for bringing us closer. Good luck to those who are still searching!”

-Adz, 29, Leyte, Philippines




114095 Ging, 38, Makati, Philippines

Ging, 38, Makati


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found someone special who has a good heart. I read God’s words everyday, and I have been blessed. We will meet soon here in the Philippines. God is good!”

-Ging, 38, Makati, Philippines





August 7, 2016

478483 Jean 25, Rizal, Philippines

Jean 25, Rizal

“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for giving me a chance to find my true love. The long wait is over! I met my husband Philip last August 2015 and we enjoyed chatting with each other until he decided to visit me in the Philippines. He proposed to me on December 2015. He went here again on January 14, 2016 and we got married on the 23rd! It was the happiest day of our lives! I thank God for answering my prayer to help me find a nice guy — caring, sweet, understanding. Now we are just waiting for the VISA processing so I can come and live with him.. Thanks again, Christian Filipina!”

-Jean 25, Rizal, Philippines




227149 Fern, 70, Montreal, Canada

Fern, 70, Montreal


“I found the lady of my life, right here in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Fern, 70, Montreal, Canada





658117 Tim, 53, Adelaide, Australia

Tim, 53, Adelaide


“Thank you, Christian Filipina. I have now found the lady of my dreams, and we are very happy in planning our future together. Thanks to all the ladies who sent me winks and messages. I hope you find your life partners soon!”

-Tim, 53, Adelaide, Australia





593453 Marites, 41, Albay, Philippines

Marites, 41, Albay


“Thank you Christian Filipina! I have found my soul mate and we are happily planning our future together.  Good luck to all and I hope you find your lifetime partners soon!”

-Marites, 41, Albay, Philippines





169647 Cris, 26, Cebu, Philippines

Cris, 26, Cebu


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! I found my special someone. I’m so happy. Thanks a lot!”

-Cris, 26, Cebu, Philippines





July 31, 2016

418845 MrsTarr, 31, Valenzuela, Philippines

MrsTarr, 31, Valenzuela


“Married to a very kind, loving, and a God-fearing husband. I love him very much. Thank you, Christian Filipina! I feel so blessed! Thank you Jesus for this gift!”

-MrsTarr, 31, Valenzuela, Philippines





68973 Jim, 57, California, USA

Jim, 57, California


“No more searching. I found my life partner here! Thanks, Christian Filipina! You could find yours, too!”

-Jim, 57, California, USA





578759 Kenneth, 57, Arizona, USA

Kenneth, 57, Arizona

“I met the woman who I want to spend the rest of my like with. Her name is Jessa. She is the most wonderful lady. We talk everyday; we have so much in common. I haven’t asked her to marry me yet but we decided to be exclusive and dedicate our time to one another. Hope to pop the question soon! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Kenneth, 57, Arizona, USA





213520 Jessa, 29, Agusan, Philippines

Jessa, 29, Agusan

“My search is over; God finally heard my prayers and He has given me the guy who I want to be my life time partner. Thank you so much Christian Filipina for being our way to know each other. I am happy to have Kenneth in my life. May God bless us in our journey.”

-Jessa, 29, Agusan, Philippines





664172 Rogen, 23, Bacolod, Philippines

Rogen, 23, Bacolod


“I am not searching anymore. I am happy now having my babe, my love, my king, my best friend, and my soon-to-be husband, Larry! I love him so much! God bless us all! I pray for our happiness always! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Rogen, 23, Bacolod, Philippines





July 24, 2016

95881 Bheng, 49, Manila, Philippines

Bheng, 49, Manila


“I learned to wait for someone who God wants me to be with, and finally I found the man who will stay with me forever. I bring back all the praises and honor to Him! Thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Bheng, 49, Manila, Philippines




355546 Charm, 31, Manila, Philippines

Charm, 31, Manila

“My search is over. I finally found my someone, the love of my life. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and God gave me a kindhearted, understanding person who has faith in God. He came to the Philippines to visit me, my family and relatives. I felt so much joy and happiness. I love him so much. Thank you Christian Filipina for helping us!”

-Charm, 31, Manila, Philippines




234377 Lei, 30, Bacolod, Philippines

Lei, 30, Bacolod


“I met my fiance here in Christian Filipina. Thank you!!”

-Lei, 30, Bacolod, Philippines




301624 Liezl, 29, Surigao, Philippines

Liezl, 29, Surigao

“I am proud to say that I have found here the love of my life, my behalf. Thank you God for giving this man to me, we praise Your great love to us, You do not want us to live unhappy and alone. Also thank you so much Christian Filipina. We found each other through this site.”

-Liezl, 29, Surigao, Philippines



133918 Lyn, 38, Cebu, Philippines

Lyn, 38, Cebu


“I want to thank Christian Filipina! I finally found my soul mate and I am now engaged with him.”

-Lyn, 38, Cebu, Philippines




July 17, 2016

334070 Renelyn, 26, Butuan, Philippines

Renelyn, 26, Butuan


“Married on Dec 15th to a nice man I met here in Christian Filipina! Thank you for this site!”

-Renelyn, 26, Butuan, Philippines





58675 Lorna, 35, Cebu, Philippines

Lorna, 35, Cebu

“I already found and got engaged to Tim, the one that I have been searching for, in Christian Filipina. We both worked hard in developing our relationship from friendship to love and engagement. For those of you who are still looking, I’d suggest you check your profile daily. It’s a fast moving world in the internet and if you don’t participate in a regular basis you could end up feeling empty. God bless you all!”

-Lorna, 35, Cebu, Philippines




613192 Oscar, 66, Florida, USA

Oscar, 66, Florida

“I want to thank Christian Filipina for helping me find the woman of my dreams. Shiony is the most beautiful, kind, and loving woman I have ever met. The more I learn about her, the more I find such an amazing woman. We started with a wink and her wonderful message on April 12, 2016. Then we went with video calls when we can. I found myself wanting to know more about this amazing lady each time we made contact . From then on, we have made great strides in our relationship, and even making plans to meet her and her family. We both are getting excited as our dreams will become a reality. I want to share my love for Shiony with the world! I want to also reach out to all the wonderful women that have sent me a wink or a message, and say thank you for your kindness, but I have now found my soul mate. I am committed to the special angel God has sent to me! Thank you again Christian Filipina, for providing this wonderful Christian dating site, and in helping us all find our life partners. Wishing all the members the best to find their soul mate here as I have. God Bless you all!”

-Oscar, 66, Florida, USA



412780 Emelyn, 31, Bulacan, Philippines

Emelyn, 31, Bulacan


“Thank you so much, Christian Filipina! Through CF, I met my love and I thank the Lord because he praises God and His ministry. God bless you!”

-Emelyn, 31, Bulacan, Philippines





508349 Ailene, 31, Davao, Philippines

Ailene, 31, Davao


“I am now in a relationship with a great man, a wonderful creation of God, Marc. I found the best love of my life. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Ailene, 31, Davao, Philippines




July 10, 2016

556520 John, 51, La Union, Philippines

John, 51, La Union

“Thanks to Christian Filipina for being a wonderful website. If you are searching for your perfect mate, I would suggest that you do as I have done. Pray first! Ask the Father to lead you to His choice. This is what I did. I did not want to build many relationships and wanted only to meet the Father’s choice. And I met her here in Christian Filipina. She is the first and only lady from this site that I built any relations with. After two months of communicating with her online, I visited her in person and we had a date. I also went to church with her and while we were there, a guest singer sang an allegorical song about a man searching for his wife. The refrain of the song goes, “be my wife, be my wife, be my wife”. I knew right then, she is the chosen one for me. We had many other signs from heaven, it was a work of God. I continued to visit her occasionally, until I finally moved to her city. We had lots of time together but we refused to kiss on the lips until our wedding day so that we can stand without shame before God and man. We married on May 17, 2016. Many thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-John, 51, La Union, Philippines


215167 Inday, 39, Manila, Philippines

Inday, 39, Manila

“I have spent my life searching for my forevermore, until I found Johnny. We got married on May 31, 2016. I would like to say thanks to my best friend Beverly, a co-worker at one of the biggest companies in Dubai, for introducing me to Christian Filipina. Because of this site, I’ve found him — my true love, my best friend and my loving husband. I will recommend Christian Filipina to all the women who are looking for their destiny.”

-Inday, 39, Manila, Philippines




631302 Nemia, 53, Bacolod, Philippines

Nemia, 53, Bacolod

“I wish to thank Christian Filipina for this wonderful privilege of knowing people from different parts of the world. I have known mostly good people and some have become my friends.  They gave me the chance to talk, laugh and share my feelings and emotions with them. Most of all, I thank God for I have found a man whom I believe is “my heart’s desire”, and whom I believe I will spend the rest of my life with. Thank you again everyone. Be blessed!”

-Nemia, 53, Bacolod, Philippines




589968 Irish, 27, Makati, Philippines

Irish, 27, Makati


“I found him already, the person who inspires me and the reason I smile everyday. He’s the perfect description of the man I am looking for. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Irish, 27, Makati, Philippines




503238 Madonna, 25, Bacolod, Philippines

Madonna, 25, Bacolod

“I thank God for the all the blessings that he showered me, that I finally found the perfect guy for me. He’s the one the I’ve been searching for all my life and now that I found him, I don’t want to let him go. I also would like to thank Christian Filipina because it led me to my forever. Good luck to all those who are seeking for the love of their life! Have faith and never lose hope.”

-Madonna, 25, Bacolod, Philippines




July 03, 2016

112955 Donny, 52, California, USA

Donny, 52, California


“I have been happily engaged to Gina for over 3 years now after meeting her in Christian Filipina. Thank you so much for helping Gina and I get together, and for your help now so we can finally get married here in the U.S.”

-Donny, 52, California, USA





518207 Jon, 52, Adelaide, Australia

Jon, 52, Adelaide

“I have already met a wonderful lady through Christian Filipina. We have been video chatting, voice chatting for nearly 9 months now. We are very much in love. She is a beautiful woman and I am so happy and blessed to have her in my life now. Sometime in the next 3 months I will be coming to the Philippines to meet her and I can’t tell you just how excited we both are. I’m hoping the relationship we’ve had online is going to blossom into a long term future together. We really share a close bond. I’d like to thank Christian Filipina for providing a great service and for allowing me to meet the most beautiful and wonderful lady I’ve ever met in my life. The future looks very bright for us.”

-Jon, 52, Adelaide, Australia




621821 Kim, 61, Ontario, Canada

Kim, 61, Ontario

“When I joined Christian Filipina, I met incredible women and learned how to see with my heart, and not just with my eyes. I have met my forever partner, and hopefully future wife. I find it hard to believe the kindness and warmth I was shown here. Thank you all and thanks, Christian Filipina. God Bless!”

-Kim, 61, Ontario, Canada






641327 Rich, 43, Alberta, Canada

Rich, 43, Alberta


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I’ve met the woman I was meant to meet. Thank you for all the winks and nice messages; there’s a lot of great women here and I wish you all the best in your search for Mr. Right. God bless!”

-Rich, 43, Alberta, Canada





611702 David, 52, N Carolina, USA

David, 52, N Carolina


“I’ve found the other half of my heart through Christian Filipina. I’m hoping and praying that this would be the last time I will be searching.”

-David, 52, N Carolina, USA





June 26, 2016

364291 Al, 71, California, USA

Al, 71, California

“I met my life partner in Christian Filipina on December 30, 2014. After a year of communicating online daily, we shared our hearts to one another and desired to be together. On January 2016, I flew from the USA to Manila and spent time meeting her family personally. On February 3, 2016 we were married by her pastor before the 100 guests in Batangas City. The Lord has been good to both of us! We spent our honeymoon at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay. I thank God and Christian Filipina for their help in aiding my wife and I to meet and begin a new chapter in our lives. Meeting this way is challenging, it takes time and some money and along with being patient. The waiting has allowed her and I to learn to communicate daily on everything, while we share devotionals and reading through God’s Word together. I am my wife’s first love at the age of 48, so do not give up if you have been waiting. Use the time and your faith to grow and prepare for God’s partner to come into your life. ”

-Al, 71, California, USA



645897 Shawn, 45, Washington, USA

Shawn, 45, Washington


“Thank you Christian Filipina for quickly helping me find my soulmate. I feel extremely blessed to have found my perfect woman. Your site is amazing and I look forward to a lifetime of memories with my sweet Diza!”

-Shawn, 45, Washington, USA




293383 Marites, 36, Manila, Philippines

Marites, 36, Manila


“Thank you so much, Christian Filipina! I found my future husband here. God bless you guys!”

-Marites, 36, Manila, Philippines





351089 Joy, 34, Quezon City, Philippines

Joy, 34, Quezon City


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found the love of my life. I’m getting married soon to Jim!”

-Joy, 34, Quezon City, Philippines





401242 Chuchie, 33, Laguna, Philippines

Chuchie, 33, Laguna

“The search is over. Thank you Lord for the answered prayer. May Your blessings always be with us, You truly are awesome. And thank you so much Christian Filipina. I’d never thought that God will use this tool in delivering His good plan upon us. More power to your site. And to those who are still searching and waiting, keep the faith. Be patient and let God take over and control everything. God bless you all and good luck!”

-Chuchie, 33, Laguna, Philippines





June 19, 2016

495663 Anthony, 73, Arkansas, USA

Anthony, 73, Arkansas

“In September of 2015, I joined CF and started communicating with a fine young woman from the Philippines. We hit it off right away, the chemistry was right and I fell in love with her and she with me. We communicated twice a day, talked on the cell phone and texted whenever possible. I arrived in Cebu City on March 4, and it was electric when we met in person for the first time. Long story short, we got married on March 19 in Placer, Surigao Del Norte under a civil ceremony in the beach. It was awesome! I am back in the States and have started the spousal visa process. I am planning to return to Placer in September or October and spend the holidays there. Josie is a remarkable, conservative, simple, loving, caring woman who looks great despite her age and I love her with all my heart as she does me. Thank God for this perfect union and thank you Christian Filipina for making it all possible. With God, anything is possible. ”

-Anthony, 73, Arkansas, USA



450664 Joissee, 49, Surigao, Philippines

Joissee, 49, Surigao


“I got married to Anthony last March 19, 2016.  Thank you so much Christian Filipina, I found my soulmate.  God bless you and more power to this site!”

-Joissee, 49, Surigao, Philippines




120682 Shay, 27, Leyte, Philippines

Shay, 27, Leyte


“I am not interested to look anymore.  I have found my love and we will be together soon.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Shay, 27, Leyte, Philippines





300083 Mike, 65, Florida, USA

Mike, 65, Florida


“I have found someone through Christian Filipina.  Excellent site!”

-Mike, 65, Florida, USA





637664 Jasmin, 43, Makati, Philippines

Jasmin, 43, Makati


“I already have the love of my life.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jasmin, 43, Makati, Philippines





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