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April 17, 2016

335820 Howard, 59, Colorado, USA

Howard, 59, Colorado

“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for introducing me to the love of my life. I met Dina on September 17, 2014. I felt so blessed that I met someone with such a good heart and who is kind, caring and God-fearing. Our relationship flourished more and more on a daily basis as we talked, until I went to the Philippines on December 17, 2014 and spent a couple of months there.

When I arrived, 10 people from her family met me at the airport and I never felt so welcomed. I met with them the next day to explain my intentions and asked for their blessings. I proposed to Dina in front of her entire family. I have never been treated so kindly and warm in my life, and it was a wonderful experience.

After I returned to America, we started with the K1 fiance visa process. Dina arrived in Denver within 90 days. We were married on July 5, 2015, and we are now processing the final steps of the immigration process.

I want to say thank you Christian Filipina for all your help in finding the love of my life. Thank you for your support and the professional contacts that you have in the States and abroad. You definitely made it easy for us to contact each other, stay in communication and be able to complete all the paperworks necessary for us to get married and get the process complete. We are happily together and married now.”

-Howard, 59, Colorado, USA


188900 Arleen, 43, Cebu City, Philippines

Arleen, 43, Cebu City


Thank You Lord for giving me so much blessings.  I found the man who means what he says, and proves it! We finally met and I am so blessed and happy!”

-Arleen, 43, Cebu City, Philippines





185776 Pekka, 49, Vaasa, Finlad

Pekka, 49, Vaasa


“Josie and I met in Christian Filipina on November 2013. On April 2014, we met personally and got married on March 2015. We thank God that we met! God bless you, Christian Filipina and more power!”

-Pekka, 49, Vaasa, Finland




208095 Villa, 40, Baguio City, Philippines

Villa, 40, Baguio City


“I met my husband here and we got married last year! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Villa, 40, Baguio City, Philippines





359814, Rose, 26, Makati, Philippines

Rose, 26, Makati


“I have found a real and sincere man that can love me truly. Thank You, God!  Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Rose, 26, Makati, Philippines





April 10, 2016

8117 Minerva, 42, Cavite, Philippines

Minerva, 42, Cavite

“I want to thank our Creator for creating my best friend and partner, and for thinking about me while He was creating him. I am now engaged and enjoying this new journey in my life. Never give up; for God answers prayers in His perfect time. Keep the faith!”

-Minerva, 42, Cavite, Philippines




233296 Evangelina, 40, Cebu City, Philippines

Evangelina, 40, Cebu


“I found my true love and we got married on July 2014. I thank God and Christian Filipina, too!”

-Evangelina, 40, Cebu City, Philippines





231142 Donna, 42, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Donna, 42, Davao


“I have found the love of my life, Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Donna, 42, Davao del Norte, Philippines





571333 Marycel, 31, Philippines

Marycel, 31, Philippines


“Hi, Chrisitian Filipina! I joined your site last January, and found my man!”

-Marycel, 31, Philippines





105532 Jing, 69, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Jing, 69, Davao

“It is here in Christian Filipina that I met my husband, Delfin, from Queensland, Australia. We met here on October 23, 2015. He decided to meet me in person after a month of exchanging emails. He arrived midnight of December 24 with his daughter, Veronica. What a wonderful Christmas gift to me! Yes, I do believe that, “No amount of money could buy true love and real happiness.” We got married on February 5, 2016 in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines. My darling husband lived with me in Tagum City for 2 months. While my Visa was still in the process, he went back home to Australia on February 20, 2016. After getting my Visa, I left the Philippines and arrived at Brisbane International Airport on April 3, 2016, where my husband and his family were waiting for me. We are very happy together again! It’s here in Christian Filipina where I have proven that men are so genuine, God-loving, kind and honest and with a pleasant personality. How can I repay Christian Filipina for a job well done! Rest assured that we will always make Christian Filipina a part of our Book of Life. May the good Lord bless us all!”

-Jing, 69, Davao del Norte, Philippines





April 3, 2016

510243 Darryl, 61, Texas, USA

Darryl, 61, Texas

“I met Jinny on September 28, 2015 through Christian Filipina, and it has been wonderful ever since. When I saw her for the first time, all i can say was “Wow!!” I told myself I need to meet her in person, so I flew from Houston, Texas to General Santos, Philippines. This September 2016 will be our first anniversary, and we are already planning to get married. Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found the love of my life.”

-Darryl, 61, Texas, USA




149538 Sherman, 74, Florida, USA

Sherman, 74, Florida

“My wife, Noemi, is from Tubod, Carmen, Davao Del Norte. She was 37 when we first met and I was 71, the reason I was hesitant to contact her. However, my concerns were groundless as she had always believed she would marry an older American. Everyone kidded her about it. The match could only have been arranged by God and He verified it over and over to us. We keep Christ at the center of all we do and look for Him at every crossroad. I appreciate your faithful commitment to the folks seeking happiness, peace, and a life partner to share it with! ”

-Sherman, 74, Florida, USA




361889 Amor, 43, Dubai

Amor, 43, Dubai


“I  have met the one for me in Christian Filipina!”

-Amor, 43, Dubai, UAE





535968 Judith, 28, San Juan, Philippines

Judith, 28, San Juan


“I finally met my man here. I would like to thank Christian Filipina! He visited me last October 1, 2015, and we are planning to get married this June when i get to the US.”

-Judith, 28, San Juan, Philippines





475246 Weng, 26, Makati, Philippines

Weng, 26, Makati

“Finally, I met him! Thank you Christian Filipina! And thank you Lord Jesus for giving me the chance to meet him in CF. I truly believe that God will always make a way. Let God be the center of everything because in God, all things are possible. God bless to all the members here!”

-Weng, 26, Makati, Philippines




March 30, 2016 – “Vince and Angel”

Vince and Angel

Vince and Angel

“We both joined Christian Filipina in May 2015. I had been a member for about one week and Angel had been a member for one day! Our first contact was on May 29th and we started chatting as friends. Our friendship developed very comfortably and we were in touch every day. We soon started chatting. Even though we were far apart, our friendship became very strong and our long distance friendship grew quite strong, more than just friendship.

We were very keen to meet and I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong in July. Angel was able to meet me at the airport. It took a few minutes to find each other, but I will never forget that moment when our eyes met. It was only a short trip, but we spent enough time together to know that we both wanted to continue our relationship.

We continued our relationship online, but we wanted to see each other again. The opportunity came around in September when I went back to Hong Kong. On September 27th, we went to church together and then attended a birthday party with Angel’s friends. It was the perfect time and place to take the next step in our relationship. I proposed to Angel, and she accepted.

Vince and Angel

Vince and Angel

We started working on our plans for marriage and for Angel to come to Australia to be with me.Angel was going back to the Philippines for her Christmas break, and that would be our next meeting. I arrived on the 26th of December and was there until the 3rd of January. It was a great trip! We had the opportunity to spend many days together, and I also met a lot of her family. They were all very welcoming and hospitable and I have made many new friends. I am certainly looking forward to my next trip to the Philippines, and the time I did spend there was not enough.

We are now in 2016, and praying every night for the time when we will be together. We thank God and Christian Filipina for bringing us together, two lonely souls and making them happy. We have to be patient, but the wait will be worth it. I thought a long distance relationship would be very testing, but if you find the right partner, you will find happiness even though you are apart for a while.”

-Vince, 55, Victoria, Australia


February 27, 2016

168806 Tom, 63, Minnesota, USA

Tom & Maria

“Our initial connection via Christian Filipina occurred in September, 2013. In March/April of 2014, I traveled to the Philippines to meet Maria for the first time.  We became engaged on October 2014 and began the K-1 Visa application process in November. A year later, on November 14, 2015, Maria arrived in the United States. What a happy day! We are deeply grateful to Christian Filipina for the role all you played in bringing us together and would happily recommend your site to others.”

-Tom, 63, Minnesota, USA




305330 Maya, 34, Cagayan, Philippines

Maya, 34, Cagayan

“God is the center of every dream and hope. Finally, I found the best love of my life, my best friend forever and my dream come true. I am very thankful to Christian Filipina! I found my fiance Mark here on the site and we are already preparing for our wedding on May 2016. I recommend Christian Filipina to all my single friends.”

-Maya, 34, Cagayan, Philippines




353888 Timothy, 57, Indiana, USA

Timothy, 57, Indiana


“Marites and I were married on January 27, 2016. We had met each other on Christian Filipina in November of 2014. Thank you so much, Christian Filipina, for all that you do. Without your help I would not have found the love of my life. God bless!”

-Timothy, 57, Indiana, USA




349672 Chella, 23, Davao, Philippines

Chella, 23, Davao


“I am now in a relationship with a great man, a wonderful creation of God. Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-Chella, 23, Davao, Philippines




557892 Randy, 55, Wisconsin, USA

Randy, 55, Wisconsin


“I have found the woman of my dreams, she is my shining star. Thank you Lord and thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Randy, 55, Wisconsin, USA





February 10, 2016 – “Paul and Ruth”

261867 Paul, 45, Idaho, USA

Paul, 45, Idaho

“I joined Christian Filipina on March 17, 2014 while Ruth joined November 30, 2013. We met at Christian Filipina on May 09, 2014. We developed our friendship, relationship and love through CF even when we’re half way around the world. Before visiting the Philippines, I already asked her to marry me. She did not answer me that time. I know how much she loves me and she has always been realistic, understanding and praying for us. Our relationship was built with prayers. Finally, I visited the Philippines last September 04, 2014 and she was there waiting for me in the airport after her work. I proposed to her again on September 05, 2014.  She loves me but before she will give her answer she wanted me to visit another girl who lives in Davao for me to be sure with my feelings. On September 10, 2014, she finally gave her “Yes”. There was no engagement ring or promise ring at that time. She doesn’t want me to spend money for a ring until she gets her K1 visa and landed in USA. She went back to Dubai, UAE to work while waiting for her K1 visa. It was not an easy relationship, half way around the world. There were ups and downs and I was scared if I’m making the right decision.  On April 1, 2015 she got her K1 visa approval in Abu Dhabi, UAE and on May 06, 2015, I picked her up at Boise, Idaho airport. We got married on May 21, 2015 and by November 19, 2015 she got her permanent resident card (green card). Ruth has always been with me to inspire and help me with my trucking business. She visited 46 States already within 8 months. She introduced me to different types of food, especially Filipino cuisine. My favorites we’re pansit, lumpia and kare-kare. She can even cook Thai food and I love Pad Thai. She met a lot of Filipino friends here and had Christmas Karaoke Party at home. It was indeed a blessed Christmas. Everyday I praise God for giving me my Shulamite. She perseveres and prays for our relationship. Thanking the Lord Jesus Christ and the  Christian Filipina staff for the guidance and help from our search up to the visa processing. ”

-Paul, 45, Idaho, USA


215362 Ruth, 39, Bulacan, Philippines

Ruth, 39, Bulacan

“I was working in Dubai, UAE for almost 8 years when I decided to resign due to a work-related issue. I had to serve a one-year immigration ban for breaking my contract at work. It was a painful decision I made since I lost a lot of money and the opportunity to work but I trusted God with my situation.  I believed that He has a better plan for me. He allowed me to slow down and I had time for myself.  I will not be able to meet my God’s best if I had not decided to return to the Philippines. I waited for 39 years and the Lord answered my prayers with the right one, in HIS perfect time and place.”

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

-Ruth, 39, Bulacan, Philippines


January 11, 2016

287771 Bill, 79, North Carolina, USA

Bill, 79, North Carolina

“I hit a gold mine when I found Christian Filipina. I appreciated the opportunity to view a number of Christian ladies that had principles and beliefs just like mine. One lady really caught my eye and her profile said it all. The next day I registered with a one-year membership. On May 22, 2014 we started our communication through the site, it was love at first sight. On June 21, 2015 we became husband and wife and the last six months has been absolutely beautiful. CF was very helpful in sending presents and special messages and attending to my every request. Thank God for using CF as instrument for making it possible for us to meet. If you can find a way to make me 15 years younger, that would be the crowning event. I want to spend every second I can with this wonderful Filipino lady. So gentlemen, if you are looking for a beautiful, honest, sincere, and hard working Christian woman; you have come to the right place.”

-Bill, 79, North Carolina, USA


324726 John, 64, Nevada, USA

John, 64, Nevada

“Jhayne and I wanted to thank Christian Filipina for giving us the opportunity to meet each other through the site. CF lived up to their claim in providing a venue for genuine people who have the desire to meet the person that they would love for the rest of their lives. Jhayne and I were married on December 6, 2015. We will recommend others to the site so that they too can meet their other half as we and so many others have. Thank you again for your organization and God bless always!”

-John, 64, Nevada, USA


222659 Katherine, 28, Manila, Philippines

Katherine, 28, Manila

“I found my dream man on the site. A loving and wonderful man of God. We’ve been engaged last May 2015 and planning to get married very soon. I pray that the Lord God continues to bless CF to help many single men and women to find the right person that God has prepared for them.  Thank you and more power to Christian Filipna!”

-Katherine, 28, Manila, Philippines


192702 Jon, 54, Pennsylvania, USA

Jon, 54, Pennsylvania

“I’m engaged to a sweet and lovely lady I met in Christian Filipina. I’m so thankful to those responsible for developing this site so that I could meet my wife to be, Melissa. I met her back in August 2015 and I recommend CF to others. The fact is, people really do meet, get engaged and marry. I thank God for blessing me with Melissa, she is a good woman with a heart of gold and I thank Christian Filipina for making this all possible.”

-Jon, 54, Pennsylvania, USA


397193 Lorie, 34. Philippines

Lorie, 34, Philippines


“God really moves in mysterious way. I found the man I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with in the site. May God continue to bless us all. Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Lorie, 34, Philippines


December 22, 2015

253302 Marilou, 39, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Marilou, 39, Nueva Ecija


“I found the one for me, he is a wonderful person. I could not ask for more and I can’t thank God enough. I’m truly blessed with him.  Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Marilou, 39, Nueva Ecija, Philippines




449476 Melissa, 34, Cebu, Philippines

Melissa, 34, Cebu


“I got engaged to Jon just last November 2015.  We look forward to our meeting next year.  Our wedding is scheduled on August 2016.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!  You’re an instrument for us to find each other.  God bless to all of us!”

-Melissa, 34, Cebu, Philippines




148001 Tony, 61, Tucson, USA

Tony, 61, Tucson


“I have found the love of my life here in Christian Filipina. God bless you all!”

-Tony, 61, Tucson, USA




263733 Shiela, 33, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Shiela, 33, Misamis


“Thank God and thanks to Christian Filipina for being an instrument for me to meet Robert. He makes me feel very special and I love everything about him.”

-Shiela, 33, Misamis Oriental, Philippines





December 9, 2015

467563 Larry, 56, Texas, USA

Larry, 56, Texas


“I found the love of my life here on CF. Her name is Myra. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Larry, 56, Texas, USA




370678 Rose, 27, Philippines

Rose, 27, Philippines


“My fiancé and I would like to say thank you very much to Christian Filipina because we met and we found true love here.”

-Rose, 27, Philippines




291894 Nick, 54, Kansas, USA

Nick, 54, Kansas

“You have helped me find my forever love. She arrived here on August 12th and we were married the same day. Through your services we are also finally in the final stages of getting her paperwork all completed so that she will receive her green card soon. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Nick, 54, Kansas, USA




362473 Aika, 24, Pasig, Philippines

Aika, 24, Pasig


“I have found my love now. Thank you Christian Filipina and God bless you all!”

-Aika, 24, Pasig, Philippines




292102 Heath, 48, Montana, USA

Heath, 48, Montana

“I met my beautiful fiancée here in Christian Filipina and we are in the final steps of the immigration process. Thank God we are about finished with this process. I want to thank Peter and all of the CF staff for doing what you do. I know that many a man and woman have found love and happiness with CF and your service is and was worth every penny!”

-Heath, 48, Montana, USA





November 14, 2015

38905 Chona, 33, Surigao, Philippines

Chona, 33, Surigao

“I’m very thankful to Christian Filipina for helping me find my special someone. I met Rodney here in Christian Filipina after so many years of searching for my future partner in life. We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last October 17, 2015.  My visa was recently approved after waiting for a year and we are flying to Australia this month. Once again, thank you very much and God bless us all!”

-Chona, 33, Surigao, Philippines




324714 Darrick, 38, Wisconsin, USA

Darrick, 38, Wisconsin


“Christian Filipina and God helped me find the girl of my dreams.  Now, I am on the next step in my life with her and her wonderful son.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Darrick, 38, Wisconsin, USA




90530 Josie, 36, Davao, Philippines

Josie, 36, Davao

“I met Allen through Christian Filipina and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. He came to the Philippines to propose to me on my birthday in the presence of my family and friends.  We have become very much in love and I am going to the US to marry him. None of these would be possible without Christian Filipina and our Almighty God. My fiancé and I would like to say thank you to CF and we wish everyone the best!”

-Josie, 36, Davao, Philippines




165082 Rodney, 61, Perth, Australia

Rodney, 61, Perth

“I am now married to my beautiful gorgeous Chona for more than one year. We are very happy that we have found each other here in Christian Filipina. It took me one month to find her in the site and we chat on the internet every night until I asked her to marry me. In April 2014, I flew to Taiwan and got engaged to her at her work place. We got married on October 2014.  Her visa came through on October 2015 and we will now fly home to Australia and be forevever happy.”

-Rodney, 61, Perth, Australia




205944 Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma, USA

Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma

“I’m happy to say that my search for a beautiful, sweet, Godly woman has finally ended. God in His great love has smiled on me, and entrusted me with one of His most-prized treasures, Mary Joy. Thank you Christian Filipina! I admire the Christian integrity with how the website is run. I have referred the site to many of my friends.”

-Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma, USA





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