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June 15, 2017


607046 Liza, 43, Makati, Philippines

Liza, 43, Makati


“I already found my man here in Christian Filipina and I’m happy and content with him. He is enough for me. Good luck to all of you who are seriously searching for a lady to be with. God bless!”

-Liza, 43, Makati, Philippines





832904 Aaron, 68, Wyoming, USA

Aaron, 68, Wyoming


“I found someone! Thank for your help, Christian Filipina!”

-Aaron, 68, Wyoming, USA







797936 Joe, 37, New Mexico, USA

Joe, 37, New Mexico


“I have met someone here ! Thank you & I really appreciate your service, Christian Filipina!”

-Joe, 37, New Mexico, USA






784427 Grace, 27, Makati, Philippines

Grace, 27, Makati

“I met him in Christian Filipina. I am so thankful for all of you guys who created this site. We started chatting on March 22, 2017 and met in person on May 16, 2017 here in the Philippines. We spent 3 weeks together and I brought him to my hometown to meet my family. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Grace, 27, Makati, Philippines





826221 Sheila, 41, Cagayan, Philippines

Sheila, 41, Cagayan


“I found someone. Thank you very much, Christian Filipina!”

-Sheila, 41, Cagayan, Philippines





June 8, 2017


380450 Ken, 64, Nevada, USA

Ken, 64, Nevada

“I flew to General Santos City, Philippines to meet Jinky, and her family, who I met in Christian Filipina. I was nervous about the first meeting, but when I saw her in person for the first time I was amazed at how beautiful she is! Over the next few days I fell more deeply in love with her. I met her 3 daughters, who I think were very shy. They thought I look like Santa Claus! Soon, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes! With God’s help and a lawyer we are applying for a K-1 visa. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Ken, 64, Nevada, USA




665973 Mike 66, California, USA

Mike 66, California

“God matched me with a beautiful, loving and godly Filipina named Annabelle. We already had our first meeting in the Philippines on May 2017. She introduced me to her family and friends, and we had a delicious dinner at her home. Now, we are very much in love, and very happy in a serious relationship. I am going back to the Philippines this year for a longer visit to deepen our bond and secure our relationship. We give God all the praise. We also thank Christian Filipina for this wonderful site. I personally thank the founder, Peter Christopher, for encouraging me and working with me to give the site a try. God bless us and all serious Christians in Christian Filipina!”

-Mike 66, California, USA




544098 Mark, 53, Arkansas, USA

Mark, 53, Arkansas


“I have fallen in love with a lady named Jazz. Thank you Christian Filipina! Don’t give up ladies, this site really does work!”

-Mark, 53, Arkansas, USA






623003 Nita, 46, Davao, Philippines

Nita, 46, Davao


“Thank you so much Christian Filipina! You’ve helped a lot of people find their true love. I thank God that I found my future husband here.”

-Nita, 46, Davao, Philippines






167471 Geline, 56, Davao, Philippines

Geline, 56, Davao

“I would like to thank Christian Filipina, I really owe this to your site. You are a great help to me in finding my other half. My prayer was answered by God. I am fully satisfied with what He has given me. My search is over, I have nothing more to ask for. Thank you so much Stan for being an inspiration to me. I hope that God will continue to bless our relationship. Thanks to all!”

-Geline, 56, Davao, Philippines



June 1, 2017


805325 George, 46, Ohio, USA

George, 46, Ohio


“I found a Filipina named Glenda and she is in Kuwait. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-George, 46, Ohio, USA






136495 Jenny, 33, Zamboanga, Philippines

Jenny, 33, Zamboanga


“The search is over! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jenny, 33, Zamboanga, Philippines







632678 Fredelita, 36, Zambales, Philippines

Fredelita, 36, Zambales

“I would like to thank our God the Father for giving me a very loving man from Canada. He will be my husband soon! Praise God! Thank you Christian Filipina because we met each other here in the site. Goodluck to all the members waiting for their someone!”

-Fredelita, 36, Zambales, Philippines





287228 Pia, 42, Cagayan, Philippines

Pia, 42, Cagayan


“I’m no longer in search, I’ve found the love of my life! God bless you all! Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Pia, 42, Cagayan, Philippines






773270 Gigi, 35, Iloilo, Philippines

Gigi, 35, Iloilo

“Love comes in an unexpected time. I have found him and God has given us the chance to hold hands together, to create our own love story and to build a new home for our hearts. We accept each other’s flaws. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we will keep holding on to each other. I love him. He is God’s gift to me. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Gigi, 35, Iloilo, Philippines



May 25, 2017


801054 Kevin, 57, Kentucky, USA

Kevin, 57, Kentucky


“I have met a wonderful woman. I would highly recommend Christian Filipina. Thank you!”

-Kevin, 57, Kentucky, USA






723679 Ken, 56, Kansas, USA

Ken, 56, Kansas


“In a relationship! Thank you Christian Filipina for all you have done! You’re an awesome service! And to all, may the Lord guide your footsteps in your quest for true companionship! ”

-Ken, 56, Kansas, USA





794801 Grazzy, 37, Makati, Philippines

Grazzy, 37, Makati


“I have found someone in Christian Filipina already. Thanks!”

-Grazzy, 37, Makati, Philippines







693217 Randy, 59, Montana, USA

Randy, 59, Montana


“I met someone, and I’m coming to Manilla next week. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Randy, 59, Montana, USA






803923 Lennin, 26, Bacolod, Philippines

Lennin, 26, Bacolod


“I already met someone and I want to focus on that person for now. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Lennin, 26, Bacolod, USA



May 18, 2017


769383 Robert, 61, Texas, USA

Robert, 61, Texas


“I have found someone in Christian Filipina already. Thanks!”

-Robert, 61, Texas, USA





26618 Eric, 53, California, USA

Eric, 53, California


“I am now married! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Eric, 53, California, USA






378270 Al, 80, California, USA

Al, 80, California


“I am already married! I met her in Christian Filipina! She is now living with me here in the US! Thank you!”

-Al, 80, California, USA






809919 Greg, 55, Oklahoma, USA

Greg, 55, Oklahoma

“God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, beautiful inside and out. I start my day dreaming of her and end my nights with her dominating my thoughts and prayers. I will soon be joining her in the Philippines. This woman truly amazes me.  This miracle is possible for you all, too!  Thank you, Christian Filipina! God Bless you all.”

-Greg, 55, Oklahoma, USA




805067 Wynn, 65, Florida, USA

Wynn, 65, Florida


“Christian Filipina is wonderful! I have found someone here! Thank you so much!”

-Wynn, 65, Florida, USA



May 11, 2017


793362 Matt, 60, New Jersey, USA

Matt, 60, New Jersey


“I have met my special woman here in Christian Filipina. Thank you!”

-Matt, 60, New Jersey, USA






796179 Graeme, 70, New S Wales, Australia

Graeme, 70, New S Wales


“I have been lucky enough to find the person I believe is the one I’ve been looking for! Thank you for the excellent service you provide, Christian Filipina! Best wishes to you all!”

-Graeme, 70, New South Wales, Australia






820957 Wes, 56, Montana, USA

Wes, 56, Montana


“I found her, the lady of my dreams! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Wes, 56, Montana, USA






734098 Bernard, 50, Mayo, Ireland

Bernard, 50, Mayo

“Thanks Christian Filipina for introducing Jessica into my life. We have been communicating for the last 7 months, and I will be traveling to meet her and her family in June. Jessica is beautiful inside and out, a natural beauty! I hope to bring her to Ireland to visit my home and my family, and see the Irish culture. Thank God for Christian Filipina, and continued success to you all!”

-Bernard, 50, Mayo, Ireland





549702 Hannah, 32, Manila, Philippines

Hannah, 32, Manila

“God has been so good to bless me with a relationship with a wonderful and godly man that I met here in Christian Filipina. He has been very supportive of my struggle with my lifelong condition, and we have been doing our best to encourage each other in our walk with the Lord. I pray you all will be blessed also in your search!”

-Hannah, 32, Manila, Philippines





May 5, 2017 – “Thom and Weng”

The Lord God said, “It is not good for a man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

“First and foremost, we would like to thank and praise God for His great love and mercy during our journey. We thank You for the gift of marriage. God always gives His best reward to those who are faithful in waiting and to those who are humble to depend on Him in choosing for a lifetime partner. Also, we would like to thank Christian Filipina for giving us the opportunity to meet. Thank you CF for being the tool which brought me and my wife together.

Thom and Weng

We started messaging each other on March 15, 2015. At first, she would reply to my long messages with only one sentence but I never gave up. In November of 2015, after eight months of messaging and chatting, I visited and met her in person. She is truly the woman/angel I have prayed for, a joyful personality and a Godly character. She has the spiritual qualities that I respect, trust and admire. After almost two years of getting to know each other’s personalities, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, we got married on the 14th of February 2017.

To God Be All The Glory! “ 

- Thom & Weng




April 28, 2017


704313 Roland, 62, Oklahoma, USA

Roland, 62, Oklahoma

“Thank you so much, Christian Filipina! I found the love of my life here. I met her in 2016 and we will be married this year. God has blessed us! For all the guys out there who is looking for a true lady, this is the site to go to. I prayed for a long time, and God has found the one for me!”

-Roland, 62, Oklahoma, USA





779513 Iv, 34, Gen. Santos City, Philippines

Iv, 34, Gen. Santos City

“I finally met my perfect mate that God has entrusted me. We are both hoping and praying that our dreams will come true and be together in each other’s loving arms, in God’s perfect timing. We sincerely thank Christian Filipina for the big help for making ways to connect two hearts together. And most of all, thank you Father God for continuously hearing our prayers!”

-Iv, 34, Gen. Santos City, Philippines





336143 Edward, 51, Texas, USA

Edward, 51, Texas


“The Lord, my Great Lord, has found me a wife through Christian Filipina. I love you, Maricel!”

-Edward, 51, Texas, USA






616750 Jeremy, 45, S. Carolina, USA

Jeremy, 45, S. Carolina


“Everybody has a story and a dream. After I told my story, I found my dream and my love here in Christian Filipina, Aileen. Thank you God for this woman! Amen!”

-Jeremy, 45, S. Carolina, USA






560610 Gwyn, 36, Cebu, Philippines

Gwyn, 36, Cebu


“I am now engaged to my bestfriend, lover and my other half, Bill. We are now happy and very much in love! Thank you and good luck to you all! We thank Christian Filipina too! God bless us all!”

-Gwyn, 36, Cebu, Philippines





April 21, 2017


274681 Roger, 54, California, USA

Roger, 54, California


“I found my wife here! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Roger, 54, California, USA






280701 Shenna, 31, Negros, Philippines

Shenna, 31, Negros


“I appreciate all your winks, but I’m not searching anymore. I am now happily engaged! Thank you, Christian Filipina! God bless, everyone!”

-Shenna, 31, Negros, Philippines





191755 Elsa, 46, Cebu, Philippines

Elsa, 46, Cebu


“I have already found my someone in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Elsa, 46, Cebu, Philippines






783007 Phyllis, 34, Misamis, Philippines

Phyllis, 34, Misamis


“Thank you to all who sent me winks, but I already found him. I am the luckiest woman in the world! I am so happy! Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Phyllis, 34, Misamis, Philippines





722408 Princess, 41, Iloilo, Philippines

Princess, 41, Iloilo


“I have found the one I loved! Thanks to your site. God bless, Christian Filipina!”

-Princess, 41, Iloilo, Philippines






April 13, 2017


132551 Jen, 46, Batangas, Philippines

Jen, 46, Batangas


“To Christian Filipina, thank you so much! We started our love story here. Walter and I are getting married now. We are very very happy! God is with us always! More power!”

-Jen, 46, Batangas, Philippines





279177 Fred, 54, British Columbia, Canada

Fred, 54, British Columbia


“I found the girl I want in Christian Filipina! Thanks!”

-Fred, 54, British Columbia, Canada







598675 Gideon, 68, Texas, USA

Gideon, 68, Texas


“I met my wife already. We got married on January 12 of this year. Thanks for being such a great site, Christian Filipina! I would recommend your site to my buddies who are looking!”

-Gideon, 68, Texas, USA





777438 Chris, 56, Busselton, Australia

Chris, 56, Busselton


“Thank you Christian Filipina for your help in finding my lady who I love so much! And during my recent visit to the Philippines, we got engaged and to be married soon!”

-Chris, 56, Busselton, Australia





137060 Lyn, 36, Pangasinan, Philippines

Lyn, 36, Pangasinan


“I have met a wonderful person through Christian Filipina! Keep up the great work! I can’t thank you enough for your great service. God bless you all!”

-Lyn, 36, Pangasinan, Philippines






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