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November 14, 2015

38905 Chona, 33, Surigao, Philippines

Chona, 33, Surigao

“I’m very thankful to Christian Filipina for helping me find my special someone. I met Rodney here in Christian Filipina after so many years of searching for my future partner in life. We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last October 17, 2015.  My visa was recently approved after waiting for a year and we are flying to Australia this month. Once again, thank you very much and God bless us all!”

-Chona, 33, Surigao, Philippines




324714 Darrick, 38, Wisconsin, USA

Darrick, 38, Wisconsin


“Christian Filipina and God helped me find the girl of my dreams.  Now, I am on the next step in my life with her and her wonderful son.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Darrick, 38, Wisconsin, USA




90530 Josie, 36, Davao, Philippines

Josie, 36, Davao

“I met Allen through Christian Filipina and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. He came to the Philippines to propose to me on my birthday in the presence of my family and friends.  We have become very much in love and I am going to the US to marry him. None of these would be possible without Christian Filipina and our Almighty God. My fiancé and I would like to say thank you to CF and we wish everyone the best!”

-Josie, 36, Davao, Philippines




165082 Rodney, 61, Perth, Australia

Rodney, 61, Perth

“I am now married to my beautiful gorgeous Chona for more than one year. We are very happy that we have found each other here in Christian Filipina. It took me one month to find her in the site and we chat on the internet every night until I asked her to marry me. In April 2014, I flew to Taiwan and got engaged to her at her work place. We got married on October 2014.  Her visa came through on October 2015 and we will now fly home to Australia and be forevever happy.”

-Rodney, 61, Perth, Australia




205944 Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma, USA

Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma

“I’m happy to say that my search for a beautiful, sweet, Godly woman has finally ended. God in His great love has smiled on me, and entrusted me with one of His most-prized treasures, Mary Joy. Thank you Christian Filipina! I admire the Christian integrity with how the website is run. I have referred the site to many of my friends.”

-Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma, USA





October 17, 2015

485119 Liam, 59, Canterburry, New Zealand

Liam, 59, Canterbury


“I want to thank you for your services here and I am please to say I have met a lady from your site.  Her name is Lovely and we are continuing to communicate daily making plans to meet.  Thank you once again and all the very best.”

-Liam, 59, Canterburry, New Zealand



436660 Angel, 35, Philippines

Angel, 35, Philippines


“I finally found the man of my dreams in Christian Filipina.  He is the man in my prayers and I feel fortunate to meet him here.  My search is over.”

-Angel, 35, Philippines




433084 Catherine, 19, Cebu, Philippines

Catherine, 19, Cebu


“I’m getting married!  Thanks to Christian Filipina, I met the man I love in this site.   I’d also like to say thanks to CF for the help with the immigration process.”

-Catherine, 19, Cebu, Philippines




492228 Dennis, 63, Texas, USA

Dennis, 63, Texas


“I met a wonderful and attractive Filipina here on Christian Filipina.  My search is over.”

-Dennis, 63, Texas, USA




272864 Sylvia, 53, Cebu, Philippines

Sylvia, 53, Cebu


“I met my husband in Christian Filipina.  CF is a very good site.  Thank you very much!”

-Sylvia, 53, Cebu, Philippines





October 9, 2015

324642 Vance, 52, Florida, USA

Vance, 52, Florida


“Thanks for helping me find my Christian Filipina wife.  Evelyn and I were married on September 19th.  God bless!”

-Vance, 52, Florida, USA




105992 Emie, 43, Philippines

Emie, 43, Philippines


“I want to say thank you very much to Christian Filipina because I found my soul mate and my husband here. We have been married for one year already. We are very thankful to this site. More power and God bless!”

-Emie, 43, Philippines



491975 Brian, 80, Nevada, USA

Brian, 80, Nevada


“I have found the love of my life here.  Thanks Christian Filipina! ”

-Brian, 80, Nevada, USA




195778 Lian 52, Philippines

Lian 52, Philippines


“Thank you very much Christian Filipina!  I’ve found my match and hopefully, I will be in tbe US next year through the help of our Almighty.”

-Lian 52, Philippines




194783 Lorna 41, Philippines

Lorna 41, Pasay


“Thank God for Christian Filipina. He answers prayers in perfect time. God answered my prayer through this site. God is so amazing. I am now committed to a wonderful, amazing and gorgeous man. I thank God for him. God bless you all!”

-Lorna 41, Pasay, Philippines





September 19, 2015

269873 Lita, 51, Leyte, Philippines

Lita, 51, Leyte


“My fiancé and I want to thank you for your wonderful site that brought us together. We started with a simple hi and our friendship continued through Christian Filipina. Now, we are engaged and we are waiting for the right time to be together forever. Again, thank you so much and more power. God Bless!”

-Lita, 51, Leyte, Philippines





217939 Ermelita, 43, Ormoc, Philippines

Ermelita, 43, Ormoc

“I’m so grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ. In His perfect time and His will, I found my honey, William, through Christian Filipina. We are now engaged and soon we will be getting married by the Grace of God. Thank you to all the staff of Christian Filipina for helping me and my future hubby. God Bless You all. For those who are still looking, just pray and let the Lord work it out good. In Galatians 5:22: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness”

-Ermelita, 43, Ormoc, Philippines





366016 Rick, 49, South Dakota, USA

Rick, 49, South Dakota, USA

“After 7 amazing weeks in Cebu, I met the love of my life here on Christian Filipina. I’m hoping that she will be in the USA in September to start our new lives together. Thank you CF! Being a CF member has been such a wonderful experience. I have met many fine ladies, especially Cathy. We will marry in a few months. This site has been so helpful and supportive. Peter is right on track! There are so many other online dating sites where the ladies are not even real. God bless! CF is the real deal. ”

-Rick, 49, South Dakota, USA




460049 Jon, 40, United Kingdom

Jon, 40, UK


“Thank you for having such a wonderful site! I have found my lovely woman in Christian Filipina. I have been chatting to her and we have made arrangements to meet up for Christmas where I will be meeting the family too. I have done a lot of research about my visa and other papers that I require and have watched lots of videos about the Filipino women and their customs. Thank you once again for all the advice available here in your site too.”

-Jon, 40, United Kingdom





312873 Luc, 51, BC, Canada

Luc, 51, BC, Canada


“I already found my love after one week of registration with Christian Filipina dating website. The girl that I have now, she’s “Amazing Grace”. Thank you so much, Peter. Now I understand clearly the meaning of Matthew 19:26. Nothing is impossible with God. ”

-Luc, 51, BC, Canada





August 30, 2015

144920 Kristine, 33, Tagum City, Philippines

Kristine, 33, Tagum City


“I met John here in Christian Filipina.  He is from Honolulu, Hawaii.  We are now happily married.  Thank you, CF!”

-Kristine, 33, Tagum City, Philippines





164817 Mark, 55, Texas, USA

Mark, 55, Texas, USA


“Thank you Christian Filipina!  I have found the woman that I will marry.”

-Mark, 55, Texas, USA





113186 Joyce, 26, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Joyce, 26, Negros Oriental


“Thank you so much Christian Filipina!  I really appreciate your site and the staff.  I want to tell everybody that I already found the man of my dreams, my soul mate, my destiny and the man who will be with me for the rest of my life.  God bless us all.”

-Joyce, 26, Negros Oriental, Philippines




246134 Grace, 24, Philippines

Grace, 24, Philippines


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I already found my true love.  Thanks a lot to the CF staff.  Lord is good all the time.”

-Grace, 24, Philippines





200019 Brenton, 58, Tasmania, Australia

Brenton, 58, Tasmania


“I met Rodelyn on October 2013 and corrosponded through the CF site.  We advanced to video chat and remained in contact until meeting in person in Cebu in May 2014. We have been together ever since and to be married in Laligan, Bukidnon on September 2015. Thanks Christian Filipina!”

-Brenton, 58, Tasmania, Australia





August 15, 2015

318030 Marvin, 44, Arizona, USA

Marvin, 44, Arizona


“I have found the woman of my dreams. I have found my soulmate plus much more. We are completely in love and are soon to be married. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Marvin, 44, Arizona, USA




228678 Jane, 29, Sibugay, Philippines

Jane, 29, Sibugay


“I would like to thank God and Christian Filipina. Through this site, I found my Christian man whom I will love and be with forever. Finally, we met each other in person and we’re engaged already. I’m looking forward to our future together.”

-Jane, 29, Sibugay, Philippines




410358 Michael, 57, California, USA

Michael, 57, California


“Thank You Christian Filipina.  I found my love I will be sharing my life with.  Many Blessings to those still out there searching for love.”

-Michael, 57, California, USA




311444 Jean, 33, Zambales, Philippines

Jean, 33, Zambales


“I have found my soulmate here in Christian Filipina.  He loves me more than anybody can and I do love him dearly.  Thank you so much, CF.  God Bless everyone.”

-Jean, 33, Zambales, Philippines




312683 Cheryl, 26, General Santos, Philippines

Cheryl, 26, Gen. Santos


“I would like to say thank you to the founder of Christian Filipina.  I already met the man I love.  His name is Tony and we are already enggaged.  May God continue to bless us.”

-Cheryl, 26, General Santos, Philippines





August 10, 2015

337953 John, 32, Brisbane, Australia

John, 32, Brisbane


“I never thought I could find the true love that I had been looking for but we found our infinity in this site. We are newlyweds but I can see that our love will continue to grow deeper. The first time I met Grace, I know that she was the one whom I want to spend my life with. Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-John, 32, Brisbane, Australia








188870 Jean, 29, Laguna, Philippines

Jean, 29, Laguna


“We would like to say thank you to this site.  Christian Filipina made my dream come true to finally meet my handsome, responsible, kind-hearted and down-to-earth husband. I am so blessed to have the most eligible bachelor and a one-in-a-million loyal man. God knows the desire of your heart, keep on praying for the right person who will give you so much happiness and believe that you will find your one true love.”

-Jean, 29, Laguna, Philippines








92708 Albert, 56, Nevada, USA

Albert, 56, Nevada


“I am engaged to a lady from Dumaguete city.  Thank you Christian Filipina.”

-Albert, 56, Nevada, USA








304094 Vanessa, 26, Cagayan, Philippines

Vanessa, 26, Cagayan


“Thank you Christian Filipina for being the instrument for me to find my special someone. Most especially, we thank God for guiding us to find each other . We promise to love one another for the rest of our lives.  I couldn’t ask for more but I’ll continue praying to God to guide us and make our relationship stronger everyday. Thank you CF and more power! We thank you Lord so much!”

-Vanessa, 26, Cagayan, Philippines








238016 Hearthy, 36, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

Hearthy, 36, Sultan Kudarat


“I am happy and thankful to God because I have found the love of my life in this site. Thank you Christian Filipina for bringing us together. May God continue to bless this site.”

-Hearthy, 36, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines





August 1, 2015


197146 Maribel, 31, Bacolod, Philippines

Maribel, 31, Bacolod


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina because I found my loving boyfriend in this site.  I’m happy with my babe, John.  Don’t give up on your search and always pray to God and He will provide you the right person who is meant for you.  God bless us all.”

-Maribel, 31, Bacolod, Philippines








247007 Stephen, 67, Maine, USA

Stephen, 67, Maine


“I have been happily in a relationship with Lucy from Manila for 15 months now and have been happily married to her since March 19, 2015. Thanks to Christian Filipina! ”

-Stephen, 67, Maine, USA








188719 Lucia, 55, Cavite, Philippines

Lucia, 55, Cavite


“I already found the man of my dreams and his name is Stephen. After long months of courtship and getting to know each other, we finally got engaged and on March 19, 2015 we got married. My husband is for keeps and we love each other very much. Thank you very much to Christian Filipina for being instrumental in finding a good Christian man for me.”

-Lucia, 55, Cavite, Philippines








52796 Hosny, 61,California, USA

Hosny, 61,California


“I’m happy and in love with a beautiful loving Filipina.  She is the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met.  Thank God I found the perfect one for me.  God bless everyone on their search!  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Hosny, 61,California, USA








400157 Tim, 53, Tennessee, USA

Tim, 53, Tennessee


“I want to thank God for giving me the love of my life.  I found my love, Hearthy, in this site.  She’s my everything.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Tim, 53, Tennessee, USA





July 25, 2015



286830 Stephen, 38, Queensland, Australia

Stephen, 38, Queensland, Australia


“I would like to thank God and Christian Filipina for giving me the chance to meet the love of my life, Carol. We recently got engaged and we are looking forward to planning our future together. Thanks once again Christian Filipina.”

-Stephen, 38, Queensland, Australia








137262 Eloisa, 41, Bulacan, Philippines

Eloisa, 41, Bulacan


“We’re planning to get married this December here in the Philippines. Thank you so much to Christian Filipina! I found my future partner in life in this site.”

-Eloisa, 41, Bulacan, Philippines







330452 David, 43, Ontario, Canada

David, 43, Ontario

“Through this incredible, Christ-centered website, I have found an amazing, spirit-filled, Christian woman who I will be marrying in December in her home province of Leyte. Thank you Christian Filipina. Your website has been a true blessing in my life. To those of you still searching, please hang in there and have faith that our God will bring the right person into your life. In Jesus name. Amen. God bless!”

-David, 43, Ontario, Canada




July 18, 2015




187184 Joanne, 31, Quezon , Philippines

Joanne, 31, Quezon


“I am so much grateful for this site because the man of my dreams found me here. He is my forever. His name is Jordan and he is my everything. I never thought that i can meet someone like him. Thank you so much for creating this site. I am happily married now and my hubby is doing his best for the petition that way we can be together everyday. I just love him so much and I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much, Christian Filipina”

-Joanne, 31, Quezon, Philippines








111237 Jorge, 64, Hawaii, USA

Jorge, 64, Hawaii, USA


“I want to share a happy life with Janet and enjoy life together as man and wife.  She is the woman that I will be with forever.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jorge, 64, Hawaii, USA








200863 Janet, 27, Quezon City, Philippines

Janet, 27, Quezon City


“We finally found each other here in CF. It felt magical meeting him here.  I’m happy and in love with Jorge.  Age doesn’t really matter.  Thanks, Christian Filipina!  God bless!”

-Janet, 27, Quezon City, Philippines








78347 Roger, 60, USA

Roger, 60, USA


“I am happily married to a wonderful Filipino woman.  We are living in Negros Occidental and are enjoying life.  Thank you for all your help!”

-Roger, 60, USA








427942 Sarah, 34, Cebu City, Philippines

Sarah, 34, Cebu City


“You’re awesome Lord and I want to thank you for bringing Earl into my life.  True love can wait, in God’s time.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!  God bless us all.”

-Sarah, 34, Cebu City, Philippines





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