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April 8, 2021

1756614 Marvin, 51, Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

Marvin, 51, Virginia


“Thank you, Christian Filipina support team. I can’t describe the happiness I’m experiencing since I’ve found Madielyn here.  Let this be my testimony that Christian Filipina really works for those who choose to follow God’s way of coming together.”

 -Marvin, 51, Virginia, United States




1733135, Jerome, 66, Burkburnett, Texas, United States

Jerome, 66,  Texas

“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I have found my true love. I communicated with a few ladies but it did not take me long to find the woman I have been searching for all my life. Her name is Jenny Lyn. We talked over video chat every day.  I’ve even met the family through video chatting too.  I’m saving right now for the trip there.  I’m looking to go there over the Christmas holidays.  Thank you and God Bless.”

-Jerome, 66, Texas, United States




1693688 Lovely, 27, Davao city, Philippines

Lovely, 27, Davao


“I’ve already found someone I love.  You have a decent dating site which I appreciate a lot.  Thank you and God bless.”

-Lovely, 27, Davao City, Philippines





1077712 Gloria, 66, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Gloria, 66, Negros


“I found my love on this site.  I may need help in processing my US visa soon.  Thanks for your site.  I found a godly man who leveled up to my standard.”

-Gloria, 66, Negros Occidental, Philippines





1327934 Joan, 41, Orlando, Florida, United State

Joan, 41, Florida


“Thank you Christian Filipina dating site because of you I met my fiancé.  We will get married on March 30, 2021.  My husband and I wanna say thank you!”

-Joan, 41, Florida, United States




March 18, 2021

1733067 Curtis, 58, Georgia, United States

Curtis, 58, Georgia


“I am happy l found my soulmate Fatima, the love of my life. Thank you so much you wonderful people of Christian Filipina! May the Lord continue to bless your Ministry!”

 -Curtis, 58, Georgia, United States



1682730 Leigh, 76, Huntingdon, England, United Kingdom

Leigh, 76, Huntingdon


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I have found my new partner!”

-Leigh, 76, Huntingdon, England




1729031Peter, 37, Tarneit, Victoria, Australia

Peter, 37, Victoria


“I have found someone on this site.  Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Peter, 37, Victoria, Australia




1747414 Andrew, 50. New Jersey, United States

Andrew, 50, New Jersey


“I have found someone I would like to get to know better.”

-Andrew, 50, New Jersey, United States




1309117Emmett, 56, Monroeville, Pa, United States

Emmett, 56, Pennsylvania


“I’m a former CF member. I found and married my wife.”

-Emmett, 56, Pennsylvania, United States




March 3, 2021

1726532 Thomas, 53, Illinois, United States

Thomas, 53, Illinois


“I’ve met my soulmate. Her name is Lota Trinidad. Thank you so much, Christian Filipina, for making this possible for me as I am feeling alive and complete again. God Bless!”

 -Thomas, 53, Illinois, United States




1743036 Rose, 18, Balanga, Bataan, Philippines

Rose, 18, Bataan,


“I found someone who is interested in me and we are now in a relationship. Thanks for this site in helping me find a boyfriend who loves me! ”

-Rose, 18, Bataan, Philippines




1741694 Cate, 45, Dasmarias City, Cavite, Philippines

Cate, 45, Cavite


“I found a special man. I want to thank your site for being a blessing to many that are seeking love.”

-Cate, 45, Cavite, Philippines




1054112 Brian, 53, New South Wales, Australia

Brian, 53, New South Wales

“Thank you for your website!  I find Filipino ladies very loving, compassionate, and caring so my goal has always been to marry a nice Filipina.  My new partner’s name is Gretchen and I am very happy to have met her on this site. I will be recommending the Christian Filipina website to all of my friends and if there is somewhere online I can post a review it will be a positive one. Again, thank you for your assistance in finding my beautiful girl and I hope many more people are successful. God Bless.”

             -Brian, 53, New South Wales, Australia




March 2, 2021

1664596 Bob, 66, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States

Bob, 66, Massachusetts

“I was about to give up my almost yearlong search for a woman to spend the rest of my life with. My subscription was coming to an end. My “buddy” list had been getting smaller and smaller. I had talked to several women here at CF, but none were right for me. Then one day, I did something I never did before, I clicked on an overseas Philippines worker. The reason why I never looked at these women before was that I didn’t want to wait for her to return to the Philippines to meet her if we ended up loving each other.

So, I looked at Evelyn. A beautiful 43-year-old woman. She wasn’t dressed sexy; in fact, she was very conservative in her dress (that was a big plus to me). Her profile wasn’t long and not out of the ordinary. She had a complete profile but nothing that stood out. But I ended up going back to her profile several times. It was as if God was guiding me back to her saying to me…”Go back and consider her”. So, who am I to argue with God? I went back and this time she was online. I invited her to chat. She agreed. She was very polite and open with me. I made arrangements to talk to her again but this time via video chat.

I knew this woman was different from all the rest. I mean all the rest. From my youth to now, no one was like her. There is a beauty about her that shines from within that makes her even more beautiful than she already is. This woman, my Evelyn, was the one I have always searched for but never found. How was it possible to find her among all the many thousands of souls looking for love?

What makes her so special you might ask. Not only is she stunningly beautiful and easy on the eyes but she also has a giving heart. She takes what little she has and gives back to those less fortunate. She goes to a school where there are young children and gives them school supplies and candies. She loves to see their eyes light up which in turn it gives her great joy. She talks to me in a way no woman has ever talked to me. I can’t explain what I mean, I just know it to be true. She has wisdom. She is intelligent and she has been able to navigate the hardships of life and love. She is full of life and love. She is a strong woman with a soft heart. She is respectful even when someone says terrible things to her. In short, I have met an angel in person, she is perfect!

Thank you, Christian Filipina, for the opportunity of letting God shine in my heart once again. To everyone else that may read this, don’t give up and don’t harden your heart. Let God move in His own time and in your life. He/she is waiting for you out there somewhere. You too will find your angel. I am living proof that it’s never too late for love.

I love you, Evelyn. You are my angel!”

-Bob, 66, Massachusetts, United States




February 14, 2021

1225540, Robert, 60, Oklahoma, United States

Robert, 60, Oklahoma


“I met my soon-to-be wife from your website. I came to the Philippines last January. As soon as we get married I am wanting to move back to the United States.”

 -Robert, 60, Oklahoma, United States




1351478, Mina, 57, Bulacan, Philippines

Mina, 57, Bulacan


“I have found my match and we are recently working it out, his name is George. I am very grateful for your site! Thank you and more power!”

-Mina, 57, Bulacan, Philippines




1118964, Toni, 40, Antique, Philippines

Toni, 40, Antique


“I found my special someone here!”

-Toni, 40, Antique, Philippines





1560064, James, 66, Missouri, United States

James, 66, Missouri


“I have found Lorna on your site!”

-James, 66, Missouri, United States





1731190, Brian, 63, Ontario, Canada

Brian, 63, Ontario


“I have already met the love of my life on your site.  Her name is Pia.”

-Brian, 63, Ontario, Canada




January 31, 2021

1208179 Murf, 73, Buena Park, California, United States

Murf, 73, California


“I met a Christian Filipina member, her name is Bethalene. We have been in touch daily so far. For now, I am not searching.  I’m planning to see her at some point in the future. At the moment, we are having wonderful conversations.”

 -Murf, 73, California, United States



120392 Douglas, 50, California, United States

Douglas, 50, California


“I already found my true love from Christian Filipina since 3 years ago. Thank you so much for creating this site. I’m truly happy and so blessed that I found her here!”

-Douglas, 50, California, United States





1685536 Jess, 33, Cebu, Philippines

Jess, 33, Cebu


“I already met my special someone here on your site. I’m thankful and grateful to meet him here.”

-Jess, 33, Cebu, Philippines




1332246 Rizza, 48, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rizza, 48, Riyadh


“Good day!  Praise God!  I’m very thankful and proud to say I found the love of my life in your site.   Praying every day that he will be my forever.  I really love the man that I met here on your site.  Thank you very much, Christian Filipina!”

-Rizza, 48, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




1730706 Michael, 49, California, United States

Michael, 49, California


“I have found the woman I want to be with on CF.”

-Michael, 49, California, United States




January 6, 2021

1414782Angela, 37, Philippines

Angela, 37, Philippines


“I have found my soulmate here!”

 -Angela, 37, Philippines





1414809Liza, 30, Cheungshawan, Hong Kong

Liza, 30, Cheungshawan


“I already found a relationship. Thank you, CF!”

-Liza, 30, Cheungshawan, Hong Kong





1096661 Aura, 36, Oroquieta City, Philippines

Aura, 36, Oroquieta City


“Hello Christian Filipina, good day! I just want to say thank you for your site. I already found the love of my life in your community. Mark is heaven-sent to me! Again, thank you and more power!”

-Aura, 36, Oroquieta City, Philippines



1663364Tina, 41, Laguna, Philippines

Tina, 41, Laguna


“This is Tina, and I met a man named Kevin. Whom I’ve fallen in love with and decided to go on a serious relationship.”

-Tina, 41, Laguna, Philippines




1713636Robin, 57, Horowhenua, New Zealand

Robin, 57, Horowhenua


“I have found someone that I really like and thank you Christian Filipina for your service.”

-Robin, 57, Horowhenua, New Zealand




December 25, 2020

1688666 Don, 69, Indiana, United States

Don, 69, Indiana


“I have already found someone!”

 -Don, 69, Indiana, United States





1326718Eric, 49, Wisconsin, United States

Eric, 49, Wisconsin,

“I was blessed to find Christian Filipina. I am a very lucky man that the woman of more than my dreams found me. We started talking on CF in August 2019. I traveled to the Philippines in January 2020. I met her and her family. Its been incredible. We chat every day. We are engaged and working on a K-1 Visa now. Hopefully, in 2021, she will be able to accompany me here. Despite the pandemic, we remain hopeful and patient. Thank you.”

                      -Eric, 49, Wisconsin, United States



1660511Darryl, 58, Ohio, United States

Darryl, 58, Ohio

“I was looking at some beautiful Filipinas on your site.  I contacted maybe 7 or 8 Filipina’s but it was always a friend thing. But when I saw my love at first sight, I literally said, “that is her, there she is!” I reached out to her on October 28, 2020, and she reached back to me on November 3, 2020. God lead me to the Christian Filipina site specifically to find her! She knew I was her soulmate as well. Saturday, November 7, my time in America and Sunday, November 8, Philippine time we made it official. We video chat and message daily. I am in the total process of bringing her to America with her children for me to love them, care for them, and to provide for them all. I am so happy as well as my love is. I give all of my gratitude to the Christian Filipina organization. Thank you so much!”

-Darryl, 58, Ohio, United States



1699606 Sheila, 43, Pasig City, Philippines

Sheila, 43, Pasig City

“Prayer works! Thank you so much Christian Filipina. I have found the one whom my heart loves. I love him because he is more willing to walk with me hand in hand closer to Jesus. We have started our everyday devotion and prayer. And we set our goal to honor and glorify God in our relationship. Sharing with you our happiness and joy. A blessed Christmas everyone!”

-Sheila, 43, Pasig City, Philippines




1686942Tom, 72, California, United States

Tom, 72, California


“I have met someone on the site and we are a dating couple now. Thank you so much for your time and assistance for me to find love!”

-Tom, 72, California, United States




December 12, 2020

1536055 John, 70, Florida, United States

John, 70, Florida


“I found the love of my life on Christian Filipina.”

 -John, 70, Florida, United States





462448 Lennon, 57, New York, United States

Lennon, 57, New York


“I am in a relationship with someone now!”

-Lennon, 57, New York, United States





854578 Cherry, 35, Davao City, Philippines

Cherry, 35, Davao City

“Dear Christian Filipina, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to meet my one and only love here. I am happy, in love and grateful to meet Jetson.  The only person that made me feel this way – true and pure feelings. I hope this site would continue helping more singles to meet their matches. May God bless us all. Thanks to the staff of CF!”

-Cherry, 35, Davao City, Philippines




1605865 Frank, 58, Texas, United States

Frank, 58, Texas


“I am happy to let you know that I have found my lady, and her name is Lor. Thank you very much!”

-Frank, 58, Texas, United States




December 6, 2020

1258614 Andy, 43, Maine, United States

Andy, 43, Maine


“I married a girl that I met on your site!”

 -Andy, 43, Maine, United States





1692949 Lilibeth, 32, Taipei, Taiwan

Lilibeth, 32, Taipei


“Thanks to Christian Filipina. Found my soulmate and my the one. His name Is John P.  I really like him. He is such an amazing man, has a sense of humor and a good personality. Thank you so much! We’re praying for our community!”

-Lilibeth, 32, Taipei, Taiwan



1576951 Che, 47, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Che, 47, Leyte


“I found someone already. Thank you to this site for helping me find the love of my life. Someone who cares, loves, and shows me respect.”

-Che, 47, Southern Leyte, Philippines




1675339 Brad, 32, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Brad, 32, Nevada


“I have met someone on this site, and I would like to be exclusive to my partner as we get to know each other more.”

-Brad, 32, Nevada, United States




1577855 Golda, 41, Manama, Bahrain

Golda, 41, Manama


“I found someone here, and I want to focus on him. I hope that he’s the right one for me. ”

-Golda, 41, Manama, Bahrain




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