October 26, 2017

876304 Leslie, 65, Queensland, Australia

Leslie, 65, Queensland

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff of Christian Filipina in making my and my lady’s dream come true. We both have been searching for the very special person for years and it’s only when we connected with CF, and with the help of God, that made it possible for Judilyn and I. After weeks of communication we realized we both are so well matched. We have become very fond of each other with no conditions and will meet in the Philippines in the new year. We are very serious about each other with the view of marriage in the near future and we can put this down to the marvelous CF organization and system. I am very impressed and certainly would recommend this site!”

-Leslie, 65, Queensland, Australia




786276 Bruce, 44, Melbourne, Australia

Bruce, 44, Melbourne

“My experience with Christian Filipina has been a great shock! I never thought that I would meet my soul mate ever and now at 44 years, absolutely given up on the idea of becoming a father. 7 months ago, I decided to give this site a go, and after meeting many beauties, I fell head over heels for a 28 year old high school teacher. I was very pleased with the speed of our messages and breaking the ice with a wink was very easy. I am awestruck that I am going to be a dad in 7 months! I am helping a work mate who is amazed by what I am telling him and wants to join as soon as I get back from holidays. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Bruce, 44, Melbourne, Australia




888659 Ray, 46, Virginia, USA

Ray, 46, Virginia


“I met the most amazing, beautiful woman here and can’t wait to see her! Thank you Christian Filipina! God Bless You!”

-Ray, 46, Virginia, USA





887535 Sam, 63, Iowa, USA

Sam, 63, Iowa


“I met the one God wants me to be with! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Sam, 63, Iowa, USA





318530 Marietta, 54, Davao, Philippines

Marietta, 54, Davao


“I already found the man I am looking for in Christian Filipina!”

-Marietta, 54, Davao, Philippines



October 19, 2017


742903 Stephen, 65, Yorkshire, UK

Stephen, 65, Yorkshire

“I met my beautiful wife in Christian Filipina on November 2016. We got engaged on February 14, 2017 and married on April of the same year. Currently, she is waiting for her visa to join me in England. Thank you Christian Filipina for helping us find each other. We will surely recommend this site to our friends!”

-Stephen, 65, Yorkshire, UK





829415 Brent, 56, Michigan, USA

Brent, 56, Michigan


“Found the love of my life. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Brent, 56, Michigan, USA







574510 Chelo, 31, Cebu, Philippines

Chelo, 31, Cebu

“I’m happy to share with you my love story that started here in Christian Filipina. I met my loving husband here and we just celebrated our 1st anniversary last October 1, 2017. We got married in the Philippines in God’s presence before we live together and while our papers for Fiancee Visa are still in process. When we got approved to come here in the USA, we got married again. We are so in love and it still feels like we’re still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship!”

-Chelo, 31, Cebu, Philippines





712033 Ruby, 36, Manila, Philippines

Ruby, 36, Manila


“I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of Christian Filipina in guiding and helping us find our future partners.I found my future husband in your site, and we are already processing my papers.”

-Ruby, 36, Manila, Philippines


October 12, 2017


338679 Robert, 55, Massachusetts, USA

Robert, 55, Massachusetts


“I married my wonderful wife on July 28th in Santa Josefa, Agusan del Sur. She is everything I dreamed she would be. Thanks to Christian Filipina for introducing us and helping our dream come true!”

-Robert, 55, Massachusetts, USA





901936 Jim, 59, Connecticut, USA

Jim, 59, Connecticut


“I found my special someone, and everything worked great! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jim, 59, Connecticut, USA






855624 Angelica, 20, Cebu, Philippines

Angelica, 20, Cebu


“I’ve met someone so special in Christian Filipina! I am so thankful that you have been our bridge. He flew to our country and we spent time together with family and friends for 10 days!”

-Angelica, 20, Cebu, Philippines






738647 Angie, 59, Bulacan, Philippines

Angie, 59, Bulacan


“John and I got married here in the Philippines last July 14th.  We are so happy!  Thanks to Christian Filipina and all the CF staff.

-Angie, 59, Bulacan, Philippines






798526 Jhuvey, 36, Cebu, Philippines

Jhuvey, 36, Cebu


“The most wonderful sound on earth is to hear the words “I Love You”. I am here to say thank you Lord that we are in love with each other! Thank you too, Christian Filipina!”

-Jhuvey, 36, Cebu, Philippines








October 5, 2017


862122 Jeff, 52, Montana, USA

Jeff, 52, Montana


“I hope that you find true love as I have. Thank you, Christian Filipina! Hello J, I love you! See you in Cebu very soon!”

-Jeff, 52, Montana, USA





871532 Culley, 49, Kansas, USA

Culley, 49, Kansas


“Taken by Nishel! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Culley, 49, Kansas, USA







900222 Blaine, 56, S. Carolina, USA

Blaine, 56, S. Carolina


“I have already met someone.  Thanks, Christian Filipina! God Bless!”

-Blaine, 56, S. Carolina, USA






858402 Danny, 65, Ohio, USA

Danny, 65, Ohio

“Hi, everyone! I am now in a relationship with Nicole and we are engaged and to be married on Valentine’s Day 2018. I am so thankful for her and I have to say my relationship with the Lord has gotten much closer since I’ve known her and I thank Jesus for that. I thank you all and may God richly bless the rest of you and your searches.”

-Danny, 65, Ohio, USA






231489, Melcres, 27, Albay, Philippines

Melcres, 27, Albay


“I found the love of my life already. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Melcres, 27, Albay, Philippines








By Christian Filipina staff

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