August 27, 2020

1554053 Jorgie, 67, National Capital Region, Philippines

Jorgie, 67, Manila

“I have met someone at your site and I am very happy. Thank you Christian Filipina, it was a pleasure using your site and I wish you all the best hereafter.”

 -Jorgie, 67, National Capital Region, Philippines




1393665 Ram, 24, Davao City, Philippines

Ram, 24, Davao

“I am already in a relationship with Mr. Windy whom I met in Christian Filipina also last November 2019. We are doing great and we are just waiting for the day that travel bans will be fully lifted in the Philippines for non-Filipino so he could book his flight to PH.”

-Ram, 24, Davao City, Philippines



1559352 James, 56, Georgia, United States

James, 56, Georgia

“I met her on CF. I still don’t know how I found the site because I wasn’t really looking. Divine intervention, that’s what I believe. Still, in disbelief, we think of each other constantly. We go to sleep and wake up thinking of us. We video chat every day.  I can’t wait to see her. Her family is so happy as am I.  The pandemic isn’t making it any easier. I have a big challenge but I will succeed. I’m falling in love. This is a beautiful thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-James, 56, Georgia, United States




1565834 Angela, 41, Mexico Pampanga, Philippines

Angela, 41, Pampanga


“I found someone on your site and I want to stick with him. Thank you!”

-Angela, 41, Mexico Pampanga, Philippines




1581140 Shane, 53, British Columbia, Canada

Shane, 53, British Columbia

“I have met someone I want to pursue.”

-Shane, 53, British Columbia, Canada




August 10, 2020

481409 Jovie, 48, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jovie, 48, Manila

“I found the right guy already and we are in the process of K1 visa. We’re almost there but the whole world suffering from the pandemic.  God is always there for us. Thank you so much Christian Filipina for always being there for us. This site helped me find my fiance, Michael. More power and God bless!”

 -Jovie, 48, Manila, Philippines





887263 Ron, 60, Ohio, United States

Ron, 60, Ohio

“I found my soulmate on CF! Hopefully, she and her daughter will get a visa and come here this fall!”

-Ron, 60, Ohio, United States





1499689 Norman, 65, Ontario, Canada

Norman, 65, Ontario

“We began chatting on CF text and live chat on May 31 of this year. We are both serious about our relationship!”

-Norman, 65, Ontario, Canada





636234 Srich, 50, Springhills, United States

Srich, 50, Springhills

“I met my special one on Christian Filipina. I’m really happy to have found someone who shares the same religion and values. I’m really thankful to Christian Filipina and I recommend it to anyone looking for love.”

-Srich, 50, Springhills, United States





1553690 Terry, 62, Texas, United States

Terry, 62, Texas

“I have already found the love of my life on your wonderful dating site.  Thank you for being a huge part of that.  Without your dating site, I never would have found her. Thank you again!  Trying to get all the money together to get us married and get her home to the United States.”

-Terry, 62, Texas, United States




By Christian Filipina staff

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