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April 18, 2019

485455 Thomas, 51, Washington, USA

Thomas, 51, Washington


“I am engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world. I am already taken.”

-Thomas, 51, Washington, USA





1111029 Robin, 33, Texas, USA

Robin, 33, Texas


“I found the right one. God bless you!”

-Robin, 33, Texas, USA





784282 Dean, 51, Minnesota, USA

Dean, 51, Minnesota

“I will be visiting the Philippines in April of 2020, I hope to meet my love Vilma then. Now I will learn how to be a better companion for my Filipino lady. Christian Filipina offers helpful insight and guidance which I am learning from! I’m divorced and finishing the process, then I plan to marry my Vilma.”

-Dean, 51, Minnesota, USA




1018678 Michael, 36, Alabama, USA

Michael, 36, Alabama


“I’m happily in a relationship with a beautiful Filipina named Marchelle. I’m truly blessed to have met someone as special as her.”

-Michael, 36, Alabama, USA




1115083 Michelle, 39, Cavite, Philippines

Michelle, 39, Cavite


“I found now the right guy for me. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Michelle, 39, Cavite, Philippines




April 4, 2019

1016906 Glenn, 51, London, UK

Glenn, 51, London

“I have found my beautiful woman, Angie. After many years of searching, she is now all that I want and lots more. I am so pleased, blessed, happy and grateful to God and to Christian Filipina. She is sincere, kind, supportive and a wonderful attractive lady who feels the same love for me. After meeting her here on Christian Filipina in June 2018, we became boyfriend & girlfriend in October. I decided to visit her in the Philippines for Christmas and we got engaged New Years Day 2019. My fellow searchers, don’t give up on your personal search; and thank you to the few friends I did make here on my journey. I wish you all to find your true love and that God will help you to also find the right one.”

-Glenn, 51, London, UK




481554 Noemi, 26, Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Noemi, 26, Cagayan Valley

“Thank you very much to all the staff of Christian Filipina. Because of this site, I found my man Corey, and we are now engaged! And I thank God for everything! Am so lucky and blessed that my man came into my life! I owe you a lot, Christian Filipina!”

-Noemi, 26, Cagayan Valley, Philippines




664885 Jessica, 30, Pampanga, Philippines

Jessica, 30, Pampanga


“Life is real but love lasts eternally. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jessica, 30, Pampanga,  Philippines





1220700 Faith, 21, Davao City, Philippines

Faith, 21, Davao City


“I already found someone. He’s a great guy. Thanks for the help, Christian Filipina!”

-Faith, 21, Davao City, Philippines





993206 Pearl, 47, Davao City, Philippines

Pearl, 47, Davao City


“I am now already taken. I found my very special man here and we’re now engaged. Thank you Christian Filipina for having me here in this site.”

-Pearl, 47, Davao City, Philippines




March 21, 2019

1050297 Lyn, 34, Manila, Philippines

Lyn, 34, Manila


“I found my million dollar man! Happy searching guys!”

-Lyn, 34, Manila, Philippines





1133035 Kenneth, 57, Texas, USA

Kenneth, 57, Texas


“Thanks to Christian Filipina that my forever love has found me. We are engaged to be married. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Through Jesus, a new love will blossom throughout the universe. God bless.”

-Kenneth, 57, Texas, USA



836301 Jeanalyn, 34, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Jeanalyn, 34, Negros Oriental


“I just wanted to take the time to inform you that I have gotten married.  Thank you, Christian Filipina for your assistance.”

-Jeanalyn, 34, Negros Oriental, Philippines





810136 Harvey, 44, Florida, USA

Harvey, 44, Florida


“I have found the lady for me. Good luck in your search!”

-Harvey, 44, Florida, USA





1006288 James, 40, Philadelphia, USA

James, 40, Philadelphia


“I found someone in Christian Filipina.”

-James, 40, Philadelphia, USA





March 7, 2019

1092628 Lewis, 60, Texas, USA

Lewis, 60, Texas

“I am so happy that God has given me the love of my life in Jackie. We got married on 22 February 2019 at our family church. Thank you, God and Christian Filipina for finding the right lady for me. Jackie is beautiful inside and out and she is my best friend. She is funny, caring and loving. She places God as number one and us as number two in our relationship.”

-Lewis, 60, Texas, USA





412092 Craig, 60, Victoria, Australia

Craig, 60, Victoria


“I met my wife here in Christian Filipina and we got married on August 12, 2017. Thanks to this site, we are happily married now.”

-Craig, 60, Victoria, Australia





998342 Juliet, 56, Manila, Philippines

Juliet, 56, Manila


“Thank you Lord and Christian Filipina, I married the man that I found on this site. I promise to love him faithfully.”

-Juliet, 56, Manila, Philippines






1006973 Phillip, 36, Texas, USA

Phillip, 36, Texas


“I have been very happy with Christian Filipina’s professionalism and results. I’m now engaged with a lovely lady I met on your site.”

-Phillip, 36, Texas, USA






672412 Cristina, 23, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Cristina, 23, Negros Oriental


“I have found my special someone on Christian Filipina!”

-Cristina, 23, Negros Oriental, Philippines





February 21, 2019

631781 Jimmy, 58, Georgia, USA

Jimmy, 58, Georgia


“I have found my love. She is my best friend and one day she will be my wife. Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found her. Thank you, Lord, for my girl. I hope whoever sees this post will have the love they want and deserve. God bless you all.”

-Jimmy, 58, Georgia, USA





1043566 Sarah, 38, Davao, Philippines

Sarah, 38, Davao


“My search is over, I’ve already found my Nicke. God bless you all!”

-Sarah, 38, Davao, Philippines






216256 Anne, 35. Manila, Philippines

Anne, 35. Manila


“Thank you Christian Filipina! I found my true love here on your site.”

-Anne, 35. Manila Philippines






1100642 Faye, 36, Manila, Philippines

Faye, 36, Manila


“I found the love for me. Thank you so much!”

-Faye, 36, Manila, Philippines






1181179 MaErona, 42, Cebu, Philippines

MaErona, 42, Cebu


“I am so thankful and feel so blessed that after 19 years I found Douglas of Yuba City. God bless you, Christian Filipina.”

-MaErona, 42, Cebu, Philippines





January 31, 2019

1173023 Dave, 66, Alberta, Canada

Dave, 66, Alberta


“I have been communicating with a lady and I want to focus on getting to know her. I met her on Christian Filipina. Thank you!”

-Dave, 66, Alberta, Canada






403810 Ginalyn, 32, San Juan, Philippines

Ginalyn, 32, San Juan


“I found my man. Thank you.”

-Ginalyn, 32, San Juan, Philippines







135329 Maria, 58, Laguna, Philippines

Maria, 58, Laguna


“I have met a very special guy on Christian Filipina. Thank you for helping me find my special someone.”

-Maria, 58, Laguna, Philippines






890867 Miles, 32, Rizal, Philippines

Miles, 32, Rizal


“Met someone already. Thank you”

-Miles, 32, Rizal, Philippines







672653 Angelyn, S Cotabato, Philippines

Angelyn, S. Cotabato


“I already found my special someone and we will meet soon thank you.”

-Angelyn, South Cotabato, Philippines





January 17, 2019

375824 Michaelyn, 32, Leyte, Philippines

Michaelyn, 32, Leyte


“A blessed, fruitful and a happy marriage by the Lord Jesus Christ through Christian Filipina!”

-Michaelyn, 32, Leyte, Philippines






1115652 Michael, 50, Texas, USA

Michael, 50, Texas


“I’m taken, ladies. Good luck with your search!”

-Michael, 50, Texas, USA







125243 MieCha, 32, Makati City, Philippines

MieCha, 32, Makati City


“I have found a man of God, my dream man. I am now taken by Chase and I will devote my time and energy to him. Thanks for all your messages and winks. God bless you all!”

– MieCha, 32, Makati City, Philippines






373415 Steven, 56, Perth, Australia

Steven, 56, Perth


“Now happily married to someone I met on Christian Filipina.”

-Steven, 56, Perth, Australia







795575 David, 54, Ohio, USA

David, 54, Ohio


“Found someone!”

-David, 54, Ohio, USA





January 3, 2019

1008284 Dale, 62, Nevada, USA

Dale, 62, Nevada


“I found my love here in the Philippines.”

-Dale, 62, Nevada, USA






824232 Mike, 61, Missouri, USA

Mike, 61, Missouri


“Found someone. Am satisfied with the results!”

-Mike, 61, Missouri, USA







74801 Russell, 43, S. Carolina, USA

Russell, 43, S. Carolina


“I have found someone. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Russell, 43, S. Carolina, USA







233231 Katherine, 38, Caloocan City, Philippines

Katherine, 38, Caloocan City


“Already found someone. Getting married soon!”

-Katherine, 38, Caloocan City, Philippines







726259 Maribel, 39, Samar, Philippines

Maribel, 39, Samar


“I finally found my one and only. Thank you very much Christian Filipina. ”

-Maribel, 39, Samar, Philippines





December 20, 2018

932247 Michael, 54, Florida, USA

Michael, 54, Florida


“I have recently met a wonderful woman. She loves Jesus Christ. I met her here on Christian Filipina. Praise God, I am done searching!”

-Michael, 54, Florida, USA






562536 Stefan, 66, New S Wales, Australia

Stefan, 66, New S Wales


“I will be going to the Philippines again! I am in a relationship with a Filipina I met here at Christian Filipina.”

-Stefan, 66, New S Wales, Australia







821222 Cindy, 24, Rizal, Philippines

Cindy, 24, Rizal

“I already met my someone special. I have been thankful that I met someone here in Christian Filipina, and his name is Michael. May this site be blessed as well as the members who are looking for a serious relationship. More power and good luck to each and everyone!”

-Cindy, 24, Rizal, Philippines







1010045 Lynne, 38, Gen Santos City, Philippines

Lynne, 38, Gen Santos City


“I found my special someone through Christian Filipina and we are to get married soon. My heartfelt thanks to this site!”

-Lynne, 38, Gen Santos City, Philippines







629243 Rowena, 33, Pasig City, Philippines

Rowena, 33, Pasig City


“I found my lifetime partner!”

-Rowena, 33, Pasig City, Philippines





December 6, 2018

1125761 Lewis, 58, Ohio, USA

Lewis, 58, Ohio

“I have just received a phone call from a representative of Christian Filipina. I expressed to her that I have found my forever, and am going to the Philippines on March 1st, 2019, and we will be married on April 13th, 2019. I do appreciate your organization. It was through Christian Filipina that I met the most wonderful woman who will soon be my life partner. On March 1st, I am going to be happy, and on April 13th, I am going to be much happier. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Lewis, 58, Ohio, USA




1138161 Patrick, 37, Dungarvan, Ireland

Patrick, 37, Dungarvan


“I’m taken! Met a lovely woman from Metro Manila who I have fallen for. Christian Filipina does work!”

-Patrick, 37, Dungarvan, Ireland






1128405 Garey, 65, New South Wales, Australia

Garey, 65, New South Wales


“I have already found my soul mate here in Christian Filipina. ”

-Garey, 65, New South Wales, Australia







1128322 Jean, 32, Manila, Philippines

Jean, 32, Manila


“I have found the one for me here in Christian Filipina, and his name is Padraig. I am not looking anymore.”

-Jean, 32, Manila, Philippines






58174 Catalina, 46, Cebu, Philippines

Catalina, 46, Cebu


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! I have found my man. Hopefully, I’ll meet him on the first week of May next year. Good luck to everyone and God bless!”

-Catalina, 46, Cebu, Philippines





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By Christian Filipina staff

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