March 29, 2017


520619 Curtis, 50, Georgia, USA

Curtis, 50, Georgia


“I have found the love of my life in Christian Filipina! l just got married last February 18. Thank you so much!”

-Curtis, 50, Georgia, USA





521611 Kirk, 65, Washington, USA

Kirk, 65, Washington


“I found her in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Kirk, 65, Washington, USA






9027 Sib, 57, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Sib, 57, Port Moresby

“I am not available anymore as I have found and married the woman I was searching for through this wonderful site. May you find the one that God has predestined for you before the foundation of the world, as He has done for me here in Christian Filipina.”

-Sib, 57, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea





779394 Scott, 51, Indiana, USA

Scott, 51, Indiana


“Thanks to Christian Filipina! I’m happy to announce today that I am in a relationship with a godly and beautiful Filipina woman. She is truly amazing in every way!”

-Scott, 51, Indiana, USA





474292 Lib, 48, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Lib, 48, Lanao del Norte


“I found someone! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Lib, 48, Lanao del Norte, Philippines






March 23, 2017 – “Darryl and Leizel”


589069 Darryl, 50, Washington, USA

Darryl, 50, Washington

“In April of 2016, Leizel and I met in Christian Filipina. Roughly 10 months later, February 6, I flew to the Philippines to meet her and her family in person. On February 13th, I proposed to Leizel and thankfully she said I do! She has made me the happiest guy by wanting to spend her life with me. At 50, I had almost given up, but thankfully God still works miracles and brought us together. Thanks to Christian Filipina for being the instrument of God’s work!”

-Darryl, 50, Washington, USA




618130 Leizel, 24, Butuan, Philippines

Leizel, 24, Butuan

“I am the happiest girl in the whole world because finally God gave me a good person like him. He is an answer to my prayer! When the time came that he proposed, I felt like I had a thousand butterflies in my tummy! One thing’s for sure, I love him very much. Thanks to God for bringing Darryl into my life. I realized that long distance relationship is not a hindrance of how much you love the person and how important he is to you. You just have to wait until God gives the perfect time. Just believe and trust in Him and you will be happy. Thanks to Christian Filipina because through this site, I met Darryl and he is now my loving fiancé!”

-Leizel, 24, Butuan, Philippines




March 15, 2017


503979 Rod, 52, Alberta, Canada

Rod, 52, Alberta


“I’ve already found the woman of my dreams through Christian Filipina. Thank you so much!”

-Rod, 52, Alberta, Canada





747802 Fernando, 49, Sydney, Australia

Fernando, 49, Sydney

“I like to thank Christian Filipina and all the staff involved on this site. Because I found my future wife through you. I wish you will continue helping people like us to find our partners in life. It does make a big difference. Now we’re both very happy and are preparing for a great future. Thanks again!”

-Fernando, 49, Sydney, Australia




767198 Rod, 51, Melbourne, Australia

Rod, 51, Melbourne


“I have found a very special lady here in Christian Filipina. Thanks!”

-Rod, 51, Melbourne, Australia





771184 Concepcion, 49, Davao, Philippines

Concepcion, 49, Davao


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina. I only joined the site on January 2017 to look for a partner, and I am proud and happy to say that I found my man already here! Thank you and I owe a lot from this site.”

-Concepcion, 49, Davao, Philippines





352077 Jennefer, 23, S Cotabato, Philippines

Jennefer, 23, Cotabato


“I met someone in Christian Filipina. Thank you!”

-Jennefer, 23, South Cotabato, Philippines






March 10, 2017


631068 Rhett, 68, Louisiana, USA

Rhett, 68, Louisiana


“I found my soul mate about a month ago in Christian Filipina! I went to see her in Manila and now am planning to get her to America.”

-Rhett, 68, Louisiana, USA





210064 Carole, 29, San Juan, Philippines

Carole, 29, San Juan


“My husband and I met here in Christian Filipina. It was awesome to finally be married to the man I love. He’s God’s gift to me! Thank you!”

-Carole, 29, San Juan, Philippines





610572 Richard, 65, Virginia, USA

Richard, 65, Virginia


“I have someone special in my life, and I found her in Christian Filipina. I am very happy with her. Thank you!”

-Richard, 65, Virginia, USA






282793 Claire, 32, Zambales, Philippines

Claire, 32, Zambales


“I just found the man who fulfills my dream! And I love him! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Claire, 32, Zambales, Philippines






139766 Maria, 45, Cebu, Philippines

Maria, 45, Cebu


“I found the love of my life here in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Maria, 45, Cebu, Philippines






March 2, 2017


520734 Bulla, 71, Auckland, New Zealand

Bulla, 71, Auckland

“I wish to inform you that I already found my woman here in Christian Filipina. We were married last September 2016. We are wishing you find time to invite us to share with others how fruitful our meeting here in the site was, and when we met in person after going to the Philippines early of last year. Others may follow our example. It was very lovely and we are going stronger as the days went on. Thank you to Christian Filipina!”

-Bulla, 71, Auckland, New Zealand




441706 Chuck, 70, New Hampshire, USA

Chuck, 70, New Hampshire

“Thanks to Christian Filipina for giving me a chance to see so many lovely ladies. I have chosen one lady from your site and have started a wonderful relationship with her and am already making plans to come to the Phillipines to see her and marry her. I am sure that she is the one for me. Thank you for your support!”

-Chuck, 70, New Hampshire, USA





705633 Dennis, 70, Oregon, USA

Dennis, 70, Oregon


“I have found a woman and we are engaged. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Dennis, 70, Oregon, USA






772590 Patrick, 45, Auckland, New Zealand

Patrick, 45, Auckland


“I have met a beautiful woman in Christian Filipina. Yes, this site really does improve one’s love life!”

-Patrick, 45, Auckland, New Zealand






326571 Ish, 34, Manila, Philippines

Ish, 34, Manila


“Hello Christian Filipina, I finally found my soulmate here and am very thankful to your site!”

-Ish, 34, Manila, Philippines






By Christian Filipina staff

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