September 27, 2018

171964 Stanley, 51, Nevada, USA

Stanley, 51, Nevada

“Without Christian Filipina, I would’ve never have met the woman of my dreams and get married happily. I am so blessed beyond measures to have this beautiful, awesome and amazing woman in my life who I have met on Christian Filipina. She has changed my life; she has elevated my spirits as I’ve elevated hers. We are committed as one and love each other more than words can ever say. The process of falling in love with an amazing Filipina has been the highlight of my life. Thank you so much, God, for bestowing this angel upon me.”

-Stanley, 51, Nevada, USA




1019391 Jennifer, 34, Pasig City, Philippines

Jennifer, 34, Pasig City

“I finally found him, the man of my dreams. We met here 3 months ago, It felt like we knew each other for a very long time. Now, we are engaged and are planning to get married in December. God bless you all and I highly recommend Christian Filipina to someone who is looking for a real relationship.”

-Jennifer, 34, Pasig City, Philippines





590182 Roselyn, 29, Manila, Philippines

Roselyn, 29, Manila


“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for providing a very reliable site to search for. I have found love as we found each other. Thank you so much, my love, for everything.”

-Roselyn, 29, Manila, Philippines






937052 Lurie, 22, Agusan Del Norte, Philippines

Lurie, 22, Agusan Del Norte


“I’m already engaged with my Paul. Blessed by God. God bless everyone.”

-Lurie, 22, Agusan Del Norte, Philippines







987905 Mike, 49, Georgia, USA

Mike, 49, Georgia


“Hello everyone, I am happy to say that I’ve finally found my queen. Good luck in your search and God bless always.”

-Mike, 49, Georgia, USA





September 13, 2018

195237 Theresa, 43, Cebu, Philippines

Theresa, 43, Cebu


“I have found the love of my life, my best friend, my partner in life, my forever & my everything. God is really good and He answered my prayers. Thank you, everyone, for all the winks, views and messages. God bless you all!”

-Theresa, 43, Cebu, Philippines





917934 Nicholas, 33, Texas, USA

Nicholas, 33, Texas


“I met someone many months ago on Christian Filipina. We are waiting on our K1 visa to be processed now.”

-Nicholas, 33, Texas, USA







977925 Michael, 47, Maryland, USA

Michael, 47, Maryland

“I found a nice young lady and I plan to go visit her. Her name is Jeannie. Our long distance relationship is going strong against the test of time. I feel so blessed. Every day I awake is one day closer to our meeting day. Thank you Christian Filipina. God Bless!”

-Michael, 47, Maryland, USA






1083597 Garry, 66, Peterborough, UK

Garry, 66, Peterborough


“I feel I have met my special someone! We just clicked. She seems to be genuine and honest.”

-Garry, 66, Peterborough, UK





By Christian Filipina staff

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