August 21, 2016


174452 Josh, 32, Indiana, USA

Josh, 32, Indiana

“I would like thank you Christian Filipina, for allowing me to your site and find the lady God has chosen for me. By God’s grace, He has guided me to her on your site. Juliet, the sweetest lady I have met, is beautiful inside and out. She is everything I have prayed for, and I am very thankful to our Lord for giving her to me. I could not be any happier.  I pray God will give you ladies the man each of you are searching for. Don’t give up hope, you will find what you seek.  Thanks and God bless always!”

-Josh, 32, Indiana, USA




688788 Michael, 69, Washington, USA

Michael, 69, Washington


“I have found my love in Christian Filipina! She is wonderful and we will be married soon! She is my all and everything!  Thank you!”

-Michael, 69, Washington, USA





285854 Neil, 63, Queensland, Australia

Neil, 63, Queensland

“They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. I would not have believed that in such a short time, I could fall in love with this wonderfull woman. I pray that if it is the Lord’s will, we will be together to honor the Lord as a married couple, and to continue His work together for the rest of our earthly life. Praise the Lord for leading me to “My One and Only Love.” A mighty thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Neil, 63, Queensland, Australia




460262 Jiesebelle, 40, Zamboanga, Philippines

Jiesebelle, 40, Zamboanga


“I found the love of my life! We are together for 3 months now, and we finally met! Good luck on your search, and more power to Christian Filipina!”

-Jiesebelle, 40, Zamboanga, Philippines





306473 Genevieve, 30, Davao, Philippines

Genevieve, 30, Davao


” I met someone in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Genevieve, 30, Davao, Philippines





August 14, 2016

557269 John, 69, Marlbourgh, New Zealand

John, 69, Marlbourgh

“I finally found someone here in Christian Filipina. I am very thankful and grateful because of this site, I found the love of my life. We got married last June 14, 2016 in the Philippines. My wife is coming to New Zealand by August 2016. Good luck and God Bless to all of us!”

-John, 69, Marlbourgh, New Zealand




369274 Don, 56, Melbourne, Australia

Don, 56, Melbourne


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! I found my girl and we are happy together!”

-Don, 56, Melbourne, Australia





329008 Brian, 31, California, USA

Brian, 31, California


“I have found someone. Thank you very much, Christian Filipina!”

-Brian, 31, California, USA





240355 Adz, 29, Leyte, Philippines

Adz, 29, Leyte


“I am no longer looking for anyone here. I found already the best man, my “THE ONE,” my only, Dan. Thanks Christian Filipina for bringing us closer. Good luck to those who are still searching!”

-Adz, 29, Leyte, Philippines




114095 Ging, 38, Makati, Philippines

Ging, 38, Makati


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I found someone special who has a good heart. I read God’s words everyday, and I have been blessed. We will meet soon here in the Philippines. God is good!”

-Ging, 38, Makati, Philippines





August 7, 2016

478483 Jean 25, Rizal, Philippines

Jean 25, Rizal

“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for giving me a chance to find my true love. The long wait is over! I met my husband Philip last August 2015 and we enjoyed chatting with each other until he decided to visit me in the Philippines. He proposed to me on December 2015. He went here again on January 14, 2016 and we got married on the 23rd! It was the happiest day of our lives! I thank God for answering my prayer to help me find a nice guy — caring, sweet, understanding. Now we are just waiting for the VISA processing so I can come and live with him.. Thanks again, Christian Filipina!”

-Jean 25, Rizal, Philippines




227149 Fern, 70, Montreal, Canada

Fern, 70, Montreal


“I found the lady of my life, right here in Christian Filipina! Thank you!”

-Fern, 70, Montreal, Canada





658117 Tim, 53, Adelaide, Australia

Tim, 53, Adelaide


“Thank you, Christian Filipina. I have now found the lady of my dreams, and we are very happy in planning our future together. Thanks to all the ladies who sent me winks and messages. I hope you find your life partners soon!”

-Tim, 53, Adelaide, Australia





593453 Marites, 41, Albay, Philippines

Marites, 41, Albay


“Thank you Christian Filipina! I have found my soul mate and we are happily planning our future together.  Good luck to all and I hope you find your lifetime partners soon!”

-Marites, 41, Albay, Philippines





169647 Cris, 26, Cebu, Philippines

Cris, 26, Cebu


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! I found my special someone. I’m so happy. Thanks a lot!”

-Cris, 26, Cebu, Philippines





July 31, 2016

418845 MrsTarr, 31, Valenzuela, Philippines

MrsTarr, 31, Valenzuela


“Married to a very kind, loving, and a God-fearing husband. I love him very much. Thank you, Christian Filipina! I feel so blessed! Thank you Jesus for this gift!”

-MrsTarr, 31, Valenzuela, Philippines





68973 Jim, 57, California, USA

Jim, 57, California


“No more searching. I found my life partner here! Thanks, Christian Filipina! You could find yours, too!”

-Jim, 57, California, USA





578759 Kenneth, 57, Arizona, USA

Kenneth, 57, Arizona

“I met the woman who I want to spend the rest of my like with. Her name is Jessa. She is the most wonderful lady. We talk everyday; we have so much in common. I haven’t asked her to marry me yet but we decided to be exclusive and dedicate our time to one another. Hope to pop the question soon! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Kenneth, 57, Arizona, USA





213520 Jessa, 29, Agusan, Philippines

Jessa, 29, Agusan

“My search is over; God finally heard my prayers and He has given me the guy who I want to be my life time partner. Thank you so much Christian Filipina for being our way to know each other. I am happy to have Kenneth in my life. May God bless us in our journey.”

-Jessa, 29, Agusan, Philippines





664172 Rogen, 23, Bacolod, Philippines

Rogen, 23, Bacolod


“I am not searching anymore. I am happy now having my babe, my love, my king, my best friend, and my soon-to-be husband, Larry! I love him so much! God bless us all! I pray for our happiness always! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Rogen, 23, Bacolod, Philippines





July 24, 2016

95881 Bheng, 49, Manila, Philippines

Bheng, 49, Manila


“I learned to wait for someone who God wants me to be with, and finally I found the man who will stay with me forever. I bring back all the praises and honor to Him! Thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Bheng, 49, Manila, Philippines




355546 Charm, 31, Manila, Philippines

Charm, 31, Manila

“My search is over. I finally found my someone, the love of my life. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and God gave me a kindhearted, understanding person who has faith in God. He came to the Philippines to visit me, my family and relatives. I felt so much joy and happiness. I love him so much. Thank you Christian Filipina for helping us!”

-Charm, 31, Manila, Philippines




234377 Lei, 30, Bacolod, Philippines

Lei, 30, Bacolod


“I met my fiance here in Christian Filipina. Thank you!!”

-Lei, 30, Bacolod, Philippines




301624 Liezl, 29, Surigao, Philippines

Liezl, 29, Surigao

“I am proud to say that I have found here the love of my life, my behalf. Thank you God for giving this man to me, we praise Your great love to us, You do not want us to live unhappy and alone. Also thank you so much Christian Filipina. We found each other through this site.”

-Liezl, 29, Surigao, Philippines



133918 Lyn, 38, Cebu, Philippines

Lyn, 38, Cebu


“I want to thank Christian Filipina! I finally found my soul mate and I am now engaged with him.”

-Lyn, 38, Cebu, Philippines




By Christian Filipina staff

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