February 27, 2015





83474 Sherlyn, 27, Cebu City

Sherlyn, 27, Cebu City


“I am very thankful to our God Almighty for giving me the chance to meet a wonderful and adventurous man in my life.  He answered my prayer and by the help of Christian Filipina, Rob and I met personally twice already in the Philipines.  We got engaged last February 21, 2014 and are planning to get married next year.”

-Sherlyn, 27, Cebu City, Philippines








365092 Kevin, 55, Ohio

Kevin, 55, Ohio


“Christian Filipina has brought to me, Vivian.  I will be true to her.  I wish you all of the best.  God Bless you all!”

-Kevin, 55, Ohio, USA








305848 Manilyn, 21, Philippines

Manilyn, 21, Philippines


“I want to say thank you to Christian Filipina!  My search is done because I already found my Mr. Right.  Thanks and may God bless us always.  We got engaged on Feb 19, 2015.  I’m getting married.”

-Manilyn, 21, Philippines








337953 John, 31, Brisbane

John, 31, Brisbane


“I would just like to say thank you so much to Christian Filipina.  I have found my true love and we are busy making our wedding plans.”

-John, 31, Brisbane, Australia








295456 Brenda, 51, Cebu City

Brenda, 51, Cebu City


“I found my soul mate in Christian Filipina.  Thank you so much and more power!  God bless!”

-Brenda, 51, Cebu City, Philippines





February 20, 2015





372607 Daisy, 51, Iligan City

Daisy, 51, Iligan City


“Thanks Christian Filipina! I met John in this site and I want to be sincere and faithful to him. God Bless Everyone!”

-Daisy, 51, Iligan City, Philippines








122402 Duane, 53, Iowa

Duane, 53, Iowa


“Hi everyone! I have found my love in a girl named Josephine. Good luck to you all!”

-Duane, 53, Iowa, USA








178627 Al, 61, North Carolina

Al, 61, North Carolina


“I have found the love that I want to be with. Thank you Christian Filipina for Lorena! God bless!”

-Al, 61, North Carolina, USA








79636 Ces, 33, Davao City

Ces, 33, Davao City


“My search is over. I have already found the man of my dream . Thank you hon for loving me so much. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Ces, 33, Davao City, Philippines








128788 Hazel, 32, Misamis Occidental

Hazel, 32, Misamis Occidental


“I’ve met my Chad.  Thanks Christian Filipina.  Good luck to everyone with your search. God bless!”

-Hazel, 32, Misamis Occidental, Philippines





February 14, 2015





105198 Angie, 27, Dipolog

Angie, 27, Dipolog


“I got married last January 8, 2015.  I found him here in this site.  I do believe that God brought us together and our hearts beat as one now.  This site was used by God as an instrument so that our two broken hearts will become whole again.  Yes, true love really exists in Christian Filipina.”

-Angie, 27, Dipolog, Philippines









297054 Guy, 57, California

Guy, 57, California


“I am thanking God that through Christian Filipina I have found that one in a million lady that God has blessed me with, Ms. Cristy. (I have found my Pearl) Matthew 13:45-46 King James Version (KJV) 45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: 46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”

-Guy, 57, California, USA








364371 Tim, 61, Mississippi

Tim, 61, Mississippi


“I’ve become engaged to a beautiful, wonderful, funny Filipino lady, Miss Lorna.  We both worked hard developing our relationship from friends and evolving into love and engagement.”

-Tim, 61, Mississippi, USA








37957 Eunice, 35, Cavite

Eunice, 35, Cavite


“I found love through faith at Christian Filipina.  I’m in love and in a relationship with Todd! ”

-Eunice, 35, Cavite, Philippines





February 9, 2015





172942 Cristy, 40, North Luzon

Cristy, 40, North Luzon


“Thank God and thank you so much Christian Filipina because I found the missing piece of my life here.  The one who brought back the smile on my face…Guy, I love you so much, honey!”

-Cristy, 40, North Luzon, Philippines








151113 Todd, 48, Ohio

Todd, 48, Ohio



“Thanks Christian Filipina!  I have found Love with Eunice.”

-Todd, 48, Ohio, USA









118338 Claire, 30, General Santos

Claire, 30, General Santos



“Thanks to Christian Filipina. I already found my man. God bless everyone.”

-Claire, 30, General Santos, Philippines





January 31, 2015





57067 Murray, 60, Tennessee

Murray, 60, Tennessee


“I wish to thank everyone on Christian Filipina. I have found a wonderful lady. Sweetie is beautiful in so many ways and I hope she will be my wife one day.
God bless!”

-Murray, 60, Tennessee, USA







362397 Kelly, 27, Manila

Kelly, 27, Manila


“The Lord gave me a man who can make my life complete. Thanks be to God, I found him. He is Keith who showed me many reasons why life is beautiful. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Kelly, 27, Manila, Philippines









61183 Michelle, 28, Dumaguete

Michelle, 28, Dumaguete


“I would like to say thank you to the staff of Christian Filipina for this site. I already found David from USA. I am so blessed with him and I’m thankful to God. God bless us.”

-Michelle, 28, Dumaguete, Philippines





January 24, 2015




303113 Lee, 52, Illinois

Lee, 52, Illinois


“My Mahal and I received our Blessing in the IFI Church 1-8-15. My best wishes and hopes for all of you out there searching for that special someone. Is it possible to find true love on this site? Yes, but you have to believe and put your faith and trust in God to make it happen. May God bless all of you. ”

-Lee, 52, Illinois, USA







275357 Alma, 44, Agusan Del Sur

Alma, 44, Agusan Del Sur



“Thanks Christian Filipina! I found my love here. ”

-Alma, 44, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines









113967 Lin, 47, Angeles City

Lin, 47, Angeles City


“I’ve already found my soulmate in the person of Daniel, a godly man.  We are together more than one year already.  Thank you so much Christian Filipina family! ”

-Lin, 47, Angeles City, Philippines





January 17, 2015



197468 Jynifer, 40, Cebu

Jynifer, 40, Cebu



“I’m so thankful for this website because I found the man that I am looking for, Ian. We’re both lucky we found each other here. Thank you so much Christian Filipina site.”

-Jynifer, 40, Cebu, Philippines







67961 Maricar,  33,  Zamboanga City

Maricar, 33, Zamboanga City



“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sign in your site. I have found my future husband in this site so I thank you so much. God bless you and more powers to CF. ”

-Maricar, 33, Zamboanga City, Philippines








118351 Angel, 35, Davao City

Angel, 35, Davao City



“Found the love of my life and we are together now. Thanks to Christian Filipina as God used this site as instrument to find each other. Good luck everyone on your search. God bless!”

-Angel, 35, Davao City, Philippines





January 14, 2015



59746 Lily, 45, Quezon City

Lily, 45, Quezon City



“I was a member of Christian Filipina and found my match on this site. I am now happily married to that man for almost two years now. Thank you and God Bless.”

-Lily, 45, Quezon City, Philippines







32468 Dale, 62, Wisconsin

Dale, 62, Wisconsin




“Thank you CF for giving me this opportunity.”

-Dale, 62, Wisconsin, USA







269873 Lita, 50, Leyte

Lita, 50, Leyte


“Your site is very helpful. I already met my soulmate here so, i’m not looking anymore and i want to thank you guys for your wonderful site. God bless and more power!”

-Lita, 50, Leyte, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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