August 30, 2018

239141 Rich, 56, Texas, USA

Rich, 56, Texas


“I just got married! I have found the girl that I dreamed of for the rest of my life on Christian Filipina. Good luck in your search!”

-Rich, 56, Texas, USA





244536 Fred, 62, Illinois, USA

Fred, 62, Illinois


“I got my wife already in Christian Filipina.”

-Fred, 62, Illinois, USA







645350 Stephen, 61, Delaware, USA

Stephen, 61, Delaware

“I met a delightful woman through Christian Filipina. We have been chatting every day since we became exclusive, which was about ten days after we met almost nine months ago. In December, I am going to visit her at a resort for twelve days, and we will spend three days meeting her family in the rice fields of Nueva Ecija. I understand that I am not only marrying Jocelyn — I am marrying her family.”

-Stephen, 61, Delaware, USA





985448 Chris, 71, Queensland, Australia

Chris, 71, Queensland


“I have found a partner. Thank You”

-Chris, 71, Queensland, Australia







1101955 Tin, 32, Manila, Philippines

Tin, 32, Manila


“I have already found the love of my life. Thank you!”

-Tin, 32, Manila, Philippines





August 16, 2018

25689 Maria, 33, Leyte, Philippines

Maria, 33, Leyte


“Thanks to God, to the staff of Christian Filipina, and to my future love. My dear Eric, you are my love forever. Please take care of your health. I am waiting for you, honey.”

-Maria, 33, Leyte, Philippines





995752 Udo, 76, Alberta, Canada

Udo, 76, Alberta


“Thanks to Christian Filipina, I am currently in a relationship.”

-Udo, 76, Alberta, Canada






930854 Russell, 48, Missouri, USA

Russell, 48, Missouri


“My status has changed. I have found a beautiful, young and educated lady.”

-Russell, 48, Missouri, USA






1090075 Em, 36, Rizal, Philippines

Em, 36, Rizal


“I already found my Mr. Right on this site. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Em, 36, Rizal, Philippines






978784 Rowena, 46, Manila, Philippines

Rowena, 46, Manila


“We have found each other. My daddy love, William.”

-Rowena, 46, Manila, Philippines





August 2, 2018

615671 Marina, 50, Laguna, Philippines

Marina, 50, Laguna

“My fiance, Ray, and I got engaged last December 27, 2017. I’ve found an amazing man on this site and I thank Christian Filipina for the opportunity that was given to me to be its member. I thank God for using this site as an amazing instrument to connect people and soulmates all around the world. He’s very patient, calm, understanding, caring and loving. I’m very blessed to have found him and I’m so blessed that he has chosen me among the bunch of lovely ladies here. He’s very patient and very supportive while I’m in the process of my annulment. I know this is all God’s will that He directed me to my mahal who loves and accepts me for who and what I am. I can’t thank God and CF site enough for this wonderful opportunity. I thank God for those who showed interest in me here and those who wrote to me. I wish you all good luck and may you find your forever love on this site too. God bless!”

-Marina, 50, Laguna, Philippines



1058624 Juliet, 30, Manila, Philippines

Juliet, 30, Manila

“I thank God that He sent me a man who is willing to accept me and my son. He gives me the unconditional love that I need and he gives the attention and care that I never experienced with anyone. My love, James, thanks for coming into my life and thank you for always making me happy every day. I love you, aking honey.  The Lord will bless us until we’re together. Let’s keep praying.”

-Juliet, 30, Manila, Philippines




523778 Analiza, 33, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Analiza, 33, Negros Occidental


“Thank you Christian Filipina!  I found my forever here. God bless us all!”

-Analiza, 33, Negros Occidental, Philippines





941679 Vien, 39, Manila, Philippines

Vien, 39, Manila

“I finally found my life partner, my best friend, my lover my husband-to-be, asawa ko, my Lyle. I met him here in Christian Filipina.  I thank God that He gave me my heart’s desire and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Hope you will find your soulmate here too. Goodluck!”

-Vien, 39, Manila, Philippines




998142 Loret, 37, Cebu, Philippines

Loret, 37, Cebu

“I’m currently in a relationship. I’ve been to some dating sites and my search was not successful. I met a lot of scammers until I learned about Christian Filipina. Then I met him. He calls me all the time. He is fun to be with; he always makes me smile and laugh whenever we talk. So I decided to give him my yes.”

-Loret, 37, Cebu, Philippines

By Christian Filipina staff

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