July 29, 2013

Ron, 47, Kentucky, USA

Ron, 47, Kentucky, USA


“I encourage you all to come join us in the forums as it has been a great resource and a great family I have discovered. Thank you for everything and my regards to Peter and Christian Filipina.  May God Bless your search as He has blessed mine and thank you all!”

–Ron, 47, Kentucky, USA






William, 49, California, USA

William, 49, California, USA


“Christian Filipina is a great site. The BEST, in fact, in terms of technical functionality. I will recommend CF to my friends. Thanks!”

–William, 49, California, USA








Madz, 35, PH

Madz, 35, PH


“I found my partner here! Thankful for giving me the opportunity to be part of this growing Christian Filipina dating!”

–Madz, 35, PH








Harold, 41, USA

Harold, 41, USA


“I found her and I hope things workout with this one, she’s an amazing woman. And only time will tell. If it does, we’ll be sure to send you the full story. This website is definitely legit. I like how you are filtering out scammers aggressively. Thanks Christian Filipina staff. Mahalo ! And hope to communicate with you in the future.”

–Harold, 41, USA







Lagrimas, 57, PH

Lagrimas, 57, PH

“I met an Australian man he is good and kind to me not only me for my family he visit me here last May and June 2013. I met him here at Christian Filipina and I proud of your site. I tell my friends who are in search for love to join the site. Thank you very much.”

–Lagrimas, 57, PH



July 24, 2013


Tom, Florida & Ariane, Samar

Tom, Florida & Ariane, Samar

“After how many years of searching for the right man , I already found him. I fell in love with him in a short period of time. Don’t lose your HOPE, just like me I already found HIM, the other half of my HEART.”

— Ariane, 24, Samar, PH”

“My heart is taken by someone special and I am planning to marry her.”

–Tom, Florida







Liton, 30, Sydney, Aus

Joe, 54, Florida


“I have met a wonderful Lady named Ann at Christian Filipina and want to thank everyone for the emails and winks. I wish everyone a good luck on your search.”

–Joe, 54, Florida, USA








Charivy, 21, Davao City, PH

Charivy, 21, Davao City, PH


“Thank you so much for this site. I found my boyfriend here. He’s planning to go back here in the Philippines for the second time.”

–Charivy, 21, Davao City, PH










Bianca, 30, Makati, PH

Bianca, 30, Makati, PH


“I have already found my special someone…Thank you Christian Filipina.”

–Bianca, 30, Makati, PH










James, 54, Colorado, USA

James, 54, Colorado, USA


“Christian Filipina is honest, helpful and a God honoring company. I intend to refer single and sincere Christians to your company. May God bless you.”

–James, 54, Colorado, USA









July 21, 2013


Michael, 57, Brisbane, Australia

Michael, 57, Brisbane, Aus


“I have met someone on your excellent website. I have recommended it to 5 of my friends, it’s a good site.”

–Michael, 57, Brisbane, Australia









Liton, 30, Sydney, Aus

Liton, 30, Sydney, Aus


“Dear CF, I used this service and I am happy using it because I have found my partner.”

–Liton, 30, Sydney, Australia









Ludy, 29, Catanduanes, PH

Ludy, 29, Catanduanes, PH

“Thank you so much Christian Filipina. I have now found the one my heart has been looking for all my life. Kevin and I are very happy and very much in love. He is now with me in the Philippines for 21 days. The more time we spend together, the more we realize we were meant for each other. We plan to marry as soon as possible.”

–Ludy, 29, Catanduanes, PH







Daniel, 54, Utah, USA

Daniel, 54, Utah, USA

“I wish to thank you all for this I believe I just found my future with and I wish to put a halt to my service. I am so very proud of you all and so very grateful for your patience and accommodation of me.”

–Daniel, 54, Utah, USA









Craig, 59, Texas, USA

Craig, 59, Texas, USA


“I really appreciate the professional approach on your website and its customer service. You all do a very good job of weeding out the scammers and other fake girls here.”

–Craig, 59, Texas, USA







July 18, 2013

Charles, 49, Ohio, USA

Charles, 49, Ohio, USA

 “Thank you Christian Filipina for helping me find the lady of my dreams. She is everything that I have been looking for in a wife. Now I will focus all my energy and love on her. So I am no longer looking. Thank you”

Charles, 49, Ohio, USA









Lea, 41, Philippines

Lea, 41, Philippines

“Presently, I am in a relationship to a very wonderful man that I’ve met 8 months ago here in CF. I’m here again because I wanted to join in the forum that I’ve found very interesting.I wanted to learn/share my thoughts about love, life and relationship.”

–Lea, 41, Philippines








John, 74, Texa, USA

John, 74, Texas, USA


“I have found the Filipina woman I love and desire to marry. Her name is Gina, I could not love her more.”

–John, 74, Texas, USA









James, 53, USA

James, 54, USA

“I already met the love of my life, through Christian Filipina. We met through your website in Dec. 2011. We talk, Chat etc. and I flew out to meet her in Dubai Marina, UAE in March, 2012 and we had good time.”

James, 54, USA









Judy, 19, CDO, Philippines

Judy, 19, CDO, Philippines


 “I already found the right one and we are now committed to each other and getting stronger. He is coming to visit me here in Philippines this coming September for my special day. Thank you for this site for helping me finding my love one. Thank God”

–Judy, 19, CDO, Philippines





July 12, 2013

Lyzle, 35, Bukidnon, Philippines

Lyzle, 35, Bukidnon, PH


“Thank you CF Staff. I was a member to your site since December 2012 but I did not use it for a while. Until i realized why not try this again after i was scammed by other sites. Here, I felt secured because of your continuous monitoring of your members for our safety. God bless you and may the good Lord bless my search too.  I thank you again CF for your effort in helping us find our partner for life”

–From Lyzle, 35, Bukidnon, Philippines






Forest, 64, Oregon, USA

Forest, 64, Oregon, USA


“I have already found a wife on your site and I am very happy. Thank you. I am happy with what Christian Filipina has done for me.”

–From Forest, 64, Oregon, USA








Steve, 46, California, USA

Steve, 46, California, USA

“I would like to thank you.  I did meet my most special love, my soul mate here on your site.  We first met in Feb 2012, after many chats, texts, and emails and a visit by me to the Philippines, I am so excited to say we are engaged. We will be married very soon.  If it weren’t for your site, we wouldn’t have met.  Thanks again!  Great site!”

–Steve, 46, California, USA







Bhernie, 40, Philippines

Bhernie, 40, Philippines


“I have found my good man and thank you for your site for that.  God bless you all!”

–from Bhernie, 40, Philippines








Marissa, 35, Manila, PH

Marissa, 35, Manila, PH

“First and foremost, I would like to thank God for making this site as an instrument of meeting my inspiration right now and his name is Joe.  I met him late January of this year and he came over here in Philippines to visit me and my family last May 24 of this year.  We like each other very much and by God’s grace we will continue our relationship and our goal to be married in God’s perfect timing.   Thank you very much.  God bless and more power to this site!”

–From Marissa, 35, Manila, PH







Frank, 41, Melbourne, Australia

Frank, 41, Melbourne


“I have found someone on your site , thank you Christian Filipina.”

–From Frank, 41, Melbourne, Australia








July 8, 2013



Randy, 52, Indiana, USA

Randy, 52, Indiana, USA

“Your web site rocks! I joined Christian Filipina in hopes that I would find that special person we all have looked for at some point in our lives, and for me I did just that. I met Maria and after reading her profile then chatting with her, she touched my heart in so many ways. We met in person on June 18, 2013 on her birthday. We are in love and we are both so lucky to have found each other, we are currently working on getting her K1 visa so that we can start our lives together as Husband and Wife. We both send you our warmest thanks. God Bless!” 

–From Randy, 52, Indiana, USA






Derrick, 57, Connecticut, USA


“I have found my future wife! Thank you Christian Filipina!”

–From Derrick, 57, Connecticut, USA










William, 49, USA


“My search is over, I finally found my loving sweetheart. I would like to thank the owners and crews for their professional services to make my searching easy. I am now engaged to my future wife. Good luck to those who still continue their searching!”

–From William, 49, USA








Michael, 23, Scotland, UK


“The search is over! I already found the love of my life and that’s you Aileen! You make me so happy and am going to love you forever.”

–from Michael, 23, Scotland, UK









Nick, 28, Berlin, Rusia


“I found my beloved wife! Thanks Christian Filipina.”

–From Nick, 28, Berlin, Rusia










Frankie, 48, Australia


“Yes! I have met the special someone on your site. Thank you all for the help I have received and wish everyone on here the best of luck!”

–From Frankie, 48, Australia








Richenette, 20, Philippines


“I found someone for me from this website. Thank you!”

–From Richenette, 20, Philippines










Carl, 56, Virginia, USA

“I have met a wonderful lady and we are making plans to get together which starts off with me visiting the Philippines later on this summer. Thank you for the opportunity and I enjoyed my time here. I especially liked the forums and I am certainly happy to have been a member. You have a wonder site and I wish you continued success!”

–from Carl, 56, Virginia, USA








Jucey, 44, Philippines


“Thank you so much for your wonderful dating site. I met a person in this site and we’ll get married soon. Thanks and more power to your site!”

–from Josie, 44, Philippines








Salina, 53, Philippines


“My prayers were answered! I have found my soul mate at Christian Filipina!”

–from Salina, 53, Philippines







July 7, 2013 – Recent Testimonials of Members Who Met Someone Special Even Without Posting a Photo!

Most of our members choose to post a photo, and we think it does help them to meet people more quickly. However, we also have some members who are particularly concerned for the privacy and do not post a photo. It can take them longer to meet their special someone, but they still meet someone. Check out these testimonials we have received just in the past week from members who met even without posting their photos.

Jaralyn, 27, Philippines


“I have found already a guy who loves me. Thank you CF!”

–From Jaralyn, 27, Philippines










Al, 39, Nebraska, USA

“Thank you CF! I have found my soul mate and bride to be. I would also like to tell people that being honest is only way to really get to know the other person. It is foundation of strong relationship. Don’t give up on love just because of scammers. Always be cautious and don’t hurry love. Let it be natural in its own way. Thank you!”

–From Al, 39, Nebraska, USA







Malou, 45, Philippines


“Thank you! Honestly I found someone special here in your site.”

–From Malou, 45, Philippines









Howard, 74, USA


“I have found my love god willing we will spend the rest of ours life very very happy together. Thank you!”

–From Howard, 74, USA







July 2, 2013

Ellen, 55, Philippines

“In almost a month of being a member, God is very fast in answering my prayer. He finally blessed the desire of my heart and sent His best for me. He is Keith from Denver, Colorado. My search is over, giving praise and glory to God. I would like to thank the owners and staff of this site for their professional services and assistance. You’re all wonderful people of God. More power and God bless!”

–From Ellen, 55, Philippines







John, 46, Canada


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I found my love.”

–From John, 46, Canada










Tim, 54, New Mexico, USA


“I am in a relationship with someone on this site! Thanks!”

–from Tim, 54, New Mexico, USA










Anna, 20, Philippines


“Thank you CF ! I finally found my love of my life! I am so blessed and thankful that I found this site!”

–From Anna, 20, Philippines









JayL, 49, NSW, Australia


“Hello I thank you again! I have found my match!”

–From JayL, 49, NSW, Australia








July 1, 2013

Florencia, 27, Philippines


“I am so thankful for being part of this dating site. I met good Christian men here. Sharing about life and Christianity. Fortunately, GOD allowed me to meet one true Christian man here. Thank you so much for everything. God bless!”

–From Florencia, 27, Philippines








Marissa, 37, Philippines


“I just want you to know that I already found my man here. I just want to say thank you so much for your site because I already met my man here and I’m so glad. God bless this site and more power to all of you!”

–From Marissa, 37, Philippines








Venz, 39, Philippines


“I love this site! I found the man that I’m dreaming of in this site. I call him reindeer of South Carolina. Thank you Christian-filipina!”

–from Venz, 39, Philippines








Camille, 21, Camarines, PH


“I already found my love on this site. Thank you so much for helping me find him. I know that the man I found is the one. Thank you Christian Filipina!”

–From Camille, 21, Camarines, PH








Joe, 74, Ontario, Canada


“I found a lady that I’ll be marrying. Thank you very much for your help in finding my mate thanks again!”

–From Joe, 74, Ontario, Canada









By Christian Filipina staff

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