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February 2012 Testimonials

“I already met the man Im going to marry in your site. thank you very much and I will continue pray for your success and good services…THE LORD BLESS AND KEEP YOU SAFE ALWAYS. In CHRIST, sis mel ” – from a 43 year old Filipina from Taguig, Manila today
“I met my girl here…” – from a 42-year-old man from Australia
“Good day!I will cancel my membership because i met already my special someone. Thanks for this site. God bless you all!” -from a 42-year-old Filipina from Iloilo
“Dear CF,
God Bless Us.Thanks to these Website by which I’ve met my Right Man at this moment.” -from a 33-year-old Filipina from Leyte today
“I already found my right man here. Thanks again christianfilipina” –from a 20-year-old Filipina from Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines
“I found my special someone from this site and i am so happy i met him on here.thank you very much and more power” -from a 32-year-old Filipina from Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines
“Thanks for adding me up. I was one of the millions patronizing ur site coz it’s very accessible and it’s a site recommended for filipinas who is looking for their potential mates who posses not only the physical qualifications that someone is after for but someone with fear of god. more power to you! ” – Janis Santos
“Got the right man…. thank you and more power and God bless us all!” -from a 41-year-old Filipina from Makati Philippines

More Testimonials…

Dear Christian Filipina,

Myself and my beautiful wife,Anelyn recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary.We have been very happily married,and I cannot believe how lucky i was to meet such a kind,generous,and extremely loving wife.Anelyn is the best thing that ever happened to me and getting married to her was the best move of my entire life.I feel that your website is the best at getting people together.It was so good to me to be able to meet such a gorgeous woman (both inside and out),instead of the usual woman that I was used to meeting.You have my eternal thanks for allowing us to meet.She is so good to me,i could never repay her for taking such great care of me,even if i were to live to be 100 years old.Again,i cannot thank you and your website enough for getting us together.Enclosed are a few pictures of us.

– Randall Bergerud.

” I did go to the Philippines to visit and marry one of the women I met through your site” -Bill Williamson, 47 year old man from USA
“Hello from Canada. CF was the first overseas intro service that I looked into, and I had no desire to look elsewhere. I found a lifetime companion(Annaliza) in quick order. I’m 54, and she’s 50. I plan to visit her at the first opportunity (I visited Philippines in 1992). We started corresponding on Sept. 11th,2010, over 17 months ago. Her family has been very encouraging as well. I strongly recommend CF.  – Tom S.
Dear Peter and Jen,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! This is My feedback. I Hope and Pray God Lead me to your website and I Hope and Pray It was God that used your website to lead me to my Wife.I Believe it was .By the Grace of God we have been married 11 months. I Hope and Pray God will keep Blessing your web site and use it to help other Christians find each other.Ps. yes we are now Both living in Bacolod city, negros occidental, my wife is waiting for her Visa approval.

God Bless you and your website.

Happy Together

Dear Peter and Jen,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I had been married Last April 20,2011, I meet my Husband from Christian-Filipina your site. We started emailing on January 3, 2011 and the Longer the Time we emailing we fall in love with each other. We Both Christian Baptist, i am so thankful to God for giving me the Best Gift in my life. Later on March 2011 James decided to come in my country, He arrived March 29, 2011. So only 2 months emailing in Cf then we decide to get Married and Finally we are now happily Married. God is the center of our Relationship as couple.

Thank you so much Christian Filipina Through your site i found my Soul Mate. I am very thankful to you Peter and Jane for your Blessed website, God blesses you more and more.

For now, we are in the process of my US VISA, we applied last October 31, 2011 and we just waiting of the approval. Again Thank you so much for your outstanding Website.

-Gladys and James Smith

The Big Day!

Sonny and I met through your site , of which we are very much thankful. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to this site the We always cherish how we meet and Sonny said he tried to retrieve all my messages to him…We are planning to get married on March 5, 2012 ( by God’s grace and by HIS will) and hope to spend the 4 day honeymoon at Davao Eden Nature Park..

We hope to be back on the 10th of March and yes, we will inform you soon….



By Christian Filipina staff

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