June 19, 2016

495663 Anthony, 73, Arkansas, USA

Anthony, 73, Arkansas

“In September of 2015, I joined CF and started communicating with a fine young woman from the Philippines. We hit it off right away, the chemistry was right and I fell in love with her and she with me. We communicated twice a day, talked on the cell phone and texted whenever possible. I arrived in Cebu City on March 4, and it was electric when we met in person for the first time. Long story short, we got married on March 19 in Placer, Surigao Del Norte under a civil ceremony in the beach. It was awesome! I am back in the States and have started the spousal visa process. I am planning to return to Placer in September or October and spend the holidays there. Josie is a remarkable, conservative, simple, loving, caring woman who looks great despite her age and I love her with all my heart as she does me. Thank God for this perfect union and thank you Christian Filipina for making it all possible. With God, anything is possible. ”

-Anthony, 73, Arkansas, USA



450664 Joissee, 49, Surigao, Philippines

Joissee, 49, Surigao


“I got married to Anthony last March 19, 2016.  Thank you so much Christian Filipina, I found my soulmate.  God bless you and more power to this site!”

-Joissee, 49, Surigao, Philippines




120682 Shay, 27, Leyte, Philippines

Shay, 27, Leyte


“I am not interested to look anymore.  I have found my love and we will be together soon.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Shay, 27, Leyte, Philippines





300083 Mike, 65, Florida, USA

Mike, 65, Florida


“I have found someone through Christian Filipina.  Excellent site!”

-Mike, 65, Florida, USA





637664 Jasmin, 43, Makati, Philippines

Jasmin, 43, Makati


“I already have the love of my life.  Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jasmin, 43, Makati, Philippines





June 12, 2016

487325 Charm, 36, Cagayan, Philippines

Charm, 36, Cagayan


“We met on the 15th of January in Christian Filipina and we fell in love. Michael visited me here in the Philippines on May 16th and we got married on the 18th! I’m so thankful to Christian Filipina because I found the love of my life. I love him so much! ”

-Charm, 36, Cagayan, Philippines




565161 Michael, 54, Arizona, USA

Michael, 54, Arizona

“I found the only one I want, my sweetheart. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Charm and she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I can’t tell you how welcome I have felt when I arrived to visit her. Charm’s family has treated me like one of their own. I am the happiest man in the world now! Thank you Christian Filipina. God bless us all!”

-Michael, 54, Arizona, USA




470887 Kim, 56, Colorado, USA

Kim, 56, Colorado


“I found a beautiful Christian Filipina and she works in a local restaurant. Thank you for all your wonderful work helping these God-fearing ladies find good husbands. I do recommend your site to my friends who are seeking for a good woman.”

-Kim, 56, Colorado, USA




371540 JP, 41, Manila, Philippines

JP, 41, Manila

“I am so grateful and I thank God for answering my long time prayers here in Christian Filipina. I waited patiently and God answered me graciously. I have been a member of CF since 2014.  For a year of waiting, God finally gave me a very kind, sweet and sincere man with a big heart who truly loves me and accepts me for who and for what I am. He treats my two kids as his own real daughters.  I have a special someone now and I love him so much. Thanks, Christian Filipina and more power to your site. God bless us all! Mabuhay!”

-JP, 41, Manila, Philippines




599570 Edgar, 50, Pennsylvania, USA

Edgar, 50, Pennsylvania


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! Thank you, Lord! I met my love, June. I am so happy I found my sweetheart. God is good!”

-Edgar, 50, Pennsylvania, USA





June 05, 2016

21334 Ethel, 37, Taguig, Philippines

Ethel, 37, Taguig


“I am very thankful to Christian Filipina for allowing me to be a part of this site. Jay and I got married last May 28, 2013. I can’t thank God enough for giving him to me. I hope and pray that you guys will find your true love. God bless and more power! ”

-Ethel, 37, Taguig, Philippines




385696 Apple, 20, Surigao, Philippines

Apple, 20, Surigao


“Jerry, a servant of God, a man that I love and God gave him to me! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Apple, 20, Surigao, Philippines





446383 Gary, 60, California, USA

Gary, 60, California


“I paid for a membership & Dream Filipina, and it worked for me. I am engaged and will be married soon. Christian Filipina is the best site for marriage-minded men. She is beautiful. We will wait until we marry in the Philippines in July. ”

-Gary, 60, California, USA




592233 Josephine, 53, Davao, Philippines

Josephine, 53, Davao


“I have now my special someone! I thank God for giving me a precious gift, one that i will treasure for the rest of my life! Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Josephine, 53, Davao, Philippines





371914 Dulce, 28, Cebu, Philippines

Dulce, 28, Cebu


“I have already a boyfriend in the United States and I wish to visit him this year or the next. I am very blessed with this man. So, I am not searching anymore. God bless and more power, Christian Filipina!”

-Dulce, 28, Cebu, Philippines





May 29, 2016

76131 Divine, 29, Cavite, Philippines

Divine, 29, Cavite

“Because of Christian Filipina, I found my husband. We are now living together in Canada with our only child. I’m so thankful that God uses your site to be a way for us to meet. I really believe that Christian Filipina really helps lots of people who are looking for a real partner. And I also believe that God uses this site to bless other people.”

-Divine, 29, Cavite, Philippines




249736 Nadia, 56, Manila, Philippines

Nadia, 56, Manila

“First of all I would like to heartily thank Christian Filipina for which I was indebted to meet my true partner in life who I truly say is a good person, decent, very responsible, respectful, kind and with dignity. Philip and I have met personally in Australia on January 2016, and met again on May 23 when he visited me in Abu Dhabi. We are now in the process of securing a Fiance Visa in order for me to stay in Australia while preparing for our marriage.”

-Nadia, 56, Manila, Philippines




188170 Pam, 54, Manila, Philippines

Pam, 54, Manila


“I found the love of my life in Christian Filipina. He is God’s gift to me, my forever!”

-Pam, 54, Manila, Philippines




291628 Lerma, 32, Bolinao, Philippines

Lerma, 32, Bolinao


“I already found the ideal man I have been looking for!”

-Lerma, 32, Bolinao, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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