April 23, 2024

Yes! Thank you Christian Filipina, the good news is that I met a lovely lady here in September 2023. I visited her in Davao last December 2023 and we spent 2 weeks together. We had a great time! We plan to get married sometime soon. Thank you for this fantastic community and the way in which it is run, the level of service and quality really stands out.



– David M., 27, Cape Town, South Africa




My name is Maria B. I met Chase B. from Australia here at Christian Filipina last May 2023. Though it was not easy, we needed to trust & respect each other. After 7 months of a long-distance relationship, he decided to come over here, and our first meeting was at NAIA TERMINAL 1 last December 17, 2023. We finally got married last January 2, 2024. Thank you Christian Filipina! God bless!



– Maria B., 36, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines






I met someone here I’m going to marry. She’s coming to the US next week. Thank you so much Christian Filipina!




– Terry, 72, Oklahoma, United States




I have finally found the love of my life and we are finally together. Thank you Christian Filipina!




– Douglas, 41, Delaware, United States




I would like to thank this site. My husband and I were very grateful for this site. After 8 months of getting to know each other, we finally tied the knot last April 16, 2024. Thank you and God bless Christian Filipina!



– Delilah Raney, 46, Pamplona, Cagayan

April 11, 2024

“It’s been a long time, but we would love to share our love story with y’all since we found our hearts using your dating service. It was during the pandemic years, that Lee (who is now my husband) and I started to use your service to find our true love, and we did by your site. We are now together, happily married, enjoying our married life, full of love.

From our hearts, we would like to say Thank you so much Christian Filipina for having our hearts find each other and bind it with true love.”


– Jen, 33,  Tagbilaran, Bohol



“Hello…long before I met my husband, that’s my dream. Now we were married less than a month ago. My testimony is about not giving up on your prayers, if that desire is led by the Lord, just keep going and don’t quit praying about it. I was on your dating site more than 4 years ago, and I didn’t give up, though my journey isn’t quite easy because I failed in my previous relationship, it’s worth the wait. I had the man of my dreams – a good and honorable man. To all single mom who feels they are older and don’t measure up, just be who you are, be decent but don’t lower yourself. God will honor your dreams and desires through fervent prayer. Don’t lose hope and cheer up!”


– Michelle B., 47,  Davao City, Philippines

April 5, 2024

“I am beyond grateful for the wonderful experience I had using Christian Filipina to find my beautiful Filipina wife. Thanks to this amazing online dating service, I was able to connect with the love of my life and we are now happily married. The platform provided a safe and supportive environment for us to get to know each other, despite the distance between us.

Christian Filipina’s commitment to fostering meaningful relationships based on faith and shared values truly set it apart from other dating platforms. The site’s user-friendly interface and genuine community helped me navigate the online dating world with ease, ultimately leading me to the woman of my dreams.

I am forever thankful for Christian Filipina for bringing us together and helping us start our journey towards a lifetime of love and happiness. I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with a partner who shares their beliefs and values. Thank you, Christian Filipina, for helping me find my eternal companion.”


–   Joseph, 67, Poughkeepsie, NY, United States



“I would like to thank you with all my heart for accepting me in your community, through your dating app CF I met this Christian man from Florida, USA who was your paid member.
Well, I know it has been a while since we met and exchanged messages. The funny thing was he seemed familiar, as if I already met him somewhere. It was unexpected and fast, like the speed of light. I’m sure it was God’s will. Actually, I had this dream way back in 2022 or 2023. It was very clear. I was so happy talking to a tall man with gray hair and wore a white polo with long sleeves. It was daytime, the surroundings were calm, far from my back was calm water, maybe a lake or a river, there were many pine trees across that water. I already shared this with him. That dream came true and sure he was the man in my dream. Few days ago he had sent me some photos and behind his back were pine trees. I was surprised! It was the place in my dream. He never thought that place would be similar with my dream that I had told him and the place was exactly where he live. We’re both amazed, but it was a miracle, a blessing for both of us we believed. In short we felt so comfortable with each other and we both got along easily. This coming month of April he’ll be visiting me here in my country, the Philippines. He already booked a ticket to see me for real. Finally, I found HIM!
I highly appreciate your service and highly recommend this dating site from the other dating app. God bless you CHRISTIAN FILIPINA!


–   Maureen G., 48,  Pampanga, Philippines


By Christian Filipina staff

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