May 22, 2016

229835 Jon, 56, California, United States

Jon, 56, California

“I met Ginamer through Christian Filipina. I was on my way to Davao last April 2014 to visit friends and we spent nearly 3 hours talking and getting to know each other. Throughout the year, we continued chatting, and later on we realized we had so much in common including our religion. I then decided to take another trip to Manila in Feb 2015 to spend more time with her. We had such a good time together. I asked her if she would consider being “my wife” and come to America, and her answer was YES! In April of the same year, we started the Immigration paperwork completing the Fiance Visa requirements, and I’m happy to say the US and the Philippine government granted her a 90-day Fiance Visa. She arrived on the 18th of September and we were married on the 10th of November. On the 31st of December, we went to the Immigration Office in Oakland and completed the biomedical and finger print requirements. We are now waiting for her extended Visa and Green card to arrive. Our relationship is getting stronger everyday and I want to sincerely thank you for your awesome site for giving me the opportunity to meet a wonderful person.”

– Jon, 56, California, United States


141818 David, 40, Illinois, United States

David, 40, Illinois

“I have met my soul mate on Christian Filipina. I met my wonderful wife Shella on May 6, 2013 after she sent me a wink. I took a trip to the Philippines from Chicago on April 7, 2015. I met her at the airport and enjoyed my vacation while meeting her family. I would like to say that I was very nervous during the flight but when I saw her, I felt nothing but happiness. My soul mate is 100% the real deal. She is the best; what a wonderful woman! Her family welcomed me into their home and they really took care of me. I am very proud to be a part of the family. Shella and I also got engaged while I was there. I had to make my way back to the US without her but we are always together no matter how far apart we were. Shella arrived in Chicago on September 27. I welcomed her to my family. We are very much in love and finally got married on November 2, 2015. My family and three daughters just love her. Shella and I are very grateful to Christian Filipina. It has changed our lives, and all these wonderful things will not be possible without this site. May God bless you!!”

-David, 40, Illinois, United States


628230 April, 26, Cagayan, Philippines

April, 26, Cagayan

“I would just like to thank Christian Filipina because I already found my man. He is really the man that I’ve been dreaming of; he is amazing! It was fate that brought us here in Christian Filipina. He is the man that I wanted to share my life with, the man who never fails to put a smile on my face, the man that I am so in love with. He makes me so excited facing life with him. Despite the distance between us, he finds a way to let me know that he is always there for me, and makes me feel that I am so precious to him. I am so honored and blessed to have him. My loyalty now belongs to him because he deserves it. I’ll stay with him whatever the cost may be. Thank you guys and good luck to those who are still looking!”

-April, 26, Cagayan, Philippines



458791 Flor, 39, Bicol, Philippines

Flor, 39, Bicol


“I’ve met my soul mate and I want to give him my full time and attention.”

-Flor, 39, Bicol, Philippines





435474 Mira, 36, San Jose, Philippines

Mira, 36, San Jose


“I’m engaged now with Bob. Thanks, Christian Filipina! More Power and God bless everyone!”

-Mira, 36, San Jose, Philippines





May 15, 2016

163152 Angelie, 33, Makati, Philippines

Angelie, 33, Makati


“Happily married to a Godly Christian Baptist man. Blessed with a handsome baby boy who is now 6 months old. Praise the living Jesus Christ for His Grace, mercy and love to us. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Angelie, 33, Makati, Philippines



362930 Susan, 31, Tarlac, Philippines

Susan, 31, Tarlac


“I am not searching anymore! I’ve finally found my better half, my true love and my soul mate. I got engaged to George on April 14, 2016. True love waits! Good luck everyone and God bless us!”

-Susan, 31, Tarlac, Philippines




93481 Twinkle, 46, Manila, Philippines

Twinkle, 46, Manila


“Thank God, I have found my love, Roy. God bless us all!”

-Twinkle, 46, Manila, Philippines





577229 Akisha, 24, Cagayan, Philippines

Akisha, 24, Cagayan


“I am happy I met the love of my life in Christian Filipina!”

-Akisha, 24, Cagayan, Philippines





512821 Jocelyn, 25, Cebu, Philippines

Jocelyn, 25, Cebu


“I am already in a relationship with Jeff. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jocelyn, 25, Cebu, Philippines





May 8, 2016

142152 Ellen, 58, Manila, Philippines

Ellen, 58, Manila


“The long wait is over. God gave my heart’s desires, I am now engaged! I thank and praise the Lord for making it all worthwhile. For if you’re with the Lord, nothing is wasted. He answers our prayers in His own perfect time!”

-Ellen, 58, Manila, Philippines




463261 Gessa, 24, Cotabato, Philippines/

Gessa, 24, Cotabato

“I already found my man. He went to General Santos to meet me, and we got engaged on May 8, 2016! I am so happy and madly in love with my fiance. I want to thank God for everything, He answered all my prayers! And to Christian Filipina for helping me find my loved one!”

-Gessa, 24, Cotabato, Philippines




269686 Marites, 36, Manila, Philippines

Marites, 36, Manila


“My search is over. Thank you so much Christian Filipina! I am now happily married to Tim!”

-Marites, 36, Manila, Philippines





616094 Jasmin, 35, Manila, Philippines

Jasmin, 35, Manila


“Thank you Christian Filipina for giving me this opportunity of finding a great man God has willed for me. I’ll be seeing him this September and hopefully start our new life together!”

-Jasmin, 35, Manila, Philippines




558223 Abeth, 51, Manila, Philippines

Abeth, 51, Manila


“I have already found my someone special. I really appreciate Christian Filipina in helping me find the right man for me. More power and God bless!”

-Abeth, 51, Manila, Philippines





May 1, 2016


439580 Rio, 27, Laguna, Phililppines

Rio, 27, Laguna


“I am blessed and thankful that l met my husband in Christian Filipina. To God be the glory!”

-Rio, 27, Laguna, Philippines





359012 Emma, 52, Quezon, Philippines

Emma, 52, Quezon


“We are lovestruck, Doug and I. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Emma, 52, Quezon, Philippines





188143 Jenelyn, 36, Dubai, UAE

Jenelyn, 36, Dubai


“I will always be grateful! Thanks, Christian Filipina! I finally met my man on December 26, 2015.”

-Jenelyn, 36, Dubai, UAE





579845 Nitcy, 27, Cebu, Philippines

Nitcy, 27, Cebu


“Thank you, Christian Filipina. I found the love of my life!”

-Nitcy, 27, Cebu, Philippines






562814 Lhilibeth, 26, San Juan, Philippines

Lhilibeth, 26, San Juan


“Thank you, Christian Filipina, and to our Lord God for this good man who I am currently conversing with. I hope and pray that we will end up together.”

-Lhilibeth, 23, San Juan, Philippines





April 24, 2016

542448 Kevin, 48, Michigan, USA

Kevin, 48, Michigan


“I met my fiancee here. I am very happy that I joined Christian Filipina and found my beautiful lady. I am thankful to God for helping me find her.  God bless to all who are searching for their soulmate!”

-Kevin, 48, Michigan, USA




501865 Michael, 53, Michigan, USA

Michael, 53, Michigan

“On April 12, 2016, Mary became my legally wedded wife in Bulacan, Philippines in the presence of her parents, brother, sisters, and other relatives. We will soon return to her overseas employment to await the U.S. Visa process. Once approved, we will relocate to the U.S. Thank You Cristian Filipina, you made us a reality.”

-Michael, 53, Michigan, USA




137262 Eloisa, 42, Bulacan, Phililppines

Eloisa, 42, Bulacan


“Thank you so much Christian Filipina, we got married last January 29, 2016 here in the Philippines. Because of your site, we found each other!”

-Eloisa, 42, Bulacan, Philippines




2668 Stella, 45, Quezon, Philippines

Stella, 45, Quezon


“Thank you, Christian Filipina. I found someone after a long search. He came to the Philippines twice to spend time with me, and now we are planning to get married before this year ends. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!”

-Stella, 45, Quezon, Philippines





580529 Cherry, 24, Cebu, Philippines

Cherry, 24, Cebu


“Thank you Christian Filipina for being an instrument for me to find my true love, Kendall!”

-Cherry, 24, Cebu, Philippines





April 17, 2016

335820 Howard, 59, Colorado, USA

Howard, 59, Colorado

“I would like to thank Christian Filipina for introducing me to the love of my life. I met Dina on September 17, 2014. I felt so blessed that I met someone with such a good heart and who is kind, caring and God-fearing. Our relationship flourished more and more on a daily basis as we talked, until I went to the Philippines on December 17, 2014 and spent a couple of months there.

When I arrived, 10 people from her family met me at the airport and I never felt so welcomed. I met with them the next day to explain my intentions and asked for their blessings. I proposed to Dina in front of her entire family. I have never been treated so kindly and warm in my life, and it was a wonderful experience.

After I returned to America, we started with the K1 fiance visa process. Dina arrived in Denver within 90 days. We were married on July 5, 2015, and we are now processing the final steps of the immigration process.

I want to say thank you Christian Filipina for all your help in finding the love of my life. Thank you for your support and the professional contacts that you have in the States and abroad. You definitely made it easy for us to contact each other, stay in communication and be able to complete all the paperworks necessary for us to get married and get the process complete. We are happily together and married now.”

-Howard, 59, Colorado, USA


188900 Arleen, 43, Cebu City, Philippines

Arleen, 43, Cebu City


Thank You Lord for giving me so much blessings.  I found the man who means what he says, and proves it! We finally met and I am so blessed and happy!”

-Arleen, 43, Cebu City, Philippines





185776 Pekka, 49, Vaasa, Finlad

Pekka, 49, Vaasa


“Josie and I met in Christian Filipina on November 2013. On April 2014, we met personally and got married on March 2015. We thank God that we met! God bless you, Christian Filipina and more power!”

-Pekka, 49, Vaasa, Finland




208095 Villa, 40, Baguio City, Philippines

Villa, 40, Baguio City


“I met my husband here and we got married last year! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Villa, 40, Baguio City, Philippines





359814, Rose, 26, Makati, Philippines

Rose, 26, Makati


“I have found a real and sincere man that can love me truly. Thank You, God!  Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Rose, 26, Makati, Philippines





April 10, 2016

8117 Minerva, 42, Cavite, Philippines

Minerva, 42, Cavite

“I want to thank our Creator for creating my best friend and partner, and for thinking about me while He was creating him. I am now engaged and enjoying this new journey in my life. Never give up; for God answers prayers in His perfect time. Keep the faith!”

-Minerva, 42, Cavite, Philippines




233296 Evangelina, 40, Cebu City, Philippines

Evangelina, 40, Cebu


“I found my true love and we got married on July 2014. I thank God and Christian Filipina, too!”

-Evangelina, 40, Cebu City, Philippines





231142 Donna, 42, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Donna, 42, Davao


“I have found the love of my life, Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Donna, 42, Davao del Norte, Philippines





571333 Marycel, 31, Philippines

Marycel, 31, Philippines


“Hi, Chrisitian Filipina! I joined your site last January, and found my man!”

-Marycel, 31, Philippines





105532 Jing, 69, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Jing, 69, Davao

“It is here in Christian Filipina that I met my husband, Delfin, from Queensland, Australia. We met here on October 23, 2015. He decided to meet me in person after a month of exchanging emails. He arrived midnight of December 24 with his daughter, Veronica. What a wonderful Christmas gift to me! Yes, I do believe that, “No amount of money could buy true love and real happiness.” We got married on February 5, 2016 in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines. My darling husband lived with me in Tagum City for 2 months. While my Visa was still in the process, he went back home to Australia on February 20, 2016. After getting my Visa, I left the Philippines and arrived at Brisbane International Airport on April 3, 2016, where my husband and his family were waiting for me. We are very happy together again! It’s here in Christian Filipina where I have proven that men are so genuine, God-loving, kind and honest and with a pleasant personality. How can I repay Christian Filipina for a job well done! Rest assured that we will always make Christian Filipina a part of our Book of Life. May the good Lord bless us all!”

-Jing, 69, Davao del Norte, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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