September 18, 2016

410575 Michael and Belle

Michael and Belle


“We would like to express our gratitude to Christian Filipina because finally we are committed to each other in God’s grace. July 30, 2016 was the most wonderful event that ever happened to our lives. God bless CF!”

-Michael and Belle Fowler





232995 Marianne, 40, Davao, Philippines

Marianne, 40, Davao


“My search is over. I finally found the love of my life, Ronald, and we are happily engaged now. Thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Marianne, 40, Davao, Philippines





589968 Irish, 27, Makati, Philippines

Irish, 27, Makati


“I’m married! I found him already, the one who inspires me everyday. He’s my perfect description of the man I have been looking for.”

-Irish, 27, Makati, Philippines





320848 Josephine, 28, Davao, Philippines

Josephine, 28, Davao


“I’m Engaged! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Josephine, 28, Davao, Philippines






266340 Joy, 32, Cebu, Philippines

Joy, 32, Cebu


“I have found the perfect guy I have been looking for in Christian Filipina. Thanks and more power! God bless everyone!”

-Joy, 32, Cebu, Philippines





September 11, 2016

152996 Piotr, 32, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Piotr, 32, Cumbria

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Christian Filipina and to its staff because they became an avenue for my wife and I to get to know each other. We never thought that one fateful night in December 2014 could lead us to something beautiful. We are God’s precious gift to each other. We got married in the Philippines on the 14th of July this year. To Christian Filipina, may you always continue to connect two wandering hearts from various parts of the world. Thank you and God bless.”

-Piotr, 32, Cumbria, United Kingdom




212589 Cheryl, 35, Bicol, Philippines

Cheryl, 35, Bicol

“I thank the Lord God Almighty for bringing me to Christian Filipina. It is where I met my husband. I dedicate our relationship to the Lord and we glorify His name. God is so good! We are saved by the power of His blood. I am so happy that He gave me more than I asked for. I know I am not worthy to receive Him and His blessings but God is Merciful and Gracious. Without Him I am nothing. Again, thank You Lord Jesus for everything! May God Almighty bless all the members of Christian Filipina.”

-Cheryl, 35, Bicol, Philippines





4401 Antoniette, 36, Davao, Philippines

Antoniette, 36, Davao


” I am no longer searching. I have found the one that I love! I am now in South Carolina and happily married. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Antoniette, 36, Davao, Philippines






197372 Shirley, 33, Quezon City, Philippines

Shirley, 33, Quezon City

“I just want to thank you Christian Filipina for giving me the opportunity to find the love of my life. I want to share the moment of happiness of being engaged to someone last August 23, 2016. Because of Christian Filipina, I met Jasen. And I want to thank the Lord for using this site. May the Lord our God Bless you all!”

-Shirley, 33, Quezon City, Philippines





137788 Mattelyza, 42, Manila, Philippines

Mattelyza, 42, Manila


“Thank you for visiting my profile, for your winks and messages too, but I am just here to continue communicating with my honey. I found him already! I am very happy that I have him in my life. To all of you out there, good luck! Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Mattelyza, 42, Manila, Philippines





September 04, 2016

385078 Mike, 40, Virginia, USA

Mike, 40, Virginia

“First of all, I want to say that it is very possible to find your true love in Christian Fiipina, because I did. Airene and I are now engaged, with her visa close to being approved. I thank God for her and her family. I also thank Christian Filipina for the service. Good luck to all of you and God bless you!”

-Mike, 40, Virginia, USA





692763 John, 50, Idaho, USA

John, 50, Idaho

” This has been an amazing adventure for me. Only a few weeks into this and I have already met the most beautiful angel I have ever imagined. I have prayed for this for a long time and I know this is from God, in His own time. It is well worth the wait. Thank you all so much, Christian Filipina. I have never been so sure. God knows my heart. Thanks and God bless!”

-John, 50, Idaho, USA




665852 Donald, 75, Texas, USA

Donald, 75, Texas


“I have found a beautiful Filipina woman from Davao City. Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Donald, 75, Texas, USA






481354 Benjamin, 57, Minneapolis, USA

Benjamin, 57, Minneapolis

“I just want to use this opportunity to thank all the ladies who have winked, and wrote to welcome me to ChristianFilipina. I really do appreciate the warm welcome, and I honestly want to say thank you, and good luck to you all. I’m glad to say that for the short time I have been here, I have found a very specially lady that I’m going to spend my time talking to and getting to know. Thank you Christian Filipina and God bless you all!”

-Benjamin, 57, Minneapolis, USA





91398 Hope, 29, Cagayan, Philippines

Hope, 29, Cagayan


“I am so grateful to Christian Filipina because I met a man that I’m going to spend my life with. My life with him and with God.”

-Hope, 29, Cagayan, Philippines





August 28, 2016

380431 Mason, 54, Virginia, USA

Mason, 54, Virginia


“My wife and I met 2 years ago in Christian Filipina, and are now living in Virginia, USA. Life is good! Thank you Christian Filipina for bringing us together!”

-Mason, 54, Virginia, USA





304125 Pat, 62, Auckland, New Zealand

Pat, 62, Auckland

“Many thanks to Christian Filipina! I have great success and found my perfect partner. I have been to the Philippines and met her and her family. Malou has 2 delightful little boys so I have a ready-made family. We are now in the process of sorting immigration issues which does take time! Again, thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Pat, 62, Auckland, New Zealand




495320 Martin, 39, Dublin, Ireland

Martin, 39, Dublin

“Thanks very much, Christian Filipina! I am very happy to have found this wonderful woman, Nina. She is everything that I was looking for: a great person, a caring and a beautiful woman with a great heart and soul. So thank you for your kind help. I will be recommending this great site to all the genuine people who are looking for true love.”

-Martin, 39, Dublin, Ireland




508984 Ray, 62, Illinois, USA

Ray, 62, Illinois


“I am happy to to inform you that I have met the love of my life here in Christian Filipina. My love is a wonderful, kind, sweet and a loving lady to me. I thank God for His Divine direction by leading me to join Christian Filipina. Amen & Namaste.”

-Ray, 62, Illinois, USA





660422 Tim, 30, British Columbia, Canada

Tim, 30, British Columbia


“I met a special woman in Christian Filipina. I thank you for your business. I have nothing but nice things to say about this site.”

-Tim, 30, British Columbia, Canada





By Christian Filipina staff

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