November 29, 2020

1552605 Kevin, 48, Florida, United States

Kevin, 48, Florida


“I found a wonderful woman here and we are getting married!”

 -Kevin, 48, Florida, United States





1653182 Madonna, 35, National Capital Region, Philippines

Madonna, 35, Makati


“I met someone on this site. Thank you so much!”

-Madonna, 35, Makati City, Philippines






Kevin, 55, County Cork, Ireland

Kevin, 55, County Cork


“I have met a wonderful Filipina and her name is Gemma from Tagum in Davao. We have been chatting and video calling this last five months and things are going wonderfully. We have plans already to live together there and get married too. Thank you, CF!”

-Kevin, 55, County Cork, Ireland



Annie, 39, Lapu lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

Annie, 39, Cebu

“I’m grateful for your service allowing two people from miles apart to get to know each other, meet and fall in love. We met last year for the third time already in Cebu, Philippines. Because the pandemic happened, all of our plans need to pause for a while. We are praying for the pandemic to end so we could be in each other’s arms.  Thank you Christian Filipina for the opportunity to find the man of my dream.  We are asking for your prayers that we can survive all the tests and we will get our happy ending.”

                                -Annie, 39, Cebu, Philippines




November 9, 2020

923154 Nehemia, 40, Nueva ecija, Philippines

Nehemia, 40, Nueva Ecija


“I finally found my partner here. Thank you!”

 -Nehemia, 40, Nueva Ecija, Philippines





1187647 Mark, 47, England, United Kingdom

Mark, 47, England

“l have met someone last year on your site. l did travel to the Philippines to visit her and stayed for three weeks. l booked a flight to go back in April but my flight was canceled. I will visit her again next year in April to marry her. Thank you very much to your community. That has been very good and would always let others know that this is the best and safest way to meet a Filipina. Thank you again!”

-Mark, 47, England, United Kingdom



1494918 Miguel, 63, Kobe, Hygo, Japan

Miguel, 63, Kobe


“I found my love here on this site!”

-Miguel, 63, Kobe, Japan





1066431 Marie, 58, Davao City, Philippines

Marie, 58, Davao

“I found the best man for me on this site. Thank you so much, Christian Filipina!”

-Marie, 58, Davao City, Philippines




October 31, 2020

34636 Elgen, 45, Siquijor island, Philippines

Elgen, 45, Siquijor


“Hi Christian Filipina, thank you so much!  I already found my future husband here.  He’s planning to come in January next year if everything goes well.”

 -Elgen, 45, Siquijor, Philippines




857802 Ray, 65, Queensland, Australia

Ray, 65, Queensland


“I have met my partner here on this site.”

-Ray, 65, Queensland, Australia





59460 Liza, 47, RoxasCity, Pontevedra, Philippines

Liza, 47, Roxas


“I have met someone from your site already and we’re in the getting-to-know each other stage.  Hope that God will bless us! Thank you!”

-Liza, 47, Roxas City, Philippines





1660125 Geoff, 67, Ambleside, United Kingdom

Geoff, 67, Ambleside


“I have met my special lady on your site!”

-Geoff, 67, Ambleside, United Kingdom




By Christian Filipina staff

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