November 14, 2015

38905 Chona, 33, Surigao, Philippines

Chona, 33, Surigao

“I’m very thankful to Christian Filipina for helping me find my special someone. I met Rodney here in Christian Filipina after so many years of searching for my future partner in life. We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last October 17, 2015.  My visa was recently approved after waiting for a year and we are flying to Australia this month. Once again, thank you very much and God bless us all!”

-Chona, 33, Surigao, Philippines




324714 Darrick, 38, Wisconsin, USA

Darrick, 38, Wisconsin


“Christian Filipina and God helped me find the girl of my dreams.  Now, I am on the next step in my life with her and her wonderful son.  Thank you Christian Filipina!”

-Darrick, 38, Wisconsin, USA




90530 Josie, 36, Davao, Philippines

Josie, 36, Davao

“I met Allen through Christian Filipina and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. He came to the Philippines to propose to me on my birthday in the presence of my family and friends.  We have become very much in love and I am going to the US to marry him. None of these would be possible without Christian Filipina and our Almighty God. My fiancé and I would like to say thank you to CF and we wish everyone the best!”

-Josie, 36, Davao, Philippines




165082 Rodney, 61, Perth, Australia

Rodney, 61, Perth

“I am now married to my beautiful gorgeous Chona for more than one year. We are very happy that we have found each other here in Christian Filipina. It took me one month to find her in the site and we chat on the internet every night until I asked her to marry me. In April 2014, I flew to Taiwan and got engaged to her at her work place. We got married on October 2014.  Her visa came through on October 2015 and we will now fly home to Australia and be forevever happy.”

-Rodney, 61, Perth, Australia




205944 Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma, USA

Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma

“I’m happy to say that my search for a beautiful, sweet, Godly woman has finally ended. God in His great love has smiled on me, and entrusted me with one of His most-prized treasures, Mary Joy. Thank you Christian Filipina! I admire the Christian integrity with how the website is run. I have referred the site to many of my friends.”

-Benjamin, 43, Oklahoma, USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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