March 2012 Testimonials

Greetings with peace and joy!
I would like to cancel my membership here to the reason that i finally found my special someone and i want to stick to him only..Thank you for this site for filling my heart with so much joy.God bless and may this site will last forever.
Truly yours,
“I was a member of Christian Filipina for a very short time and I already started meeting so many wonderful women. But one stood out from the rest, her name is Miraquel. And we have talked every single day since the first day we met. And we fell in love almost immediately and now we are planning to meet in person very soon. There are a lot of obstacles in a long-distance relationship but we have found that nothing will stop us from being together. I am very happy to have met such a wonderful girl on your website and I would definitely tell every single person I know about it. There really are so many great people on the site and it is easy to find that special woman. I know I have found the one and only for me. Thank you.”-From a 37 year old male in IL, USA


Well all i can say is: I FOUND THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL!!!!!! LOVE YOU ERMIE :*-From a 41 year old man in Canada.


Thank You so much for your site.My name is Dennis Thompson. I live near Daytona, Florida. I met Meriam Punay last summer thanks only to your webpage. You were very helpful. Meriam lives in Palawan. Our Love has grown for months. Sometimes you just know that the person is right for you. We plan on marrying as soon as God allows. Our dream is to live there and here. We wish to start a Ministry there and open our own little New Covenant Style Church. She is studying to be a Social Worker.
I am forever indebted to your webpage for helping us meet. It is highly recommended by us to anyone looking for good and positive conections. I believe God answers prayer.This place helped me meet the love of my life. God Bless Christian Filipina.-From a 55 year old male in Florida, USA


I have found the woman I have been waiting all my life to meet. I have found her on your site. Thank you for your help in bringing us together. We have been using more personal communications and will no longer need your assistance. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.-From a 53 year old man in TN USA


Dear Peter& Jen— this e-mail is to let you know that we got married on
Sept. 09, 2011.
My wife and I would like to thank-you very much for the outstanding web-
We had e-mailed each other for a while and last summer, we thought that
it was time to meet, face to face, so I went to the Philippines.
As, you already know, we got married and now is the hard part, geting my
new bride here with me in the USA.
I just had to thank both of you for the outstanding web-site— now that
means that a person has to be careful, but beautiful, caring and GOD FEARING
women are out there, just use your head and be careful.
SINCERLY YOURS— JOE-From a Man in the US


Hi, I am cancelling my membership as I have met the right man for me and he is coming to the Philippines to meet me and talk about marriage.
Yes, I met him in this site. Thank you Christian Filipina and more power! -from a 51 year old Filipina gentleman from USA


Dear Jen and Pete,
I wanted to thank you, first of all, for the birthday wishes. This birthday is especially joyous as I have met the most wonderful woman in the world and my future wife as a result of your website! 🙂 Thank you so much for putting up Christian-Filipina’s site…I truly believe that this site is touched by the hand of God. Both Cathy and I have remarked how magical our relationship has been since we first met on CF and feel that God led us both to join in order to meet one another. We both knew we had found our “soul mate” almost immediately.We are grateful and wish you both many blessings and pray for those that come to the site that God guides them like He has us.from a 41-year-old man from USA today





Michael and Lea McFadden

Dear Jen and Peter;


Thank you for creating these site where men and women all over the world can possibly and miraculously fall inlove with each other.I was a member of your site way back January 2010 if I am not mistaken,I received lots of messages and one of them is from Michael Mark McFadden who is my husband now.I first got his message February of 2010 and from then we start knowing each other and finally fall inlove.

I am 36 that time and he’s 48 and we feel from then on that we are God’s will for each other.I really thank God for using your site to be a channel of blessing for us.We got married last May 21,2011 and I am so blessed having Michael in my life,he was a very loving,thoughtful,responsible husband to me and most of all he was a very God-loving man which i admired the most with him.

Enclosed here are our pictures and we’re giving you permission to post it in your site..we will be happy to see it there posted.Thank you once again,More Power and God bless you both!


Michael Mark and Lea McFadden


By Christian Filipina staff

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