July 26, 2018

1068838 Ben, 64, Texas, USA

Ben, 64, Texas


“I found my soulmate!”

-Ben, 64, Texas, USA







1006304 Marry, 39, Manila, Philippines

Marry, 39, Manila


“Thank you to all the staff of Christian Filipina and for all of your pieces of advice. Thank God that we found each other on this site. We love each other so much and we are planning to marry in the near future. God Bless You All!”

-Marry, 39, Manila, Philippines






1079205 Ronni, 39, Central Jutland, Denmark

Ronni, 39, Central Jutland


“Thank you for a good service, I have found a sweet Filipina girl that I have fallen for.”

-Ronni, 39, Central Jutland, Denmark







970063 Tim, 53, Kentucky, USA

Tim, 53, Kentucky


“I met someone special from Christian Filipina.”

-Tim, 53, Kentucky, USA







1035080 Jim, 56, New York, USA

Jim, 56, New York


“I love Elizabeth with all my mind and heart.”

-Jim, 56, New York, USA




July 12, 2018

954199 Jonathan, 41, Ohio, USA

Jonathan, 41, Ohio


“Thank you very much to Christian Filipina for allowing me to find the woman of my dreams. We are going strong now (2 years) with our first child on the way in July. I will pass your information on to anyone I can at the firehouse.”

-Jonathan, 41, Ohio, USA





927908 Dewey, 60, Alabama, USA

Dewey, 60, Alabama


“I met my beautiful and loving wife that I will be going to spend the rest of my life with. Christine and I got married on March 11, 2018. Thank you, Christian Filipina.”

-Dewey, 60, Alabama, USA






34408 Antonio, 33, Iowa, USA

Antonio, 33, Iowa


“I have met someone from Christian Filipina. Thank you for your service. Have a good day.”

-Antonio, 33, Iowa, USA






1035355 Mike, 66, Gauteng, South Africa

Mike, 66, Gauteng


“I have met my special lady in Christian Filipina.”

-Mike, 66, Gauteng, South Africa







1035220 Larry, 60, Victoria, Australia

Larry, 60, Victoria


“I have met someone special and is no longer looking. Thank you, Christian Filipina. Thank you, God. Amen ”

-Larry, 60, Victoria, Australia




July 5, 2018

970267 Joe, 53, Arkansas, USA

Joe, 53, Arkansas

“She said yes! Thank you Christian Filipina for being the venue to be able for me to meet the love of my life, my best friend, and now, my fiancée, my asawa. God is good and CF is the tool God used to allow me to find Jane, and the one that knit our souls together.”

-Joe, 53, Arkansas, USA





145086 Lenny, 31, Pangasinan, Philippines

Lenny, 31, Pangasinan


“I’m so blessed I found someone here. Thank you so much Christian Filipina, the best dating site!”

-Lenny, 31, Pangasinan, Philippines






453960 Ronalyn, 36, Cavite, Philippines

Ronalyn, 36, Cavite

“I am currently dating such an awesome, loving guy. I am thankful to our good Lord that He brought us together. We are looking forward to the time we will always be together. And I say yes, my love! I am so blessed because you love and accept me. Yesterday I was alone but the Lord God answered my prayers through you. God gave you to me in His perfect time. Thank you, my love. I love you so much, I am looking for each day spending it with you full of love, patience, understanding, teaching and knowing each other more, praying and meditating the Word of God. I am so glad and proud that we love each other. Yours, Ronalyn.”

-Ronalyn, 36, Cavite, Philippines





73630 Jeanne, 41, Manila, Philippines

Jeanne, 41, Manila


“I found my partner. Thank you Christian Filipina. God bless us all”

-Jeanne, 41, Manila, Philippines






064631 Marie, 34, Manila, Philippines

Marie, 34, Manila


“I already met someone here. Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Marie, 34, Manila, Philippines




By Christian Filipina staff

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