Maxie and Joy Burchell: Finding Love Between the Philippines and USA

Many thanks to our wonderful friends, Maxie and Joy Burchell, who are happily married members of Christian Filipina. They agreed to speak with us to talk about their experience at CF.

Maxie and Joy are as different as you can imagine: Maxie is a quiet, reserved man who is deeply spiritual, and Joy is an effervescent, cheerful lady with a great sense of humor; but there are two things that Maxie and Joy have in common — one is their love of God and the other is the deep love that they share with each other. When you see them together — this devoted Asian wife and this head-over-heels-in-love American man, you can’t help thinking that this was a match definitely made in heaven. Today, this couple is happily married and immensely grateful to the website that brought them together.

This might sound like a fairy tale, but Maxie and Joy had more than their share of challenges before they were able to finally meet and get married. The distance was an obvious problem, but so were their vastly different backgrounds. For Maxie, it was the skepticism of his generation — one that looks at online dating as a ‘second choice’ that only desperate people resort to. For Joy, it was hesitance and doubt about Maxie being the right man for her. Many people are averse to exploring their options with someone they don’t know and can’t meet immediately. Some are just closed to the opportunity — often at the cost of not being able to find love. At, however, people like Maxie and Joy find that they can find true love. Similarly, lots of men find that they can meet Asian women without being forced to face the prejudices of society and their peers. In the end, many of them end up happy for life, just like Maxie and Joy. The site provides a unique opportunity to meet Asian Christian women and spark a relationship that may one day end up like the one that this very lovely couple obviously share.

May 21, 2013


Darwell, 58, GA, USA

Darwell, 58, GA, USA

“I want to thank you for having this site, I think that it is one of the best sites out there for people who are really look to find a sincere relationship. Thanks to you site that has happened for me in just the short time I use your site. I will be moving to the Philippines in a couple months to start our lives together. Also I want to tell you that you also have great customer service as they helped me promptly on 2 different occasions. Again Thank you for such a great site, and a new beginning and a new life.”

–from Darwell, 58, GA, USA







Karen, 25, Philippines

Karen, 25, Philippines


“I just wanna say thank you. I have found someone to build my life with and I found him in Christian Filipina.”

–From, Karen, 25 Philippines








Sue, 43, USA

Sue, 43, USA

“I want to thank you, Christian Filipina is a great website and it is very nice that you have a well-managed site that most Christian can rely on being a part of it. I was quite hesitant from the beginning but as I read your guidance and precautions to the members, I honestly believed that this site is genuine. May God continue to bless your staff and the owner of this website! You guys are wonderful!”

-from Sue, 43, USA






Jenny, 22, Cavite, PH

Jenny, 22, Cavite, PH


“Thanks Christian Filipina I’ve found the love of my life, my dream guy. Greg came to visit me in the Philippines and we are looking forward to be together again, soon.”

–from Jenny, 22, Cavite, PH








Brian, 56, USA

Brian, 56, USA


“Thank you so much Chrisitian Filipina. You have given me the greatest gift by helping me to meet my sweetheart. We have been in a relationship for almost a year now. I am trying to plan a trip to Philippines to get married at year end. ”

–From Brian, 56, USA







Frank, 46, Florida, USA

Frank, 46, Florida, USA


“I have met someone through Christian Filipina and have visited her in the Philippines. I am so happy right now. Thank You. Great Site!”

–From Frank, 46, Florida, USA





May 17, 2013


Paul, 47, Autralia

“This was all because of Christian-Filipina! GOD and YOU (C-F) brought us together. Rhea and I were discussing it recently when I was in Philippines and Rhea and I said we have C-F to be thankful to! Indeed! God and C-F! I truly believe God prompted me to send her a wink, because, as I explained to her, her profile on C-F appeared somewhat ordinary, bland, until I took a closer look. Her photos were ordinary at best but there seemed to be real “substance” to her character. Rhea has been presented to me as a Gift from God. I have never been married before and I now know that this is the lady God set aside for me among all others. It has taken me many years to find her though! I have never been so happy in all my life. Jesus is Lord!”

–from Paul, 47, Australia





Jeralyn, 27, Philippines


“I have finally found the guy who loves me. His name is Steve from USA. Thank you CF!”

–From, Jeralyn, 27, Philippines








William, 49, USA

“My search is over. I finally found my loving sweetheart. I would like to thank the owners and crews for their professional services to make my searching easy. I am now engaged to my future wife. Good luck to those who are still searching!”

-from William, 49, USA







Richard, 41, New Zealand


“I have found my special someone. Thank you for introducing me to her!”

–from Richard, 41, New Zealand







Veronica, 47, Philippines

“God has answered my prayers and I will meet my love in person soon. Dennis has taken my heart. Praise God! Your dating site is one of the best. It is very easy to use and you have a lot of good things to offer, like the language lesson in your articles. Your site is a lot better than other dating sites. If you continue your effort I am sure your dating site will be in the lead. ”

–From, Veronica, 47, Philippines




Philippine Dating – With Mark and Lea McFadden

Mark and Lea McFadden might seem like an unexpected match, but once you hear the story of how they met through, you’ll know why the site is so popular with men looking for Asian brides. Mark and Lea make a perfect couple — anyone who saw them would immediately say that. But their backgrounds are about as far away as Texas is from Saudi Arabia!

Lea was in the Middle East when Mark first made contact with her on Although Mark didn’t get a chance to meet her in person immediately, but continued corresponding. Then he was able to meet some of her relatives living near him in Texas, and realized everything he had been hoping for was really happening. From that point the relationship grew quickly and they finally met in person when he traveled to see her. They became engaged and held a lovely wedding in the Philippines. Getting Lea to the United States wasn’t a piece of cake (immigration paperwork always takes longer than anyone would like), but Mark and Lea stayed strong, and when the immigration papers went through they were finally able to move to the United States as a married couple.

For Asian singles looking to meet Christians from anywhere in the world, the site offers the perfect, secure platform. It is currently one of the most popular and best Asian dating sites on the internet, and has brought hundreds of couples together in true love. A lot of people are skeptical about online dating sites for good reason, because there are many shady operations and dating site members who are not sincere. However, genuine sites like offer a viable way for men to meet their future Asian brides and find their soulmate using the internet. Mark and Lea’s story is certainly unique, but it is one of the many successful marriages that this website has managed to successfully facilitate.

You too may soon find the person you have been waiting so long to meet, online at Christian Filipina. Create a free account to learn more, right here at Christian Filipina

May 5, 2013

Haidee, 30, Cebu, PH


“I am very happy, finally I am engaged with my honey, Ronald R.! Thank you so much CF for making my life happier.”

–from Haidee, 30, Cebu, PH





Domingo, 44, Philippines


 “Thank you! This site helped me find my partner in life!”

–From, Domingo, 44, Philippines






Judy, 19, Philippines

“Hi to all! I am very thankful to this site because I already have found the right one for me and we are now committed to each other and getting stronger. He is coming to visit me here in Philippines this coming September. I am no longer searching here. Thank you for this site for helping me find my love one. Through this site I met him! And thank GOD!”

-from Judy, 19, Philippines




May, 33, Philippines


“Thanks Christian Filipina dating site, I am now engage to the man from USA!”

–from May, 33, Philippines





Greg, 45, Texas, USA


“I have met the love of my life and we have started the process for her to be in America and live with me. Thanks to Christian Filipina for bringing us together!”

–from Greg, 45, Texas, USA







By Christian Filipina staff

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