June 21, 2018

526576 Glenn, 51, North Dakota, USA

Glenn, 51, North Dakota

“Just want you all to know I got married on December 9th, 2016. Thank you to all that have expressed interest in me. I have found my dream come true, her name is Mercy. We will then start the Fiancee Visa paperwork. Best of luck to all of you and again thanks for expressing interest in me. God Bless!”

-Glenn, 51, North Dakota, USA





1026678 RobertI, 50, Indiana, USA

Robert, 50, Indiana


“I found my soulmate, thanks to Christian Filipina. We are going to get married. I’m not looking anymore, we are very happy together.”

-Robert, 50, Indiana, USA






296462 Eric, 48, Pennsylvania, USA

Eric, 48, Pennsylvania


“Thank you Christian Filipina for this great dating site where Christians can meet and find their special someone. And thank you, Mel, for who you are in Christ – thinking of you always. There truly is “No place that far.”

-Eric, 48, Pennsylvania, USA





906803 Alen, 32, Leyte, Philippines

Alen, 32, Leyte


“I have found my right man, thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Alen, 32, Leyte, Philippines






880509 Ella, 47, Makati City, Philippines

Ella, 47, Makati City


“I respect the man I am communicating with now. I am recommending Christian Filipina to my friends who want to marry foreign men.”

-Ella, 47, Makati City, Philippines




June 7, 2018

176133 Phil, 56, Connecticut, USA

Phil, 56, Connecticut


“We got married on April 21, 2018. I am thankful to God and to Christian Filipina for bringing us together, enabling me to find my best friend and love of my life. I love you, Marlyn, forever.”

-Phil, 56, Connecticut, USA





1026155 Tommy, 48, Telemore, Ireland

Tommy, 48, Telemore


“I already found someone, Mildred! I’m coming over in the Philippines to meet her. We’ve been communicating via chat, we were able to talk via video too!”

-Tommy, 48, Telemore, Ireland






1021632 Bobby, 54, California, USA

Bobby, 54, California


“There is no longer a need for me to go on searching. ‘I have found my true love here’ is just a little of what she has said besides being what I am looking for.”

-Bobby, 54, California, USA






900779 Jeannie, 31, Cebu, Philippines

Jeannie, 31, Cebu


“Thank you, Lord, for giving me a great man! I’m so happy! God bless!”

-Jeannie, 31, Cebu, Philippines




By Christian Filipina staff

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