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July 29, 2013

Ron, 47, Kentucky, USA

Ron, 47, Kentucky, USA


“I encourage you all to come join us in the forums as it has been a great resource and a great family I have discovered. Thank you for everything and my regards to Peter and Christian Filipina.  May God Bless your search as He has blessed mine and thank you all!”

–Ron, 47, Kentucky, USA






William, 49, California, USA

William, 49, California, USA


“Christian Filipina is a great site. The BEST, in fact, in terms of technical functionality. I will recommend CF to my friends. Thanks!”

–William, 49, California, USA








Madz, 35, PH

Madz, 35, PH


“I found my partner here! Thankful for giving me the opportunity to be part of this growing Christian Filipina dating!”

–Madz, 35, PH








Harold, 41, USA

Harold, 41, USA


“I found her and I hope things workout with this one, she’s an amazing woman. And only time will tell. If it does, we’ll be sure to send you the full story. This website is definitely legit. I like how you are filtering out scammers aggressively. Thanks Christian Filipina staff. Mahalo ! And hope to communicate with you in the future.”

–Harold, 41, USA







Lagrimas, 57, PH

Lagrimas, 57, PH

“I met an Australian man he is good and kind to me not only me for my family he visit me here last May and June 2013. I met him here at Christian Filipina and I proud of your site. I tell my friends who are in search for love to join the site. Thank you very much.”

–Lagrimas, 57, PH



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