July 18, 2013

Charles, 49, Ohio, USA

Charles, 49, Ohio, USA

 “Thank you Christian Filipina for helping me find the lady of my dreams. She is everything that I have been looking for in a wife. Now I will focus all my energy and love on her. So I am no longer looking. Thank you”

Charles, 49, Ohio, USA









Lea, 41, Philippines

Lea, 41, Philippines

“Presently, I am in a relationship to a very wonderful man that I’ve met 8 months ago here in CF. I’m here again because I wanted to join in the forum that I’ve found very interesting.I wanted to learn/share my thoughts about love, life and relationship.”

–Lea, 41, Philippines








John, 74, Texa, USA

John, 74, Texas, USA


“I have found the Filipina woman I love and desire to marry. Her name is Gina, I could not love her more.”

–John, 74, Texas, USA









James, 53, USA

James, 54, USA

“I already met the love of my life, through Christian Filipina. We met through your website in Dec. 2011. We talk, Chat etc. and I flew out to meet her in Dubai Marina, UAE in March, 2012 and we had good time.”

James, 54, USA









Judy, 19, CDO, Philippines

Judy, 19, CDO, Philippines


 “I already found the right one and we are now committed to each other and getting stronger. He is coming to visit me here in Philippines this coming September for my special day. Thank you for this site for helping me finding my love one. Thank God”

–Judy, 19, CDO, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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