June 12, 2016

487325 Charm, 36, Cagayan, Philippines

Charm, 36, Cagayan


“We met on the 15th of January in Christian Filipina and we fell in love. Michael visited me here in the Philippines on May 16th and we got married on the 18th! I’m so thankful to Christian Filipina because I found the love of my life. I love him so much! ”

-Charm, 36, Cagayan, Philippines




565161 Michael, 54, Arizona, USA

Michael, 54, Arizona

“I found the only one I want, my sweetheart. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Charm and she is the most beautiful girl in the world. I can’t tell you how welcome I have felt when I arrived to visit her. Charm’s family has treated me like one of their own. I am the happiest man in the world now! Thank you Christian Filipina. God bless us all!”

-Michael, 54, Arizona, USA




470887 Kim, 56, Colorado, USA

Kim, 56, Colorado


“I found a beautiful Christian Filipina and she works in a local restaurant. Thank you for all your wonderful work helping these God-fearing ladies find good husbands. I do recommend your site to my friends who are seeking for a good woman.”

-Kim, 56, Colorado, USA




371540 JP, 41, Manila, Philippines

JP, 41, Manila

“I am so grateful and I thank God for answering my long time prayers here in Christian Filipina. I waited patiently and God answered me graciously. I have been a member of CF since 2014.  For a year of waiting, God finally gave me a very kind, sweet and sincere man with a big heart who truly loves me and accepts me for who and for what I am. He treats my two kids as his own real daughters.  I have a special someone now and I love him so much. Thanks, Christian Filipina and more power to your site. God bless us all! Mabuhay!”

-JP, 41, Manila, Philippines




599570 Edgar, 50, Pennsylvania, USA

Edgar, 50, Pennsylvania


“Thank you, Christian Filipina! Thank you, Lord! I met my love, June. I am so happy I found my sweetheart. God is good!”

-Edgar, 50, Pennsylvania, USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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