February 27, 2015





83474 Sherlyn, 27, Cebu City

Sherlyn, 27, Cebu City


“I am very thankful to our God Almighty for giving me the chance to meet a wonderful and adventurous man in my life.  He answered my prayer and by the help of Christian Filipina, Rob and I met personally twice already in the Philipines.  We got engaged last February 21, 2014 and are planning to get married next year.”

-Sherlyn, 27, Cebu City, Philippines








365092 Kevin, 55, Ohio

Kevin, 55, Ohio


“Christian Filipina has brought to me, Vivian.  I will be true to her.  I wish you all of the best.  God Bless you all!”

-Kevin, 55, Ohio, USA








305848 Manilyn, 21, Philippines

Manilyn, 21, Philippines


“I want to say thank you to Christian Filipina!  My search is done because I already found my Mr. Right.  Thanks and may God bless us always.  We got engaged on Feb 19, 2015.  I’m getting married.”

-Manilyn, 21, Philippines








337953 John, 31, Brisbane

John, 31, Brisbane


“I would just like to say thank you so much to Christian Filipina.  I have found my true love and we are busy making our wedding plans.”

-John, 31, Brisbane, Australia








295456 Brenda, 51, Cebu City

Brenda, 51, Cebu City


“I found my soul mate in Christian Filipina.  Thank you so much and more power!  God bless!”

-Brenda, 51, Cebu City, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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