September 9, 2021

1387830 Rose, 46, Province of South Cotabato, Philippines

Rose, 46, Province of South Cotabato


“Hi Christian Filipina! I would like to thank your site, as I already found someone here! Thank you and more power!”

 -Rose, 46, Province of South Cotabato, Philippines




132764 Lyz, 42, Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines

Lyz, 42, Manila, National Capital Region


“Thank you CF! I found the one I love in this site. Now, I want to focus on him. You’re a big help for me in finding my special someone.”

-Lyz, 42, Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines





1904697 Hero, 50, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Hero, 50, Perth, Western Australia


“I have already found someone on here. All her nursing documents has been updated to Australian standards certificates Visa, etc. She will visit me here in Australia ones she been in quarantine for 14 days all clear to travel up to my home town. Be a new beginning with high standards in her role in nursing. The sky is the limit and never have to struggle ever again!”

-Hero, 50, Perth, Western Australia, Australia





1875244 Coy, 48, Seattle, Washington, United States

Coy, 48, Seattle, Washington


“I’ve met someone and we’ve exchanged information to continue communication”

-Coy, 48, Seattle, Washington, United States





1885922 Caine, 48, Wilburton, Oklahoma, United States

Caine, 48, Wilburton, Oklahoma


“I met someone so very special. In only a few days of speaking with her did she reveal the beautiful heart that she has, and now after two weeks I believe she is like no other, and my heart has already moved towards her and her family.

She has the most sincere and beautiful smile, and I find myself getting lost in her eyes in our video chats and the pictures she shares with me. Her family and relatives feel like they are my own, and I think of her mother, children and siblings as though we are already kin. We have shared much with each other and placed a great measure of trust in doing this, and speaking with her is effortless and free, and I want to hear her words as much as I want to give her mine. Her heart is pure and delicate, like a rare flower that blossoms only when it is ready, and all who wish to be there may come only when invited for that sacred moment. The intentions of her heart and her loyalty to her family and children convict and challenge me to be a far better man, oftentimes moving the very foundations of my heart.

For over half a year I have searched and prayed for that one person, and I don’t want to search any longer. I hope and pray Imogene Gopela will see me as I see her. She is the gem I have longed for, and every facet of her character is what I have dreamed of and hoped her to be. When we say goodbye, there is a longing to remain and not leave her. To just stay in the essence of the moment, as though we were sitting together after finishing sweet conversation, then allowing the quiet of a cool evening and the sound of crickets to envelope us. Her laugh is innocent and childlike, and I love how she draws her fingers across her face in that joyous and carefree moment. She held up her hands one day and spoke of them being rough as she used them to serve her family. She could not know how beautiful her hands are to me and how I long to show her by holding them inside of mine. It is difficult restraining my words. I want to say more and speak openly of my dreams and future, but I dare not chase her away, and I remain respectful of her culture and family. But this gem is rare and highly valued, and I don’t want to lose her. What we have and what it may become is truly up to the Father, and I will trust that He gives us both the desires of our heart as we seek His face first in all things. ”

-Caine, 48, Wilburton, Oklahoma, United States




By Christian Filipina staff

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