September 29, 2022

2222905 David, 60, Bristol, United Kingdom

David, 60, Bristol


“I’ve found someone already. Thank you for your help!”

 -David, 60, Bristol, United Kingdom




2021262 Jocelyn, 45, Central and Western District, Hong Kong

Jocelyn, 45, Central and Western District,


“I’m here to say my wholehearted gratitude and thanks for finding my lifetime partner here from your site though before finding the real one, I’ve experienced ups and downs in life. But in the end, I’ve found the one and we’re happily married now, and my husband will go back to the US next week, so I ask for your guidance and prayers for his safe journey back home. Moreover, we’ve started the spousal visa with the help of your Visa team. Again, we will ask for your support and prayers that it will come out as a successful one. Lastly, thanks to the Almighty GOD for HIS GUIDANCE AND HELP and for directing me to the right person. PRAISE HIS MIGHTY NAME ABOVE ALL THINGS!”

 -Jocelyn, 45, Central and Western District, Hong Kong




2371755 Craig, 52, Bulverde, Texas, United States

Craig, 52, Bulverde, Texas


“As impossible as it sounds, I have found someone.”

 -Craig, 52, Bulverde, Texas, United States





1932285 Dorian, 49, Deputy, Indiana, United States

Dorian, 49, Deputy, Indiana


“I have already found my match. Thank you very much as your service connected us! Everything is okay and she is wonderful. I could not have found her without you.”

 -Dorian, 49, Deputy, Indiana, United States




By Christian Filipina staff

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