September 2, 2020

1589014 Miguel, 52 California, United States

Miguel, 52 California


“When meeting a person, I like to give them my full attention. I’m currently speaking with a member and don’t want to be rude or disrespectful by messaging other women. In my opinion, this site is awesome!”

 -Miguel, 52, California, United States




1541014 Neil, 69, FL, United States

Neil, 69, Florida


“I am very happy with my Lourdes. I am also getting to know her family. Thank you!”

-Neil, 69, FL, United States





1474708 Nikki, 41 Pangasinan, Philippines

Nikki, 41, Pangasinan

“I want to thank Christian Filipina and those who visited my profile but I want to let you know that I already met the love of my life here in CF, and her name is Thai. I am very happy and proud to have him. He’s a nice and wonderful guy. Also, we are planning to meet each other personally when the COVID lock-down is over.  Can’t wait to see and to be with Thai very soon!”

-Nikki, 41 Pangasinan, Philippines




1115030 Mary, 30, Malaysia

Mary, 30, Malaysia

“I found my man here in Christian Filipina! He is Joe and I hope that he’s truly in love and serious about me because I’m very serious about him.  I want to meet him next year if possible, as I am still here in Malaysia because of work. Thank you so much and God bless you!”

-Mary, 30, Malaysia




1035056 Almarie, 28, Cebu City, Philippines

Almarie, 28, Cebu

“I already found the love of my life. Thank you, CF!”

-Almarie, 28, Cebu City, Philippines






By Christian Filipina staff

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