October 7, 2020

1498640 Tom, 34, WV, United States

Tom, 34, West Virginia

“I met a wonderful woman on CF, that I thank God for. We have so much hope and have been there for each other through these difficult times. We are planning our future together and look forward to so much. Mahal kita, My – it’s so wonderful now that you’re a part of my life!”

 -Tom, 34, West Virginia, United States



55217 Bhernie, 48, National Capital Region, Philippines

Bhernie, 48, Manila


“I am already married to the man I met here. Thank you for your website as you are one of the reasons I am happily married now. May God bless you all!”

-Bhernie, 48, Manila, Philippines




1581979 Gina, 35, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Gina, 35, Negros


“Hello Christian Filipina, you guys are doing a great job. I already found my match. Thanks a lot for this opportunity that I met him here. More power and God bless!”

-Gina, 35, Negros Oriental, Philippines




1590203 Mafets, 33, Manila, Philippines

Mafets, 33, Manila

“Hi CF, I am grateful for your site. I found the person that I have always prayed for. We will always recommend your site to people who also want to find a partner in life. And this site is the best among all dating sites out there for me. Thank you and more power to this site.”

-Mafets, 33, Manila, Philippines




1084536 Chy, 30, Cebu, Philippines

Chy, 30, Cebu


“Met someone already and we thank this site.”

-Chy, 30, Cebu, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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