October 22, 2013



Alex & Desiree

Alex, Canada & Desiree, PH

“To all the ladies and guys who are still searching and feeling like there’s no hope out there. I also felt and knew that there’s one soul mate for every person living in this world and that’s exactly what happened to me. I found my beautiful, loving, caring, sweet baby wife, who is my world, my better half, who completes me. She’s my everything. I just wanted to tell you guys (ladies and men) please don’t give up in any occasion, its true, life sometimes treats us unfairly throwing us unexpected curves towards our way, but we should always be positive and never give up,because hopes and dreams should never die, if that’s happens then whats the point of living at all. Gold Bless all and good luck to you all.”

–Alex & Desiree, married on Oct. 4, 2013





Dave, 71, Australia

Dave, 71, Australia


“Thank you Christian Filipina! I have found my lady and we are very happy together.”

–Dave, 71, Australia







Gregory, 58, Indiana, USA

Joe, 58, Indiana, USA


“I’m going to go get my future wife soon in the Philippines. Thank you for bringing us together. I finally found someone who really loves me, this time I got the good one.”

Joe, 58, Indiana, USA







Carrene, 19, Davao, PH

Carrene, 19, Davao, PH


“I’ve finally found my one true love. I met him here. I am so thankful because I found Christian Filipina.”

–Carrene, 19, Davao, PH








Gary, 61, New Mexico, USA

Gary, 61, New Mexico, USA


“I was married to Julie Ann in September in Talisay, Negros Occidental.”

–Gary, 61, New Mexico, USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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