October 12, 2017


338679 Robert, 55, Massachusetts, USA

Robert, 55, Massachusetts


“I married my wonderful wife on July 28th in Santa Josefa, Agusan del Sur. She is everything I dreamed she would be. Thanks to Christian Filipina for introducing us and helping our dream come true!”

-Robert, 55, Massachusetts, USA





901936 Jim, 59, Connecticut, USA

Jim, 59, Connecticut


“I found my special someone, and everything worked great! Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Jim, 59, Connecticut, USA






855624 Angelica, 20, Cebu, Philippines

Angelica, 20, Cebu


“I’ve met someone so special in Christian Filipina! I am so thankful that you have been our bridge. He flew to our country and we spent time together with family and friends for 10 days!”

-Angelica, 20, Cebu, Philippines






738647 Angie, 59, Bulacan, Philippines

Angie, 59, Bulacan


“John and I got married here in the Philippines last July 14th.  We are so happy!  Thanks to Christian Filipina and all the CF staff.

-Angie, 59, Bulacan, Philippines






798526 Jhuvey, 36, Cebu, Philippines

Jhuvey, 36, Cebu


“The most wonderful sound on earth is to hear the words “I Love You”. I am here to say thank you Lord that we are in love with each other! Thank you too, Christian Filipina!”

-Jhuvey, 36, Cebu, Philippines








By Christian Filipina staff

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