November 8, 2019


Steven Wilcox and Virginia Damaso

Steven and Virginia


“I’m so happy that I got approved for a tourist visa. Thank you Filipino Visa!”

-Steven Wilcox and Virginia Damaso
Approved Tourist Visa / September 2019




Albert Ferriole and Pacita Añonuevo

Albert and Pacita


“I’m so happy to have passed my Visa interview. Thank you God for guiding me, and to all the staff of Filipino Visa who worked very hard to process my documents. More power to all of you!”

-Albert Ferriole and Pacita Añonuevo
Approved K1 / September 2019




James Beaumont and Maria Olga Aguilar

James and Maria Olga

“I would like to testify that Filipino Visa has a 100% Visa approval. They have great employees, they are very approachable and knowledgeable about what they are doing. James and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Job well done! God bless!”

-James Beaumont and Maria Olga Aguilar
Approved K1 / September 2019




 Albert Louis Cappillo and Jonaly Lapastura

Albert Louis and Jonaly

“I would like to thank Filipino Visa for helping us in processing our petition. My fiance and I are so happy because at last, our dream for me to be in the US will come true. Thank you so much to all the staff for helping us. They are so approachable and very friendly. Well done! God bless us all!”

– Albert Louis and Jonaly
Approved K1 / September 2019




Carl Stubbert and Zeny Alvero Nepascua

Carl and Zeny


“I thank Filipino Visa for processing our papers and now hoping that Zeny receives her passport before I have to fly back to the US. I thank the staff for their assistance in getting her visa approved. Thank you and God bless all!”

-Carl Stubbert and Zeny Alvero Nepascua
Approved K1 / July 2019




By Christian Filipina staff

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