November 7, 2019

648090 Annabelle, 56, Laguna, Philippines

Annabelle, 56, Laguna

“I am now in a relationship with a wonderful and amazing person who I met here in Christian Filipina. I am so thankful to our Lord God Almighty for allowing CF to be an instrument for Mike and me to meet each other, and also for blessing us both with love that we never imagined we’d feel again. Thank you, CF for the hope you give to people like me to find love and be happy again. I am forever grateful to you guys. God bless us all.”

                        -Annabelle, 56, Laguna, Philippines




1336799 Lestat, 57, New York, USA

Lestat, 57, New York

“Christian Filipina is so unlike other dating or long term relationship sites, I truly feel, that at CF, you are family, I am so very happy with CF and the staff. I would recommend it to any goodwill, serious individual, who is seriously interested in marriage and a committed relationship. I have more than 35 years of law enforcement and management experience which allows me to figure out what is real and fake, as it relates to fraudulent, behavioral issues, and I have full confidence in CF and its members. I would gladly share my experiences with                                   CF for free. Sincerely thanks to CF for giving me hope for a                                      lifetime of marriage to my beloved Filipina, LA.”

                             -Lestat, 57, New York, USA




1000522 Sophia, 36, Quezon City, Philippines

Sophia, 36, Quezon City


“I have finally found the one here in Christian Filipina and I am very thankful to this site. Keep the faith and just be genuine in finding the right one. God bless our journey!”

-Sophia, 36, Quezon City, Philippines





1078032 Dave, 64, Iowa, USA

Dave, 64, Iowa


“I found the woman I’ve been looking for and plan to marry her.”

-Dave, 64, Iowa, USA





1384387 Lysander, 33, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Lysander, 33, HK


“I found someone on Christian Filipina.”

-Lysander, 33, Hong Kong, Hong Kong




By Christian Filipina staff

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