November 6, 2013

Krizzia, 21, ilocos Norte

Krizzia, 21, Ilocos Norte, PH


“I’m very happy and lucky that I met my husband to be in CF. He is very sincere; he visited me and we had our engagement ceremony in our church on July 13, 2013 and now we are preparing for our wedding this coming January,2014. Thanks to all who make this dating site successful. God bless you all!”

–Krizzia, 21, Ilocos Norte, PH







Preston, 54, Virginia

Preston, 54, Virginia, USA


“Thank you very much CF. I have met my love of life on your site.”

–Preston, 54, Virginia, USA








Robbie & Sheryll Hollon

Robbie & Sheryll Hollon


“Yes, we are married and living in the Philippines. Sherryl’s family has a large farm and then gave us a part to build home on. The women in the Philippines are a different breed of women; very lovely and nice and Sheryll stole my heart. She is a whole lot younger than me but acts like a lady and she just wans to be loved and taken cared of and I am going to do that with all my heart.”

–Robert, 59, Kentucky, USA







Richard, Aus 52_150638_pic

Richard, 52, Australia


“I have met someone. Thank you for providing the excellent service you provide to members, I am very happy with it.”

–Richard, 52, Australia








Donna, 32, Las Pinas

Donna, 32, Las Pinas, PH


“I finally found the man of my dreams. Thank you CF!”

–Donna, 32, Las Pinas, PH





By Christian Filipina staff

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