November 24, 2016

614001 Jon, 46, Michigan, USA

Jon, 46, Michigan

“I would like to thank you all for the spark I needed to find my missing soulmate. Through Christian Filipina, my soon-to-be bride and I began our journey last November. The more we chatted, the closer we get; much more than we could have imagined or ever have with anyone. February of this year I asked her to become my wife (she accepted of course), making me the happiest man alive. On December 5, she and our daughter (her daughter by birth) will arrive in the US, and instead of waiting much longer, we will be wed on December 7! I would like to thank you for getting us on the right path to happiness. We were unable to visit the Manila office you set up because of traveling to see her family in various locations throughout the Philippines. If you need a member’s assistance I would be more than interested in helping others that at one point or another were in my situation. Thank you so very much!”

-Jon, 46, Michigan, USA



149422 Youri, 41, Melbourne, Australia

Youri, 41, Melbourne


“I have married a woman I have met in Christian Filipina!”

-Youri, 41, Melbourne, Australia






344809 Wayne, 58, Alberta, Canada

Wayne, 58, Alberta


“I found a great lady and we have met in person and are together now . Thank you, Christian Filipina!”

-Wayne, 58, Alberta, Canada





706156 Andreas, 57, Reutlingen, Germany

Andreas, 57, Reutlingen


“I found my special someone finally! Thanks, Christian Filipina!”

-Andreas, 57, Reutlingen, Germany






267699 Lea, 31, Manila, Philippines

Lea, 31, Manila


“Thank you Christian Filipina, I met my fiancee here, and we are getting married soon! God bless you all”

-Lea, 31, Manila, Philippines





By Christian Filipina staff

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