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November 15, 2020

Ed & Christine

Ed & Christine


“I, Christine Rossitto would like to thank Filipino Visa for assisting me with all of our documents. They were responsive every time I sent them an email or a message to call me.  The staff is very understanding with their client. I know FV will help more clients like me in the future!”

-Ed Rossitto & Christine Rossitto
CR1 Petition / September 24, 2020



Edwin & Josephine

Edwin & Josephine


“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for all the support and assistance you gave us from start to finish.”

-Edwin Moran & Josephine Moran
CR1 Petition / October 9, 2020





Douglas & Marie

Douglas & Marie

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for all the support and assistance you gave us in processing our case. You are a big help. Thank you for continuously updating us on what to do next. May you have many more clients and more power to your company. God Bless you more. Thank you for the inspiring words and motivation and for organizing our files. We wish more success to your company!”

-Douglas McGlashen & Marie McGlashen
CR1 Petition / October 2, 2020




Joel & Shiela

Joel & Shiela

“Thank you Filipino Visa! You have been super helpful. The application process for a US spousal visa seemed so complicated and overwhelming but your representative walked us through each step. In less than a year we were able to go from start to finish and we are so happy to be able to spend our first holiday season in the US together. I would happily recommend Filipino Visa to anyone who is considering getting a US visa.”

-Joel De la Garza & Shiela De la Garza
CR1 Petition / October 6, 2020






By Christian Filipina staff

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