Nov 12, 2021

1888962 Lianne, 38, Quezon, Metro Manila, Philippines

Lianne, 38, Quezon, Metro Manila


“Good day! I want to focus on the person I met here in CF. Thank you very much and I wish you more success!”

 -Lianne, 38, Quezon, Metro Manila, Philippines




1270246 Ghelai, 31, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ghelai, 31, Metro Manila


“Thank you Christian Filipina because I already found my lifetime partner here at your site last 2019 and we are happy in relationship. I thank you for helping me.”

-Mildred, 40, North Cotabato, Philippines





1682117 Andrew, 44, Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Andrew, 44, Banbury, Oxfordshire


“Thank you to Christian Filipina for helping me find the love of my life! On the 13th of this month, we would have been together for three months and my love for her has grown and grown! I love Janine with every part of my body and soul! ️ Thanks to all at CF!”

-Andrew, 44, Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom





1963491 Blas, 60, Oslo, Oslo County, Norway

Blas, 60, Oslo, Oslo County


“I want to tell you all people from “Christian Filipina”, I found a beautiful girl in Davao. She is perfect for me!”

-Blas, 60, Oslo, Oslo County, Norway





1669351 Dickie, 68, Aroona, Queensland, Australia

Dickie, 68, Aroona, Queensland


“I have been successful in finding a special lady whom I now plan to meet soon & we expect to formalize our relationship as a permanent one (get married etc). I am grateful for the positive interactions I have had with CF & now I plan to take the next steps in cementing a permanent relationship.”

-Dickie, 68, Aroona, Queensland, Australia




By Christian Filipina staff

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