May 31, 2015




397673 Bob, 53, Nebraska, USA

Bob, 53, Nebraska, USA


“On May 10, 2015, I was married to a beautiful woman from here.  It took only 54 days!  We connected on her first day on CF which is my fifth day.  It’s really amazing!  Thanks to Christian Filipina!”

-Bob, 53, Nebraska, USA








140226 Alex, 32, Toronto, Canada

Alex, 32, Toronto, Canada


“Thank you so much Christian Filipina! I found the love of my life, I have been blessed to have my baby wife with me. She is everything to me, she made me a better man that I am today, she’s my better half, she’s my world and I can’t and don’t want to live without her.  I love you my beautiful baby wife Desy and no one ever can and will replace her in my life, she’s my one and only. ”

-Alex, 32, Toronto, Canada








186096 Daniel, 38, California, USA

Daniel, 38, California, USA

“In 2013 I signed up for Christian Filipina. After talking with a couple of ladies, I found this wonderful and dedicated woman. We started to talk online and we both quickly realized that we had a lot of things in common. After dating for a couple of months, I visited her for two weeks in her city, Cebu and after our first encounter, we decided that I will return for two more months. She is here with me in the United States on a fiancée visa, and we cannot wait to get married in a couple of days.  Thank you to the Christian Filipina team and their great website for the possibility that our dream could come true and now we can live happily, planning for an even greater future.”

-Daniel, 38, California, USA








354552 Alan, 70, Texas, USA

Alan, 70, Texas, USA


“Finally, May 11, 2015, I met the girl that fills those gaps in my finger and will hold my hands forever.  Her name is Clarrisa, I love this girl with all my heart and no one can ever replace her from my heart. We’re very thankful to Christian Filipina and all the staff that made this possible. God bless us all.”

-Alan, 70, Texas, USA








382765 Joe, 68, Washington, USA

Joe, 68, Washington, USA


“I have found the lady of my dreams.  I just returned from the Philippines after having spent three weeks there and my proposal was accepted by Merriam!  Praise the Lord! Salamat, Christian Filipina!”

-Joe, 68, Washington, USA





By Christian Filipina staff

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