May 28, 2024

Jeremiah & Brezel

They are able to assist me and my fiance from scratch. Customer service is very attentive with our needs and concerns.

Thank you, Filipino Visa!.”

– Jeremiah & Brezel
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024







Kevin & Melissa

Hello Filipino Visa! Thank you for assisting us throughout the K1 visa process. All the efforts are truly appreciated. Godbless!

– Kevin & Melissa
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024








Ronald & Elizabeth

I would like to thank Filipino Visa in assisting us to process Fiance Visa application. There were very accommodating to answer queries and updating us always in my schedule and paper works. To God be all the glory!

– Ronald & Elizabeth
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024







Brian & Amy

Thank you so much Filipino Visa for the good service especially sir KJ Soriano our coordinator. Our Visa got approved.

– Brian & Amy
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024








John & Aiza

Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping me through interview and I got approved. And also a big thanks to Sir KJ Soriano for guiding me through my paper works.

– John & Aiza
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024








Christopher & Ma. Geraldine

I would like to commend Filipino Visa for their support and enthusiasm. Chris and I were really worried about our visa processing journey. But the visa coordinator from FV did everything for us. They really helped us in choosing the distance and be with the love of our lives. Thank you Filipino Visa.

– Christopher & Ma. Geraldine
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024







Trevor & Beth

Thank you Filipino Visa for helping us.

– Trevor & Beth
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024









Matthew & Eden May

It was grateful that they help us from start to approve our visa. Godbless

– Matthew & Eden May
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024








Dennis & John Paul

Very thankful una sa Lord, sobrang salamat. To Filipino Visa very hands on sila sa application ko, malaking tulong sa akin at sa lahat lahat salamat.
Very recommended.

– Dennis & John Paul
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024







Alan & Elma

Thank you Filipino Visa for helping us throughout the process. Visa approved today.

– Alan & Elma
K1 Petition / May 28, 2024








By Christian Filipina staff

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