March 5, 2024

Roosevelt & Lesly

“It’s been a long time before we get the final step and I really satisfied with the service of Filipino Visa. All the people assisted me all the time and the are really nice and friendly to all their client, especially with Ms. Marygail she always updated everything I need. I am really truly satisfied and happy to be one of their client in Filipino Visa.

Thank you so much!”

– Roosevelt & Lesly
K1 Petition / March 5, 2024







James & Cheryl

“James and I met in the Christian Filipina July 2022, since then our relationship grows everyday, from USCIS application to our visa approval. Filipino Visa did such a great help. We would like to express our thanks to everyone specially Ms. marygail Fabian as our visa coordinator, Carl Guinto for the support. It is just a wonderful experience.”

– James & Cheryl
K1 / March 5, 2024








Tony & Erleen

“I truly appreciate the effort, the service, the guide of their company all through out. May God bless this company.”

– Tony & Erleen
K1 / March 5, 2024










John & Remedios

“Dear Sir and Maam, Thank you so much for all you done to my documents. Godbless.”

– John & Remedios
K1 Petition / March 5, 2024











Michael & Teresita

“Thank you Filipino Visa”

– Michael & Teresita
K1 / March 5, 2024











Larry & Jonalin

“All thank you Filipino Visa. Godbless us all.”

– Larry & Jonalin
K1 Petition / March 5, 2024










Jeff & Marilyn

“Thank you Filipino Visa for all your help during the whole visa process. The staff are very accommodating and I want to thank our visa coordinator Ms. Asha and the rest of the team who are with us all throughout this journey. God bless!”

– Jeff & Marilyn
K1 / March 5, 2024









Joseph & Santa

“I just would like to thank the Filipino Visa for helping us through our K1 process, especially to Ms. Asha who answered all my questions and calling me immediately every time I have concern, and to Ms. Evangeline for the smooth mock interview and to all the staff for being so nice. We won’t be able to make it without your help. Thank you and God bless!”

– Joseph & Santa
K1 / March 5, 2024








Anthony & Grace

“Hi! I’m Grace, and it’s great and amazing journey with Filipino Visa. I would like to thank Ms. Ruth our coordinator for a great service and to Ms. Gina who always been there to check up on me all the time. Such a great service Ms. Gina. And to all the staff, Thank you very much!”

– Anthony & Grace
K1 / March 5, 2024









Kenny & Annalou

“Thank you Filipino Visa for your great service and a very approachable staff.

God bless!”

– Kenny & Annalou
K1 / March 5, 2024










Burt & Liza

“Salamat sa Filipino Visa sa pagtulong sa akin at pag assist at pagturo sa akin lalo na kay Ms. Chole at sa lahat ng mga staff ng Filipino Visa. Maraming salamat po.”

– Burt & Liza
K1 / March 5, 2024









Alberto & Cristina

“Thank you Filipino Visa sa pag assist sa amin since day one until we get our Visa approved. Thank you to Ms. Reina as our coordinator and ma’am Judy and Marneli sa always on time na pag pick up and also to the drivers, sir Dan and Mark. Thank you everyone!”

– Alberto & Cristina
K1 / March 5, 2024









Dave & Aicie

“I would like to thank Ms. Cherie for the last minute assistance. Thank you also to Green and other staff of Filipino Visa.”

– Dave & Aicie
K1 / March 5, 2024










John & Liza

“Thank you Filipino Visa and sir Green!”

– John & Liza
K1 / March 5, 2024











Thomas & Cherryl

“I would like to thank Filiupino Visa for helping us process our Visa, especially to ma’am Katharine, thank you for your assistance from day one until we get our Visa approved and also the staff who pick us up at the airport to hotel. Thank you!

I am also thankful and grateful to this agency, Filipino Visa. Love you all and God bless!”

– Thomas & Cherryl
K1 / March 5, 2024








Gabriel & Arnida

“Hello po sa lahat! Maraming salamat po sa pag assist sa akin at sa pag sundo at hatid. Maraming salamat din to Ms. Marygail for all your help.

Thank you very much! “

– Gabriel & Arnida
K1 / March 5, 2024








Alberto & Melbourn

“Thank you sa lahat ng staff ng Filipino Visa for guiding us from the beginning until we got our Visa approved. We are very satisfied of the good service we received and also to all the staff you guys are so approachable. God bless!”

– Alberto & Melbourn
K1 / March 5, 2024









Frederick & Ritchie

“Im Ritchie Bacol one of the clients of Filipino Visa. I am very thankful and bless because they are very kind and so accommodating. They are also on time every time I have a pick up service. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I finally got my Visa approved!

Special thanks to mu coordinator ma’am Nicolene, thank you for guiding me all throughout my journey and to all the staff of Filipino Visa, thank you all! “

– Frederick & Ritchie
K1 / March 5, 2024




By Christian Filipina staff

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