March 27,2014

Eric,31, Ontario,Canada

“Hello,I would like to post this testimonial on the CF site with this picture. Thank you.No, it is not just another cliché; but it was love at first sight on this site. I thank God and Jesus everyday; I’m glad I used this site. I never have to use another; CF is where it began and ended; WE feel jouyous being TOGETHER; now, WE look forward to a life wedded”.

–Eric,31, Ontario,Canada





Milton,37, Ontario, Canada

“Found someone here already “.


–Milton,37, Ontario, Canada






Steve,54, Ontario, Canada

“I met someone on this site and am planning on visiting her in Cebu this May. I kept my membership going for a while after planning our meeting as a way to say thank you. Will let you know what happens”.


–Steve,54, Ontario, Canada





Brian,46, Minneapolis,USA

“I have found the lady.Thanks CF!”.


–Brian,46, Minneapolis,USA






Dwain,65, Louisiana,USA

“I met someone on your site in March 15, 2013. Her name is Joy Germones. she is a School Teacher. I traveled to the Philippines to meet her in July 3, 2013. I went back to America. an started making arrangements to move to the Philippines to be with her. Joy went to visit her family Quinapondan. She and her family was caught in the Yolanda Typhoon.

Joy and her family was in the very worst area between Taclaban and guiuan. With no communication for weeks. I decided to go early. a week before I left. Joy called and said she is ok. she had traveled 5 hours to get to a phone and internet connection. we talked on Vsee. I was so happy to see and hear her voice. I had tears in my eyes. I arrange for a house in cavite and rented it. I sent money for the bus ride from Guiuan to Manila. They had been trying to get on a C130 for five days staying out in the rain waiting for a flight. That’s when I sent the money for the bus ride. Don’t ask me how I got the money to her. it’s a very long story! Shortly They arrived in manila and went to the house in cavite I rented. They are safe now. Two weeks later I landed in Manila and we are now together. Joy and I, would like to Thank you so very much for Christian Filipina for bringing us together. Joy & I are so bless we have a child that is due any day now. An yes it was Planned! Thank you all so very much and may you be blessed as we did with joy.”.

–Dwain,65, Louisiana,USA

By Christian Filipina staff

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