March 15, 2021

Michael & Julius

Michael & Julius

“We would like to say thank you to all the employees who assisted my brother to get a visa from day one. Especially to Sir Percival Malate. Finally, we got approved from the embassy. Again, Thank you so much Sir. Percival! God bless and more clients to come. – Cherein Mandapat (Julius’s sister)”

– Michael Kopacz & Julius Cesar Paredes
Others / March 15, 2021



Vernon Newell & Jeckerelyn Adorable Newell

Vernon & Jeckerelyn

“Thank you so much to all employees who assisted me specially to Jonalisa and Cherie. Thank you so much again and more power to all of you. God bless!”

– Vernon Newell & Jeckerelyn Adorable Newell
CR1 Petition / March 26, 2021




Jeffrey Mark Slane & Julie Bendaño

Jeffrey Mark & Julie

“Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for the hard work and helping us to complete my documents and my children. Thank you so much to Ma’am Cherie and Ma’am Jonalisa. More clients to come. Again, thank you so much! God bless to all!”

– Jeffrey Mark Slane & Julie Bendaño
K1 Petition / March 29, 2021





“I would like to say, thanks to all the staff of Filipino Visa especially to Ma’am Cherie. And to my beloved husband Reginald Holland for always there for me and processing this visa. Thank you to all my family and friends for praying for me. My visa was approved! Thank you all!”

– Reginald Holland & Rowena Gaspayat Holland
CR1 Petition / June 8, 2021




Lemuel Shavalia & Jay-Ann Silvestre Shavalia

Lemuel & Jay-Ann

“To Filipino Visa, I would like to say thank you for all the staff who helped me through my journey going to USA. I’m so happy especially to Sir. Kevin Santos and Ma’am Jona but I will never forget this young handsome coach who helped me for my mock interview that lead me to answer confidently and smartly. More clients to come and God bless to all! PS: the accommodation is so comfortable. More power!!”

– Lemuel Shavalia & Jay-Ann Silvestre Shavalia
CR1 Petition / June 11, 2021




By Christian Filipina staff

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