March 10, 2022

Shawn Perez & Shayne Ka'iulani Melorin Perez (daughter)

Shawn & Shayne Ka’iulani Melorin (daughter)

“We would like to say thank you to Filipino visa to all of the staff who helped us and especially to ma’am Fedeliz Bantoto, You were very helpful in assisting us in processing our documents from start to the successful approval of our daughter Shayne CRBA and also to Jonalisa and ma’am Marianne. Thank you very much 🙂🙏! We highly recommend Filipino Visa.

To all Filipino visa staff. Thank you very much.”

– Shawn Perez & Shayne Ka’iulani Melorin Perez (daughter)
Others / March 9, 2022




Blane Alan Lipper & Julie Ann Gilbore

Blane Alan & Julie Ann


“From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all the staff who assisted me and my fiancé. More blessing to everyone!”

– Blane Alan Lipper & Julie Ann Gilbore
K1 Petition / March 17, 2022





Reynaldo Bernard & Ruth Idul

Reynaldo & Ruth


“With the great joy of our hearts, me and Reynaldo are very grateful to all the staff who assisted us during the process. Especially to Ms. Cherie and her team. Thank you Filipino Visa for helping us with our journey. God bless you all and more power!”

– Reynaldo Bernard & Ruth Idul
K1 Petition / March 17, 2022





Michael Dezern & Mitchie Calumpang

Michael & Mitchie

“Thank you for all the help, Filipino Visa! Thank you to all the staff also! I love you all. Please pray for our new journey. God bless us all.”

– Michael Dezern & Mitchie Calumpang
K1 Petition / March 17, 2022






Jasmine Marie Collette Gabe & Jasonlee Gabe

Jasmine Marie Collette & Jasonlee

“We just want to endlessly say, how thankful and grateful we are to you Sir Jay, Sir Carl, Sir Perci and Maam Jonalisa and to the rest of your Christian Filipina team. You are not only very helpful, but comforting, compassionate, friendly and most importantly what we admire, is how Godly you are. When we felt anxious about the situation due to the pandemic, but you helped us remember that God is in control. And to trust in Him. That all will be okay. And in the end, it was. You helped us relax. We felt at home with your team. And we will forever be grateful towards you all. Honestly we will miss visiting there. Though it was for business, we developed a friendship. May God bless all of you. Well deserved of His blessings.”

– Jasmine Marie Collette Gabe & Jasonlee Gabe
CR1 Petition / March 11, 2022




By Christian Filipina staff

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